Don't Get Stuck!

I feel the need to do the humans of Earth a good service in pointing out that too many of you are getting stuck in the muddy areas that surround the Path of Enlightenment. As a result, a great number of you are falling by the wayside and are on the brink of never even getting to the destination! Please allow me to "un-stick" you!

See, the first thing that happens to you is that you realize your worth and it’s during that time when you start seeing that you should not be begging for love, that you should be realizing and living your worth, whilst seeking people who will reaffirm that which you have found to be true about yourself... you might even get to the point when you start saying “I’m going to be the CEO of my life and remove and add people as they are beneficial to me and of service to me!” But that’s when you go off the deep end. You need to stop right there. Because the next step isn’t that, but the next step is when you come to know that since you have all of this worth, you ought to be able to give of that worth, give of yourself, add beauty to not only your life but the lives of people around you and you also begin to realize that everyone else has that same worth that you do! They might just not know it yet! You realize that you are a creator and that creators create beautiful things and share those beautiful things that they create! You realize that you are much more than someone who needs to be on a lookout for people to be of service or of benefit to you! You realize that you’re more than just a CEO of your life! You realize that you are in fact, an immortal soul and your vision begins to expand far beyond yourself, on towards others, out towards a whole, into the whole of the world, and even on into eternity. This is the highest stage of enlightenment. The CEO stage is something you’ll really need to step out of.


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