Introducing: Wolves of the Sapphire Sun

I can find no language to express my state of feeling towards my upcoming book, Wolves of the Sapphire Sun. I can't seem to form thoughts in order to to make you understand the mystery of this book and how proud I am, of it. I think that I will have to call it, indeed, a mystery, a state of feeling, since I simply can't express the sublimity of my attachment to the works contained in this book. It is indeed, a raw expression, a raw song, a loud call! I am eternally proud of this particular book of mine, I feel that it is a culmination of all my books of poetry and yet it is entirely distinct in itself.

And now, introducing the making of Wolves of the Sapphire Sun! Photography, costume, hair and makeup by Corinne Knapp Rogers of Hampton Photography NY.

A big THANK YOU to Savonna Sanzeri, Corrie-Anne Knapp and Danielle Ann Porcella for being a part of this extraordinary experience! A big THANK YOU to Anne Bassetti, Frank Bassetti and Donna Bassetti for allowing and encouraging Yukon (our wolf) to be the Alpha, leading man of our story! And of course, a huge THANK YOU to Corinne, for making my book cover dream come true!

I will be choosing a Muse for Wolves, to represent all the poetry and to embody Filippa (the main character of my poems), but regardless of whom I choose as Muse, every girl involved in this photoshoot has added to the flavour, to the experience, and I truly hope that I have been able to add to their own personal journeys, through my writing of this book. They'll always be my wolf girls!

Now to go pour myself a LARGE glass of wine! I am so happy, I have honestly cried just looking through the photo album! Again, Corinne, thank you for the tears of joy! Thank you, girls! And thank you, Yukon's family!

A viaxe continĂșa! Here's to the wild ones!

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