All that universe stuff.

It is my desire that my writings do not raise a self-entitled race. Or, rather, that my writings do not add to that mainstream system that today proliferates. People are becoming "enlightened" and what not. Every Facebook page you visit is telling you that you are the universe and that whatever you want in this world— the universe will conspire to give it to you. Being someone who studies astronomy, I can tell you that the universe is vast and to call the universe vast is even a gross understatement. You are definitely not the universe and the universe definitely does not revolve around you. Some people, until this day, do not even know that the Earth revolves around the Sun! And then people scatter their universe teachings all over the place, to all of the masses of people who don't even have a concept of what the universe is— and we really expect some good to come out of that?

It is my desire that my writings do not fall onto untilled soil. I want my words to fall into soil that is ripe and ready for the seeds. I do not want my words to become add-ons to the mainstream self-entitlement candy that's being given out left and right these days.

It is my desire that my words not be polluted and not be taken as things that are granted.

These are my simple desires for my words.

And lastly, about all of your energy theories— energy cannot be imitated. You cannot just say one day "I am going to emit positive energy." Pure energy comes from a source of energy. That source must be positive if you want the waves of energy to also be positive. In order to produce positive energy— your source must first be rebuilt, refurbished, remodeled, reconstructed, into a positive source. That doesn't come about by imitation or emulation. That comes about by the transformation of character, mind, heart. That comes about through the laying down of your old self for the taking up of the new self. That comes about by seeing your mistakes, realizing your errors, developing a desire to make changes within yourself.

Well, that's all I wanted to say, today.

C. Bells

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  1. Hi C. JoyBell C.,
    I like your page,read everything you post,but cannot leave a comment,
    why ???
    Your older friend from Facebook,
    Rick Nash,regards :)


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