The Nature of Greatness

I can see, and I think it is very easily and obviously spotted anywhere and everywhere, that we live in an era of self-entitlement. I think it's very apparent that the main drive of people these days, is to feel better about themselves. People do things, read things, say things and think things, with the goal of lifting themselves higher. And people are believing in things that promote this train of thought. "The Universe will do everything for you", "Universe will conspire for your good", "You are your own god", "Everything is created for your glory." And while I truly understand how these schools of thought and various belief systems make people feel better about themselves in many ways, I still believe that humility is the greater virtue.

There is a danger that is created by collective beliefs of this nature. When every person is focused on feeling good about himself or herself, there is a great temptation to become blind to personal faults. And I believe that the true way to create something beautiful, is not through the blinding of the eyes to all of one's faults, but it is through the correction of these faults! And in order to correct a fault, one must first see it! You are never going to see your faults, if all you believe in is a theory and a lifestyle of self-entitlement!

To inflate the sense of well-being is an understandable need. But is it the more powerful state to come into? I think not. I think that humility is the more powerful state to step into. And it is only the smaller that needs to inflate herself bigger, while it is the bigger who will decrease in size to be able to fit down lower. People have this dream of being unreachable. They build a name for themselves and then finally fulfill their dream of "being more important." Which just shows they were born from down below. Because when you're born from up above, your dreams have nowhere to go but downwards! And you dream of doing things in order to meet people, to know them, to understand the smallest importances. The one who is born of the earth, dreams of the sky. The one who is born of the sky, dreams of the earth.

Not all things that make you feel good, are things that you need. It's wonderful to be able to instantaneously have all the things that make you feel good– be it praises, material things, words that you read to yourself, and etc. But is it the more honorable thing to have? Or do you actually become a better person through the process of lowliness and the acknowledgment of lack? And I'm not saying that one should not strive for anything more! In fact, I am saying quite the opposite– one can strive for more when one acknowledges that one is needful of more! The wisest man of his time, Plato, said “I thought to myself: I am wiser than this man; neither of us probably knows anything that is really good, but he thinks he has knowledge, when he has not, while I, having no knowledge, do not think I have.” And so even the acquisition of wisdom should be done under the cloak of humility. It's not for showing that we are wise, but it is simply for the ascension of the soul. Aha! Now here we come to a true uplifting! An ascension through the path of humility! Out of a nothingness, the Universe was born! Was it born from a greatness? No, it was born from a nothingness. In the humblest block of coal can be instilled and encapsulated– the hottest and brightest flame! Out of the smallest places if insignificance, can come the brightest sparks of the soul, which sprout wings and carry one up higher!  And this is the flight that cannot be hindered, the flight that truly flies higher than the eagles!

So I warn against self-entitlement, against the feeling that everything is created for your own benefit, that everything is surrounding you to lift you up, that you are the center of the Universe... I warn against these systems of thought. It is very easy to lose one's humility, therefore losing one's greatness! For true greatness lies in humility; humility is the single most beautiful ornament that you can wear, and the most powerful state of being you can exist in. 

Copyright © 2013 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.


  1. So perfect for the journey we some times find ourselves to be "blessed" to be presented... the beacon when/if we see is bright. Very easy to allow the thing that enlightens us to burn us out through all revelations that flood when the path we often seek out is seen. Thank you repeatedly. Be humble. Always humble, I try.

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