In her
Flows the blood of Archangels
For the blood of the Angels
Does not run thin
Does not dry out
Does not wash away
Does not dilute, dissolve, disband
A single drop
Is all it takes
To revive a legion
And from her
The legion will be awakened
By her footsteps
The stones will breathe again
Her passing by
Will wake the boulders
And the mountains
She will unite Mercury and Venus
For in her veins runs thick
The blood of Raziel, Metatron and Michael

Copyright 2013 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.

Chicagostock Trading

I know how people the world over view those individuals of Wallstreet, Chicago Stock, and etc. but today marks a new beginning! This tweet is proof that the people of Chicagostock Trading are people with souls! So let's no longer judge them, they are now in fact "one of us." ;-) Just imagine them in their impeccable suits... discussing my words over their expensive cups of coffee... Thank you, Chicagostock Trading, for taking me to heart through my words, it is my pleasure.


Right now, I'm working on two books of poetry. These two books compliment each other and should be bought together (when they are out in the market already.) As you can see, the poem I previously shared just awhile ago, is entitled "Vampire" and that's from one of the two books, while this poem below is from the second book. Apparently, they compliment each other and so the idea of having the two books together as they are like key and keyhole, seems like the thing to do! ;-)

Anyway, I just wrote this one last night, hope you enjoy it! I feel like a story is unfolding and like these two books of poetry are poem-novels— stories being told in the form of poems!


There they are
Your eyes, always your eyes
Piercing through the barriers of time and space
Cutting through the jagged air
That stare
Grey and green
A wolf’s eyes
From every angle
I am surrounded
From century to century to century
There they are!
There you are
My wolf
Always and always
You have never left me
And I can’t see you
But I know you
And I can’t hold you
But you hold me in the winds
You know me
Better than they do
Better than I do
And I think I know you too
I think I look at you too
When I feel you pull me in
That’s you
And they’ve always said
My eyes can burn
That’s because
I’m a wolf too
We are the same

I wait for you

Copyright 2013 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.


My newest book, All Things Lit Like Fireflies, has barely come out and I already have new poetry to share with you— it is from the next book of poetry that I am already working on. Please enjoy your read...


I wish that I could
Reach into your chest
With my own fingers
And wrap my hand
Around your heart
Feel it beating
Against my palm
That way
I would feel you
All the way down to
The beating of your heart
Against my own hand
My fingers would move
Up and down
While it beats
And I would look into your eyes
To see how you look at me
When your own heart
Knows the warmth of my hand
For the first time

But I would have to be
A vampire
To do that!
And you would have to be one
Or you could be a werewolf
And I would love you
All the way down
To your beating heart
And that look in your eyes

So I guess
I will just have to become
A vampire
And you will have
To become

Copyright 2013 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.

It's Today! It's Today! It's Today!

Today is my birthday+ release of All Things Lit Like Fireflies+ Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement)+ a day of really good gematria (13+13)+ it's a sunny, windy morning in general, which has been making me smile a lot under the sunbeams, thus far. :-) So what are you waiting for? Grab your own copy of my latest book! As a token of my appreciation (and because it's my birthday) here's a 50% discount code that you and your family and friends can use for the day of September 13: P5TN9Q6Z  ;  This special discount code can be used at this store.

I hope you all like my birthday present for all of you, on my birthday! Hahahha! And more importantly, I hope that you all love the writings within these pages! A viaxe continĂșa!

Last but not least, a slice of birthday cake for everyone: 

And some other yummy stuff too:

C. Bells

Your Best Foot Where It Should Be

“Do everything with your whole heart, or not at all. Don't put up with lies or with people who lie to you. Don't risk hurting people just for the fun of it. And lastly, your best foot shouldn't be put forward; it should be with you at all times— right there beside the other one.”

Today I'd like to discuss the above quote, which is something I recently said. Oh look! I'm quoting myself here! Anyway, I'd like to talk about the last part of it: And lastly, your best foot shouldn't be put forward; it should be with you at all times— right there beside the other one. So, what does that mean, you ask me. Well. It means that the best of ourselves should not be put forward as a show for other people; but that the best of ourselves should be something innate and constantly within us that we are able to give not as a facade; but as a second skin to the people around us. 

Too much of the time, people are overly occupied with the idea of creating a beautiful facade for others to look upon; but that is like putting beautiful ornaments onto a window in order to mask the bleakness of the house within! The best of you should not be an effort or a struggle; but the best of you should be a settled existence within you— something that you slowly unfold for people as you get to really know and love them. The more people know you, the more they should come to love you and not the other way around. Focus on what your colors will look like/ how they will shine like, down the road; rather than what they look like right here, right now, immediately. This way, you will not only be able to keep your best foot right there beside the other one, but you will also be able to think about people in a long-term kind of way, thus, inculcating the ability to see relationships and friendships with other individuals as something that should be begun to last! Started to linger. Tackled to keep. Not easy come and easy go. 

Hope this elaborates on that last line in what I've said and if you have any questions, feel free to ask me!

C. Bells

September 13, 2013

Hello wonderfuls! Today I would like to announce the launch date of my next book All Things Lit Like Fireflies! The new book of poetry will be published on September 13, 2013. As many of you may have already noticed, I take to gematria a lot and not only does this date harbor the number thirteen twice (the number that stands for "Love" and "One" which means that two thirteens represent "One Love"); but this is also a special date because it is my birthday! And now I am smiling really big! Yep! My birthday's coming up and you're all invited! Publishing my book on my birthday this year is really my birthday present to myself and it's also my birthday present to all of you (does that even make any sense?) And right now I have just realized that my name means "love" and I was born on a date that also translates to "love" in gematria! Woop! I rock!

So anyway, here let me share one of my most favorite poems from this book (I wanted to keep it hidden inside the pages until you find it in there for yourselves, but, what the heck why not give you a taste of my book right now) and I also want to give you the first peak at the beautiful cover! This gorgeous cover was made possible by the help of Corinne Knapp Rogers, owner of Hampton Photography, New York. I hope that you enjoy the poem and feel as excited about this upcoming release, as I am! Because I'm pretty excited! Ciao, wonderfuls! And have a joyous day!

My Naked Mountaintop

I saw a picture of a
Rainbow that cast itself
Over the nude mountaintops
And flung it’s colours over their
Cliffs and crevices, their many surfaces

So it was like watching
The archangels kiss the earth
And release unto man
Their many unearthly attributes

It made me want to be a rainbow
You would be my naked mountaintop
On top of you, I would open myself

And watch the reflection of me
Spread over the surface of your own skin

It would be a beautiful thing
I would give you goosebumps
And fill your every pore

Copyright © 2013 C. JoyBell C. All Things Lit Like Fireflies. All rights reserved. 

Little Weirdos

Today I would like to touch on a topic that the Russians are fond of experimenting on. Yes. The Russians.

I would like to talk about enhanced/ extreme empathy— something which has been unfurling in people so rapidly these days. In fact, it seems like many individuals no longer need to be born with it; they are suddenly developing it left and right! It's like people these days wake up in the morning with enhanced empathic wavelengths in their brains. And yes, the Russians have been onto this far long before anyone else has. It's open-book knowledge. In fact, there are legit websites funded by the Russian government, where you can take long tests (it seems like they have been trying to do research into the human race as a whole, or, I should say, anyone who has internet connection.) We all know that Russia is all for the advancement of their weapons and such, it seems like they are interested in enhancing their knowledge of human anatomical capabilities, as well.

So, what is empathy? Well, simply put, we are all normally born with empathy and that is the thing within you that makes you feel bad when you accidentally hit a dog with your car while backing down the driveway or when you see someone get hurt, it normally will make you feel their pain and you will end up in tears, as well! This is a needed capability of the human species to be able to thrive as a higher form of living thing. Even animals have empathy! In fact, some would argue that, at times, animals may have even more empathy than some human beings! It's the thing that doesn't allow you to hurt others, because if you do, you are hurting yourself, too! Obviously, many people in the world have less empathy than what is ideal! But then just as everything in the world bears the law of opposites, so does this. If there are those who bear far less empathy within themselves; there are also those who bear far more than what is normal.

I have studied this over the years, in scientific reports (nothing New Age or Witchy), not that there is anything particularly wrong with doing research into the New Age and the Witchy side of things, but, I preferred to look into scientific reports and observations. Apparently, people with enhanced empathic capabilities (far more than normal), exhibit a higher magnetic "resonance" in the brain. Something like that. I like to compare it to a bat's radar. It's not the same, but, I just like to compare it to the bat's radar which is capable of mapping out for it, what it in fact cannot see! The bat can't see it; but it knows that it's there, thanks to it's radar. Now, scientists have observed that, apparently, those with enhanced empathy/ extreme empathy, have an overly developed magnetic resonance in the brain (kind of like the energy going on in a microwave when you turn it on), therefore allowing the person to take "photographic evidence" of what is not actually manifested in front of the eyes (again, similar to a bat's radar.)

Now, I have been wondering if the sudden and surprising increase in those who claim to be empathic, has anything to do with our relationship with technology these days? These days, people communicate on Facebook rather than in person. People communicate on their iphones and S4's rather than facing one another and making eye contact. Face the truth! How many times have you texted someone in the same room as you? What if humans are simply evolving? Since the distance of communication is becoming further and further, since the modes of communication are becoming less and less physical, since we now need to amplify our senses to a heightened degree in order to know what our loved ones on the other side of the world must be going through, feeling, thinking, etc. — what if our bodies are simply adapting? What if the normal quantities of magnetic fields, the cognition, the "radar" is all just amplifying in order to adapt to the less and less personal environment that we put ourselves into? We need to know what our loved ones are feeling now; it's no longer just a choice! That being because usually they are on the other side of the earth! Or. In the other room but stuck on Facebook! Now, as a law in biology, there is always a supply meeting a demand. The more something is demanded of a living thing— the more the living thing will evolve to supply that demand. Therefore, I present you with a theory on enhanced empathy— that it is simply an evolution of the human species. We see evolution, every day! The next generation is always taller than the one before; the next generation's lifespan is usually longer than the one before it; human races that came into existence in cold climates have narrower nostrils due to the fact that the cold air needs to enter more slowly and needs to be warmed up a bit before entering the lungs; human races that came into existence in warm climates have wider nostrils due to the fact that hot air needs to be cooled down a little before entering the respiratory tract... and so on and so forth. The human anatomy develops to adapt to whatever situation it needs to adapt to. And I'm not saying that we all come from apes. If we did, then there shouldn't be any apes anymore! Rather, I am merely pointing to evidence of evolution, everywhere. What does evolution mean? It describes the process of evolving, of course! What is meant by evolving? Something that changes in order to adapt, in order to grow, in order to become better and more capable!

I will conclude this by saying, that I consider something that others consider to be a psychic phenomenon— as scientific evolution of the human species. Sure, some people were born with it and that means they evolved ahead of time. Which is cool. But more and more are experiencing this "phenomena" now, that it's not even surprising, anymore! I believe it does stem from the need for closeness! We need closeness more and more now! We have a need to know what is going on with our loved ones, more and more these days! Everything is just so spread out and so far away and we are connected by machines rather than by skin and hair and the look in the eyes! And so we evolve. We develop ways to feel, which were previously unneeded by our species. Some were born evolved, others are still developing these traits, while others will probably never evolve because they are psychopaths (psychopaths lack all form of empathy, whatsoever.)

How empathic are you? How far out can you feel? Does it actually make life easier for you? Or in the present setting, does it make life even harder? Easier in ways but harder in others? Maybe you feel like if our civilization were more advanced— then you'd probably feel like things were easier for you? A lot of things to think about... a lot of things to think about! But hey! At least you're not a psychopath, that's for sure!

Have a good day and some good thinking! And below I've posted some informative articles that I think you might find helpful. I haven't read every single thing in these articles, so I don't endorse them, however I am familiar with the concepts presented by each and these concepts I do agree with:

Montreal Gazette
Empathy In The Workplace
Center For Building A Culture Of Empathy
Jefferson Medical College— Jefferson Scale of Empathy
Anthropology, Psychology, Evolution, Neuroscience
Neuroscience and Empathy


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