Woot! A Gift!

Hello wonderfuls! Over this weekend, you will be able to grab your own copy of my newest release "The Suns Snow And The Sands Move: A thing of magic, a gift of poetry and prose." for 55% OFF! This gift offering will last over this weekend but will expire on Monday, so make sure you grab your copy of my book this weekend! All you've got to do is go to my CreateSpace direct store and enter this code: J8KD7FVA upon checkout! Voila! My book will be on its way to you!

The only thing I ask in return, is that if you can, I would appreciate a written review for my book on Amazon and/or at other online bookstores and/or on your blog to share with others!

For those of you who are bookstore owners/ cafe owners/ just looking to re-sell, THIS is the time to buy a dozen copies for re-selling! This code is actually reserved for bookstores, but I'm handing it out openly over the weekend, out of generosity, which means that, yes, even you, the simple reader with no intentions of re-selling or putting up your own bookstore, can avail of this gift! I call it a gift, because it is a gift, because there's no way I'm going to give away free copies of my paperback, so 55% off IS a gift! It's something supposed to be reserved for bookstores, that I'm making public. That's a gift.

Triple cheers to a HAPPY WEEKEND, everyone!!!!! :)



  1. Wow, thank you so much! I have just ordered your book. I only discovered you this morning through a friend's facebook post, and am loving the quotes of your writing. That feels like a lovely gift, and now this is another gift! Thank you. :)

    1. Hello! How are you today? So good to receive such a great message from you Ms. Clarke! I am very thankful to you for your order of my book and I'm glad to welcome you as a new reader! I also feel very happy that you seem very grateful to have found me! I must say, what perfect timing for you to find me, I'm really glad you came along just in time to avail of my gift offering! :)


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