A short, astronomical thought

As some of you may already know, I am an amateur astronomer. My books tell me that the universe is so vast, the human mind cannot even come to terms with it. In our galaxy alone, there are billions of earth-like planets, billions of suns (I'm talking in terms of hundreds of billions here), and billions of solar systems. The fabric of the universe is intensely dense but at the same time considered as barren space (everything is in nothing but then nothing is in everything). When one thinks about the Milky Way Galaxy, one cannot even fathom that vastness – his own vastness (of his own galaxy) but then the truth is that, there are trillions of galaxies in the universe! The planet earth resides in only one of these galaxies! The universe is eternity– it is continually expanding and what is it expanding from? It is already expanding from eternity! The limitless grows to become even more limitless! Therefore, based upon these facts, these truths, I am astounded at the thought that anyone on this earth could even begin to think that there is no other form of intelligent life in outer space. In fact, how the hell could there not be any other form of life elsewhere? Why are people comfortable with what they can explain and immediately feel insecure when approached with something for which they have no explanation? This is a form of arrogance mixed with cowardice. And why is it that if something doesn't fit into our scientific mold (which is more like a minute, tiny, little thimble in the universe), we laugh and consider it to be hogwash? Why, we've only had how many thousands of years of civilization to come up with scientific theories and thoughts? And we think we can fit eternity into these finite ideologies? Come on now. Let go of arrogance, and open yourself up to the world, and then beyond!

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