The Map of Life

Instead of making New Year's resolutions; try looking back! Write down every single significant thing you've learned about the world, about people, about yourself, about God, onto the back of a map! After all, our experiences, growths, and learnings in life do become the maps of our future! I've needed to use maps before, I've caught myself many times at the corner of a street in the middle of nowhere, a map in hand, trying to find my way! I know for sure that you don't find your way by saying "This is where I am going to go and this is what I am going to do and that is what I am going to become!" Rather, you find your way by charting out the paths that you've already taken, the turns that you've already made, the notes you jotted down when you asked people for directions! You put that all together, and it is by these things that you find your way!


  1. Love your honesty and "real" words regarding self exploration. :)

  2. Hi, I just discovered your blog and love it. I'm curious about the artwork on your it yours? The art is beautiful!

    1. If the artwork is not credited (I can't find a source anywhere) then they go up with no credit. Otherwise, I always credit any artists or photographers if I incorporate their works into my postings. :)

      Thank you for loving my blog! :) You are welcome to stay! :)


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