Just to throw an idea out there...

Today I would like to discuss something I've been pondering lately. Just a short, breezy discussion here, but it's something I wanted to touch upon for all of you.

On the topic of human emotions, I'd like to explore my theory that they (emotions) are not in fact the soul-feelings of a person; rather, emotions come from the earth-matter of the person entirely. Well well I know this is controversial, but it is what I think, so I don't care if it sounds controversial. I believe that emotions come from an area within the human belly (stomach); while the destined soul-feelings of an individual come from the chest area of the person (right there in the middle of your chest.) I do believe emotions to be from the clay and soil while destined, purposeful soul-feelings are of an entirely different origin. 

I have found human emotions to be rather destructive and I have seen that it is obvious that the most highly-emotional nations are also the most poverty-stricken nations, the most highly-emotional people are the ones most likely to take everything personally, thus hindering the course of mature progress in life and so on and so forth. I think that when people hear the phrase "Follow your heart" they immediately think it means "Follow your emotions;" on the contrary, when I hear that phrase, what I think of is "Follow the soul," which is what I believe the heart is. Emotions are not from the heart, at all. Purpose, Destiny and all things Unbroken are from the heart. Emotions are often not purposeful, not destined, and very often broken!

 As a writer, I am perceived to be in love with human emotions or something, simply because of my humanistic views on life, but, it's really not the case. Humanism is a perspective and a perspective I take for observation. I find emotions to be the earth-version of Destined Purpose (Destined Purpose being what I think is the driving force of the gods and the angels.)

Well, that will be all. Just a slight touch on this topic because I don't want to lead into a too-controversial engagement here! That will be it and I hope you all have enjoyed this short read for today!


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