Beautiful Freak

I came across a work of art yesterday, a wooden sculpture, and when I saw it I was immediately pulled into it. It reminded me of a poem I had already written, entitled Beautiful Freak. I wasn't planning to share the poem just yet; I was saving it for a next book, however, this wooden sculpture begs me to share my poem with you, along with it! The art piece is created entirely of wood, hence its called a wooden sculpture, and is the work of Italian sculptor, Willy Verginer.

Beautiful Freak

When I was little
I used to sit under the sunlight
And grow flowers out of my hands
First the petals would show their colors
Then the stem would slowly rise to the surface
Then the leaves would gently unfurl
Reaching for the sky!

When I was little
I grew flowers out of my hands
I wanted to share them with people
But when I showed them to the people
They didn’t want them!
They got scared!
And I didn’t know where to go...

So I walked alone
 They threw stones at me and rocks at me
They poked me with sticks
And sometimes they pulled my hair
They called me a freak, a weirdo
For growing flowers from
My palms

I kept on walking alone
For a long time I did
Until one day I saw the most beautiful creature
I’d ever seen
She grew a rose from the palm of her hand
Right in front of my eyes!
And then she gave it to me

I could grow the same kind of rose, too!
And I could grow it in different colors
If I wanted to!
I was just like her! I was beautiful, too!
And then I knew I never, ever walked alone!
There are many of us
We are just too beautiful

That’s why most people can’t see us

 Copyright © 2013 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.

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