A pleasant surprise...

A pleasant surprise for today: I visited my Facebook writer page timeline and saw the following message, from Lynda Herbert Parrott:

"Your writing talents are amazing! For me, it is like surfing an 'ambidextrous' brain wave. Very rare... the left brain is writing rationally, logically... very planned and structured, while at the same time the right brain is writing intuitively... very fluid, spontaneous, artistic... always imaginative and a bit elusive... The results... A wild, fun ride, and one that also makes you think... and ponder the larger, more serious questions of life... "

I'm very thankful for this feedback because it not only allows me to see my work in a better light, but it also allows me to see my work from the perspective of a very observant and intuitive reader. I hope that  everyone else will feel free to tell of their experiences with my books and my other various writings and just as a reminder, please don't hesitate to write reviews on Amazon/Barnes & Noble/ Goodreads/ anywhere! I truly appreciate it! I also enjoy receiving reader-submitted photos (pictures of you with my books/ pictures of my books on your shelf, etc.) and I have a photo album on my FB page dedicated to such images so never hesitate to send them in (you can always tweet them or email them.)


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