Right now, I'm working on two books of poetry. These two books compliment each other and should be bought together (when they are out in the market already.) As you can see, the poem I previously shared just awhile ago, is entitled "Vampire" and that's from one of the two books, while this poem below is from the second book. Apparently, they compliment each other and so the idea of having the two books together as they are like key and keyhole, seems like the thing to do! ;-)

Anyway, I just wrote this one last night, hope you enjoy it! I feel like a story is unfolding and like these two books of poetry are poem-novels— stories being told in the form of poems!


There they are
Your eyes, always your eyes
Piercing through the barriers of time and space
Cutting through the jagged air
That stare
Grey and green
A wolf’s eyes
From every angle
I am surrounded
From century to century to century
There they are!
There you are
My wolf
Always and always
You have never left me
And I can’t see you
But I know you
And I can’t hold you
But you hold me in the winds
You know me
Better than they do
Better than I do
And I think I know you too
I think I look at you too
When I feel you pull me in
That’s you
And they’ve always said
My eyes can burn
That’s because
I’m a wolf too
We are the same

I wait for you

Copyright 2013 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.

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