Quantum Ice and Dust

I very recently shared something on my Writer Page which I am dying to discuss further. Now, if you've read my book The Sun Is Snowing: Poems, Parables and Pictures, you will know that I am one to have my own theories. I don't know if other people have touched upon the theories that brew in my mind; or if I'm the first ever to come up with them— all I know is that once I have thought about them, they become a theory to me and I have never looked up what other people have said about it or are thinking about it; I just say what I think. Maybe one day science will prove my theories and maybe that will be a long time from now (science is always far behind what the mind is capable of offering). Maybe, maybe not. What's important is that I am thinking! And sharing what I'm thinking! You like that, don't you? Lately, I have been pondering matters of astronomy and quantum physics, I would love to share these thoughts with you if you don't mind. :) Below is what I shared on my Writer Page earlier:

"I'm an amateur astronomer, I have the equipment and the thick books to prove it, too! But today I contemplate on how, though we are a part of the unending universe and are suspended in a never-ending cosmos of ever-expanding things— the more unfortunate instance is not to be without awareness of that fact; but the more unfortunate state to be in, is to not be aware of the equally eternal universe WITHIN. In this cosmos, we swim in stuff that we are made of and that stuff we're made of is ever-expanding inward and inward and inward. It's not just what's out there that's without beginning and without end; but what's inside is equally eternal! We think that we know everything there is to know about the universe without; but what do we really know about something that's always been and that always will be? What we know is probably equivalent to 1/8 a grain of salt and that's it. Now, how much do you know about your inner universe? Your soul?"

Now, to explore this further, I want you to imagine what it means to "swim in stuff that we are made of." Go ahead, imagine it! To swim means to be submerged, oftentimes soaked, in the liquid that we are  moving around in. We are 1. suspended, 2. usually surrounded from all sides and 3. to some level penetrated by the substance we are swimming in. But what does it mean to swim in the same substance that we are made of? That would mean no barriers between the outer material and the inner material! Now picture this: we as human beings, are suspended on a small planet which belongs to only one solar system among the billions of solar systems in our galaxy, which is only one of the galaxies in the trillions of galaxies thriving within any small, small slice of space we can look up at through our two fingers forming a coin-shaped peeping hole, on any given evening (or afternoon or whatever.) Therefore, we are definitely suspended from all imaginable sides and directions. But what if, the barrier that you think exists between the outer universe and the inner universe is not really there at all? Seriously... what do you think is separating you? Your skin and bones? Why? Does not the universe consist of things like ice and dust, too? Physical material is a natural part of the universe, therefore, the flow is continuous and natural from outside to inside! Because that's just the way it is! The "Universe" (always capitalized by Marcus Aurelius in his writings which are encapsulated within the great book Meditations by Marcus Aurelius) is both invisible and visible. It is a growing, eternally-expanding existence that grows and expands from nothing into something— from what is invisible to what is visible— from what is intangible to what is tangible, therefore, it does follow that we, being both tangible and intangible, both visible and invisible, simply function in this same manner which means that we are really just a part of a consistent flow. There is actually no barrier between the galaxy that you peer into at night and the heart you feel pumping within, and more importantly so, the things that you feel inside that heart of yours! What is it that makes us feel things unseen? Things like Love? Well, what is unseen can be seen only by the invisible eye! Antoine de Saint-ExupĂ©ry once wrote in his book, The Little Prince, that "What is essential is invisible to the eye," but I am taking it into a whole different light by saying that what is invisible is visible by the eyes that are also invisible! What recognizes the intangible is also the intangible! The thing that recognizes, recognizes what is the same as itself!

Your soul is no joke; your soul is as real as the ever-growing universe and that's science! That's a fact (a fact in my theory.) Those certain eternal things that you feel are not only as real as the subatomic existences that cause the universe to expand and to continuously create and form and design; but they are in fact of the same material! The unseen thing that though unseen— is able to form, design, create, produce, the things which we call physical material! The stars, the planets, the ice and the dust! So who's to say that we really only journey once? Who's to say that some of us haven't journeyed over and over and over again? Who's to put any limits onto anything at all? When this is the reality of who and what we are!

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From Twitterverse...

Just wanted to share this lovely feedback on my book The Suns Snow And The Sands Move, with all of you...

Be My Mirror

Hello, wonderfuls! I have been really busy lately, having just published my latest book The Conversation of Merachefet and I must say, as those of you who know me better will already be aware, every time after I come out with a new book I go a little crazy! Like, a little insane really! It's a natural high for me and it feels like jumping off of a wall with firecrackers tied to my ankles and a bottle of Merlot in each hand! Well, Merlot in one hand and blackberry sparkling in the other! Now, even that visual is a little insane, isn't it? There's more to it even— add to that a really loud scream as I jump from the wall with the bottles in my hands! Now that's better, that's more realistic, that's more like how I feel every time for about a month and a half after I publish a book! You can now conclude that I have been really busy feeling insanely insane. Yes. Insanely insane.

So... now I'm working on my next book to be published! I've already shared some poetry from it on here and today I want to share another poem from the later pages of my upcoming book (yes, I know I might be producing books too fast and ought to slow down to give people time to purchase the ones that are already there, so hurry up and buy all my books already so I can move forward!)

I hope you like it...

Be My Mirror

What if I’m the monster?
What a scary thing to say
My skin trembles just a little bit
To hear my own mouth ask such a question
What if I’m the cause
For my own hurts
And pains?
What if I’m the reason why I
Can’t even see all my reasons
To appreciate
To be happy
Because I’m a monster
Covered in purple fur
Fluffy and round and
Sitting in the corner
Behind the shadows of the corner
Pushing everybody away
And I push with my short little monster arms
With soft purplish fur
Having fingerprints of
The raindrops that
I carry in my memories
From rainy days of
A long time ago
Then what if those rainy fingerprints
From my memories
Burn into people’s skin
Or at least mark them
And make them never want to come back?
And I cry
I cry
But what right do I have
To cry?
When I’m the one who pushed them
So I might be a monster
A purplish, furry one
And standing in the shadows
Of that corner over there

But maybe I’m not

I could be full of love
And sunshine
With sunbeams all over my face
I could be a flying thing
With wings
That’s not a monster at all
But something that flutters with wings
And lands on things
With a ballerina’s touch
Making stuff come back to life
And sprout through the ground
Breaking through the soil
Of the earth and of hearts!

But maybe I'm not

When I listen to myself
I think I just might be
A laughing sort of thing
Finding something amusing
Worth laughing at
In everything
Like those windy days
That remind you of
Visits to the park
When you were eight
The wind grabs your hair
And pulls your ear close
To whisper things beautiful
And almost forgotten
But not quite forgotten

And you laugh!

So what am I?
Can you tell me?

Copyright © 2013 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.

The Emblem

I am often asked about the symbolism behind the C. JoyBell C. emblem. As many of you have already noticed, this emblem represents me and I use it as my profile picture on my facebook page. Instead of explaining this in a simple, straightforward way; I would rather encapsulate the meanings in a writing— let he who has wisdom figure it out for himself (or herself, of course.) 

Aurum, Anima

Swan of the waters
Teach me to glide

Pegasus of the stars
Bear my soul

Eagle of the air
Train my wings to soar

As above
So below
In between





Pronounce a caim
Form a hedge

Above me
Below me
Within me

Copyright © 2013 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.

The Conversation of Merachefet

Listen up, all you valued followers of my blog, readers from all over the world! My newest book The Conversation of Merachefet: A Book of Secrets, has finally been published and is now ready to be taken home! 

This book, as I believe I have already said in the past, is different from all the rest I have written. It has truly overcome me and I believe it breathes a life all on its own! Perhaps while I was writing it I unknowingly encoded some very potent things into the manuscript itself which may be found in the arrangement of every single letter from beginning to end that would mathematically add up to something powerful, I don't know. All I know is that this is a small, potent book! And that's why I'm making it available to a limited audience only. That means people will only be able to purchase this particular book directly from the Createspace Store or from Amazon (US and Europe). Afterall, it is a book of secrets! Why would a secret be suddenly thrown all over the world in massive amounts, right? Then it's not even a secret anymore!

I hope you grab your own copy, but I do hope even more that you are ready to read it! I don't know if my book will reveal itself to the unready. 

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