Rabbits In The Moonlight

In a day and age wherein "the way of privilege" is being taught left and right (it's quite the trend nowadays); allow me to go against the mainstream flow by saying that the human race sees itself as far too privileged than it really is. And the result is a downfall.

People are always taught that "everything happens for a reason," and that is true in the superior context of "identifying design under chaos;" but that superior context is a state that hardly anybody exists in, anyway! It is far too superior in it's nature! So what I'm talking about is the everyday "quote" you will see floating around that will tell you that all you must do is sit prettily because everything that is happening in your life is designed for your benefit, giving you the picture in your mind that from the cradle to the grave you are set in perfect favor. This is a beautiful way to think, yes, but I am here to tell you that if you were to realize very early on that there is destiny and there are chances in life and there is such a thing as being at the right place at the right time, then you would develop a sense of zeal to fulfill that which is your own! The truth is that, it is far too often that your fate will get entangled somewhere and you will be held back from fulfilling your destiny, because you are spending your time "trusting the universe" instead of being wise and keen! The Bible itself says "Be wise as serpents, harmless as doves." But think about the first part, first! How wise and keen is a serpent, pray tell? Pretty wise and keen, if you ask me!

You have this complacent attitude that you "want the best" and therefore the best will happen to you; without realizing that "the best" could be going the other direction! And why wouldn't you realize that? It seems perfectly logical that you would realize that, given the laws of nature (I don't care to explain these laws, just look at the everyday, ordinary laws of nature that surround us, which dictate that you can be going in one direction and something else could be going in the totally opposite direction); let me tell you why! You wouldn't realize that because from childhood you have been brainwashed into believing that there is a sugar-coater somewhere, who is going to "sugar coat" your circumstances and make those circumstances turn out to be purposeful in the end! The truth is, you should be walking around living your life with your eyes wide open, ready to jump on a chance when it shows itself to you! Chances are like rabbits in the moonlight! You have to jump on them the moment they jump into the moon's beams, before they hop off again into the night! But why don't you do that? Why don't you treat chances like that? You don't because you believe that you are in your circumstances and situations because you are supposed to be there and because you should stand there while the best will be placed on your plate for you! And that is the trend of teaching going on right now. Again, I am here to say, that if you wake up from this dream and see that nature of how things work, for what they are and for how they work; you will be able to identify the truth that some things can be stollen from you, some things can be hidden from you, some things are just far away from you (so you have to go get them), and sometimes what's your's ends up with somebody else because they are manipulative, conniving bitches! And that is the power of the evil eye, for you!

While it is true that there is design under chaos; it is also true that complacency and the feeling of entitlement are the easiest "anesthesias" to apply to mankind! It's easy to apply because the needle used to inject it, is actually something that people like! This needle gives people the feeling that there is no need to regret anything, there is no need to be keen about anything, because they are just that entitled! Who wouldn't want to be poked with a needle like that? But the truth is, you should regret certain things! You should feel remorse about certain things! And there are things that just shouldn't have happened! You've got to give more credit to darkness, darkness does have the power to adversely change things in one's life! And sometimes, it is the light that succumbs to the darkness, if you are simply going to let it happen, it will in fact happen! 

The state of complacency and entitlement knocks a person out, drowns a person, and destiny goes by and onto the next fellow who actually has perception! At the end of the day, yes, there is a design budding forth from the chaos! But the question is... who's design is it? Will you be the one in the design? Or will you be the one left in somebody else's chaos?

Think about it. It is not as beautiful as they tell you it is. You have to make it beautiful!



  1. Thank you CJB. Exactly what I needed today.

  2. Thank you for sharing this...

  3. Thank you for sharing this

  4. There was one of your quotes forwarded to me and I needed to find you. I read this and realized I needed to hear this badly! Today I finally decided to leave the negative influences behind me, I will move forward now tentatively but with fear. Thank you.JV


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