To Have An Eternal Relationship

Dreaming of that one eternal relationship? It really is just as simple as shifting your scenery. When you are given a certain window by society to look out of, and all you look out of is that certain window— that's the direction in which you are going to head. But once you shift your vision and begin to look out through a different window, you begin to cultivate the neurons in your brain to actually go into that direction you're looking into. Buying thick books on how to have good relationships is unnecessary. Here, I will give you the window to eternal relationships...

I believe that the most important thing for a couple of any sort, to realize in their relationship with each other, is that neither are a limited source. You see, the idea of the soul is that it is eternal and that it continually receives from an Eternal Source. So the idea in any relationship is never really what you can get from it; but the idea is what you can give to the other, what you can put into it. Withdrawing from eternity— and depositing into the physical realm. Of course, as you both give, you are also both receiving from one another, thus a beautiful relationship is formed and maintained. It’s that certain flow that needs to be encouraged and allowed. I say “allowed” because it’s natural, however, it’s usually not “allowed” because our human faculties are taught and bombarded by stupid ideas in magazines that relationships are all about what one can get from it; it’s never about giving! So in a nutshell, the idea is to give because you know that you are receiving from an Everlasting Source, but to also remain graceful and eager enough to also receive gratefully from the other. And this is how eternal relationships are born. We are all conduits of eternity and we happen to meet another conduit whom we feel we belong with, then we share what we receive from eternity and receive what the other has to share.

And now, just to give you an idea of how eternal and fathomless and limitless Eternity really is, here’s a short Astronomy lecture for all of you:

Let’s take a look at what we call “Molecular Clouds.” Molecular Clouds are regions in the universe where stars and planets are born. Within these regions, we find nothing but hydrogen, helium, a smaller quantity of other gases, all of this mixed with dust. Molecular Clouds are the “motherly wombs” of the universe, giving birth to stars and planets in extremely frigid, cold environments (-263 to -223 *C). Now, Giant Molecular Clouds are the clouds that exceed the mass of 100,000 Suns! Stop to think of the mass of our single sun. Then think about the mass of 100,000 of those. A single Giant Molecular Cloud exceeds the mass of 100,000 Suns and reaches up to 300 light years in diameter! Here’s the thing, in our galaxy alone, which we often refer to as the “Milky Way,” we have 1,000 - 2,000 Giant Molecular Clouds! That’s only in our galaxy, which is only one of billions of galaxies that have been discovered. The remaining undiscovered galaxies just in our own universe are probably times billions more than the number that we’ve already discovered. And the fact is already given that our universe is constantly expanding! Now think about this, we might not even be existing in only a universe. We might in fact be existing in a single cosmos which is only a part of the multiverse! That means there could very well be billions of other universes! This, my friends, is eternity! When you say “eternity,” Astronomy gives you a very good idea of what you're talking about!
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 Moreover, what about applying this concept at a personal, individual level? Why don't we do just that: 

When you see and know that your wellspring is an Eternal Source, and not other people around you, or your past experiences, not even your life story, that is when you are able to truly give to others, without running out and without feeling empty. Because I see God in everything that I touch and feel and think and because I believe that He sees me in everything, too, hence I am able to give to others without thinking of myself as limited source. What I have doesn't come from others, it doesn’t come from my life story and it doesn’t come from a box. What I have comes from a wellspring, an Eternal Source. The good news is that it never runs out, there is plenty for all and for everyone.

Now I'd just like to add, that if you do not believe in God as I believe in God, that does not mean you are incapable of understanding Eternity. On the level of Astronomy, we can all get a good grasp of what it means to be Eternal, whether or not there is a belief in God existing in the heart of the seeker, the knower, the asker, the thinker.

And that about wraps up my discussion for today, I hope this does nothing less than truly transform your lives! 

C. Bells

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  1. Sometimes I feel I am afraid of love. Not that I am afaid to recieve it but afaid I won't know how to give it & afraid I may not be able to give enough.

    When somone comes into my life and is so intense and in my face about love & what they want it really freaks me out. At time's I've even run away with no warning.. These men who loved me are great & wonderful loving men that any woman would want & here I am back peddling trying to go back into my little hole . Back into my self made world where I know how things work.

    Love is scary to me. Love is unpredicable and so many things could happen. The outcome could be horrible. I go back to past experiences where I thought I was putting my heart & soul into something lasting and it turned out that it had been a bad choice. What if this time it's a bad choice too? What if this time I get hurt again? What if I really truly let my self fall & the other person is not there to catch me.

    I pray about it but it doesnt make me any less scared or able to tap into an everlasting source. I have no faith that I can love with out getting hurt


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