Stirring flowers...

All things
by immortal power
near or far
to each other
hiddenly linked are.
That thou cans't not stir a flower
without troubling a star.


All that universe stuff.

It is my desire that my writings do not raise a self-entitled race. Or, rather, that my writings do not add to that mainstream system that today proliferates. People are becoming "enlightened" and what not. Every Facebook page you visit is telling you that you are the universe and that whatever you want in this world— the universe will conspire to give it to you. Being someone who studies astronomy, I can tell you that the universe is vast and to call the universe vast is even a gross understatement. You are definitely not the universe and the universe definitely does not revolve around you. Some people, until this day, do not even know that the Earth revolves around the Sun! And then people scatter their universe teachings all over the place, to all of the masses of people who don't even have a concept of what the universe is— and we really expect some good to come out of that?

It is my desire that my writings do not fall onto untilled soil. I want my words to fall into soil that is ripe and ready for the seeds. I do not want my words to become add-ons to the mainstream self-entitlement candy that's being given out left and right these days.

It is my desire that my words not be polluted and not be taken as things that are granted.

These are my simple desires for my words.

And lastly, about all of your energy theories— energy cannot be imitated. You cannot just say one day "I am going to emit positive energy." Pure energy comes from a source of energy. That source must be positive if you want the waves of energy to also be positive. In order to produce positive energy— your source must first be rebuilt, refurbished, remodeled, reconstructed, into a positive source. That doesn't come about by imitation or emulation. That comes about by the transformation of character, mind, heart. That comes about through the laying down of your old self for the taking up of the new self. That comes about by seeing your mistakes, realizing your errors, developing a desire to make changes within yourself.

Well, that's all I wanted to say, today.

C. Bells

It Is Okay.

         It’s easy to get carried away in the search for “experience.” I think that people boast of “experience” as if all experience is good. The whole world will tell you that all mistakes are good and all experiences are worthwhile. Nevertheless, I believe in an equilibrium. I always say “throw yourself out there” but at the same time, I want to tell you, that there are so many experiences in life that you’re better off not experiencing. Experience is not always a positive thing, it can affect a person in such a way that it is like finding a tulip trampled under foot, run over by bicycles and spit on. And then the tulip is set on a windowsill for sale with a sign that says “I have had so much experience, that’s why I’m more expensive.” But the truth is, there’s nothing wrong with being that tulip in the field, untouched and caressed by moonlight. Yes, we have the choice to make mistakes, but we also have the choice to choose what things we allow in to make marks upon our lives. It is okay to be untouched by darkness.
         Roses are picked every day, they are told that they will be better off sold in the flower shoppe. And so they go from the hands of the picker; to the hands of the delivery man; to the hands of the florist; to the hands of the customer; and then often to the hands of the final recipient of the rose. From field, cut by scissors and passed from hand to hand. The world has forgotten that it is okay for roses to be in fields, the world has forgotten the beauty of the rose uncut. The bouquet is praised and given away but the wild roses are forgotten. People have forgotten what “wild” means; they think it means something entirely different. The wild rose remains untouched, with roots and swayed by the meadow winds. And that is wild. I am wild for having roots and for being untouched and for seeing things that people have forgotten. And I will always remember— that it is okay to be uncut, that it is okay to be untouched by darkness, it is okay to be wild.
         In the world that we live in— purity and innocence are the true strengths. It is strength to live in a world like this and remain pure of heart, it is strength to live in a world like this and retain innocence. These are
things that the world wants to take away from you, that experiences tend to alter and attempt to redefine. The wild ones aren’t the defiled ones— thewild ones are the pure ones, the innocent ones. It takes a true wildness to retain these things through the fire and through the storms. It takes a real wildness to remain in the wild— not contorted and maligned by circumstance and experiences. And it takes power to stand up and to choose what experiences we allow to take root or to even come into our lives.

How Wolves Change Rivers

I had no idea that wolves are such a vital and positive force in nature. This video teaches us something new and profound, please enjoy it...


Lately, I have been thinking about society's attitude towards mistakes. I've said recently, that the world will tell us over and over again that mistakes are always good and I myself have once said, "So what? This is life! A whole bunch of mistakes!" Nevertheless, I do feel that when this creed falls upon a ground that has not yet been tilled, it creates stupidity. Yes, we are free to make mistakes but on the other hand we are also free to choose the experiences that we allow to take root into our lives or to even become a part of our lives, in the first place. The thing is, once a mistake is made, you will have to live with the consequences of those actions that are most probably going to be far-reaching and will touch not only your life but the lives of those whom you love. I frequently hear many people say, "I would not do anything differently, I would not have done anything any other way." I personally do not say that. There are plenty of things I would have done differently and the fact that I can see that and I realize that, means that I have learned from mistakes made. I am thankful for the things learned; but I am not glad that the errors were made. Especially in circumstances where I have hurt other people. I believe that in any circumstance where you have hurt another person— the right to say, "I wouldn't have done anything any other way" isn't a right that belongs to you. Because your actions have involved hurting another person/ other people. It's easy for you to say. What about the people that you hurt? In fact, when I come to see my mistakes and see where I went wrong, or how bad I was, I feel a true joy and gratitude for being able to see the error in my ways. It brings me joy and gratitude because those errors were chains that bound me. When you are not able to see those chains or refuse to acknowledge that they are there— you fail to be freed of them.

There is an immense lack of responsibility that exists in society today. I have to say, that I am glad people are being taught their worth and importance and that they "are the universe" but dare I say that these teachings, when fallen into the hands of the unknowing, create nothing but an empty sense of self-entitlement and lack of responsibility for one's own actions? The hierophants of ancient days were earnest in giving the warning that certain knowledge not be given to the masses without proper introduction and inner growth. The raw fact is, that not all people are ready to know certain truths. There is a reason why such truths are kept away. When fallen into the hands of the unprepared— there is no good outcome.

The Wolves are Here on a Full Moon

In case you haven't heard the latest— my newest release, Wolves of the Sapphire Sun, is finally available to everyone, everywhere! Clicking the book covers below will take you directly to my website where you will be able to navigate yourself around and find ways to make this book your own! For the next few days, this discount code ( VMSHDDKR ) will be valid at the books' respective CreateSpace Direct Stores. You can find those stores by clicking through to my website where you'll see that the links to these stores are listed right below their corresponding book covers.

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day and I hope that you will love Wolves...

If the world were like this...

Warning: Unsettling language and visuals. But highly worth the watch. Parental Guidance advised for any younger audience.

Meet Our Wolf Spirit

         Yukon, who is Ezekiel our alpha, is a Tamaskan. "Tamaska" in the Native American language, means "Wolf Spirit" or "Mighty Wolf." 

Introducing My Muse

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Savonna Sanzeri, my Muse. Savonna Sanzeri is Filippa in Wolves of the Sapphire Sun.

Photography, hair, makeup, costume all by Corinne of Hampton Photography.

Here's To The Wild Ones!

I haven't had a wink of sleep the whole night. Aside from the technological quirks that always seem to PMS at this exact point in the process of book-making (it's always a different, new issue for each book I publish), I have been pondering the photos from the Wolves of the Sapphire Sun photoshoot. 

Choosing a Muse for my book-my story-my poetry, is a huge deal for me. It's not something I take lightly and I've been blessed good enough to have been presented with three beautiful girls to choose from!

Fact about this book— when I wrote it, I had "the differents" in mind. People who are labelled as clairvoyants, empaths, telepaths, telempaths, clairempaths, claircognizants, witches, wizards, indigo children and etc. Whatever names they've come up with to try and "understand" you— I had the YOU in mind when I wrote this book! I want this book to be a source of comfort and revelation for those of otherworldly origins/ who have otherworldly abilities and life stories to tell. It therefore follows that what I'm looking for in a Muse is someone who can embody that exact aura. I want to feel that aura when I look at her and when I look at my book cover. Of course, I could just be my own Muse for this book; but then there's just no fun in that! Hahha! So what I'm saying is, there's so much more that's going into this process than just choosing a beautiful face. I am, in fact, choosing an aura!

I hadn't seen Yukon (our wolf) prior to the photoshoot. But I had already envisioned him in my mind. Needless to say, the moment I did lay my eyes on him— he matched my visions precisely! Yukon is Ezekiel. He IS our wolf incarnate.

I think I've almost got this, and I should be able to introduce my choice of Muse to you, later today. As for my manuscript... don't worry, I'm killing the bugs and this should be good later in the day, as well.

I hope all of you are happy to join me on my journey of introducing to the world, a work which is entirely and extraordinarily dear to me.

Here's to the wild ones!

Introducing: Wolves of the Sapphire Sun

I can find no language to express my state of feeling towards my upcoming book, Wolves of the Sapphire Sun. I can't seem to form thoughts in order to to make you understand the mystery of this book and how proud I am, of it. I think that I will have to call it, indeed, a mystery, a state of feeling, since I simply can't express the sublimity of my attachment to the works contained in this book. It is indeed, a raw expression, a raw song, a loud call! I am eternally proud of this particular book of mine, I feel that it is a culmination of all my books of poetry and yet it is entirely distinct in itself.

And now, introducing the making of Wolves of the Sapphire Sun! Photography, costume, hair and makeup by Corinne Knapp Rogers of Hampton Photography NY.

A big THANK YOU to Savonna Sanzeri, Corrie-Anne Knapp and Danielle Ann Porcella for being a part of this extraordinary experience! A big THANK YOU to Anne Bassetti, Frank Bassetti and Donna Bassetti for allowing and encouraging Yukon (our wolf) to be the Alpha, leading man of our story! And of course, a huge THANK YOU to Corinne, for making my book cover dream come true!

I will be choosing a Muse for Wolves, to represent all the poetry and to embody Filippa (the main character of my poems), but regardless of whom I choose as Muse, every girl involved in this photoshoot has added to the flavour, to the experience, and I truly hope that I have been able to add to their own personal journeys, through my writing of this book. They'll always be my wolf girls!

Now to go pour myself a LARGE glass of wine! I am so happy, I have honestly cried just looking through the photo album! Again, Corinne, thank you for the tears of joy! Thank you, girls! And thank you, Yukon's family!

A viaxe continúa! Here's to the wild ones!

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