Helping The Differents

We are taught by the mystic Rabbis that for everything there is a parallel opposite. For example, for the beautiful thing/relationship/connection you are experiencing, there is the potential for the exact parallel opposite to exist. Now, here’s where I bring in my own insight... it is noticeable to me that those of highly intuitive natures (now, not all people are like this okay, but there are some) are able to actually perceive the potential for those parallel opposites to exist. For the developing highly intuitive one, this can be an extremely difficult journey. The unconscious is always plugged-in to those parallel potentials so for example instead of being able to fully enjoy a good thing; the developing highly intuitive will be plunging herself/himself into those opposite frequencies which cause fears and doubts. The key is to master the ability and to learn how to banish the other parallel by transforming the dark energy into light energy. We banish the potential and transform dark into light by not reacting to stimuli caused by the opposite potential and then to further that— by reacting in the exact opposite way that our doubts and fears would have us react. This requires an extraordinary amount of strength and most people will not even have to tackle this area of reality in their lifetimes. We don’t ask for it; it’s just the way some are born. There is another key to this door: to stubbornly remember that the other parallel is not real; it is only a POTENTIAL and it gains foot in our realities only if we continue to transmit its frequencies. Now, how do you know which parallel is real for you? Refer to the very point of its conception: was it negative or was it positive? The point of conception is the truth of your reality. Stay in that truth.

I hope this helps those of you who are aware that you are different. Have a good day!

C. Bells

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