The Conversation of Merachefet

Listen up, all you valued followers of my blog, readers from all over the world! My newest book The Conversation of Merachefet: A Book of Secrets, has finally been published and is now ready to be taken home! 

This book, as I believe I have already said in the past, is different from all the rest I have written. It has truly overcome me and I believe it breathes a life all on its own! Perhaps while I was writing it I unknowingly encoded some very potent things into the manuscript itself which may be found in the arrangement of every single letter from beginning to end that would mathematically add up to something powerful, I don't know. All I know is that this is a small, potent book! And that's why I'm making it available to a limited audience only. That means people will only be able to purchase this particular book directly from the Createspace Store or from Amazon (US and Europe). Afterall, it is a book of secrets! Why would a secret be suddenly thrown all over the world in massive amounts, right? Then it's not even a secret anymore!

I hope you grab your own copy, but I do hope even more that you are ready to read it! I don't know if my book will reveal itself to the unready. 

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