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Fonts are just powerful. Typeface, I have to say, is one of the most powerful little things in the world, in this day and age! I know for a fact, through observation and keen empathy, that one can change the nature of the feeling that is expressed by a writing, just by changing the font that the piece is written in! I have tested this in fact; by changing each stanza of one of my poems, into a different typeface and though the entire poem is a collective idea, each stanza immediately began to tell its own story in a unique voice! I immediately began to see a different type of person speaking the lines to my face! One was leaning on a window with a cigarette; chic and worldly wise! The other whispered skillfully, another spoke with eyes transparent and open, eyes that conveyed wholeheartedness and sincerity! Another undermined itself, like a woman possessing understated elegance!

Today, I have created a positive change for myself, by changing the type of fonts used in my POP mail accounts on my desktop! I chose Alex Antiqua Book for the headers, and Centaur for the main messages. The feel was immediately free-flowing and serene, as if I could read an entire serious message and just breathe a sweet smile at the end of it all, as if the Centaur font had just given me the power to take over the world!

How does one tune in to the influence of the typeface? I believe it requires very honed and keen empathy– the ability to recognize the emotions as they form and unfold in the air, in relation to even the tiniest things that have triggered them!

Interestingly, Alex Antiqua Book transpires beautifully as a typeface for headings, but not for main text! Centaur is serene as a main text while Perpetua is solid and dependable. Aaaahhhh... we could all change the world! By choosing our fonts more carefully! And by caring about our fonts more often!

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