Lately, I have been thinking about society's attitude towards mistakes. I've said recently, that the world will tell us over and over again that mistakes are always good and I myself have once said, "So what? This is life! A whole bunch of mistakes!" Nevertheless, I do feel that when this creed falls upon a ground that has not yet been tilled, it creates stupidity. Yes, we are free to make mistakes but on the other hand we are also free to choose the experiences that we allow to take root into our lives or to even become a part of our lives, in the first place. The thing is, once a mistake is made, you will have to live with the consequences of those actions that are most probably going to be far-reaching and will touch not only your life but the lives of those whom you love. I frequently hear many people say, "I would not do anything differently, I would not have done anything any other way." I personally do not say that. There are plenty of things I would have done differently and the fact that I can see that and I realize that, means that I have learned from mistakes made. I am thankful for the things learned; but I am not glad that the errors were made. Especially in circumstances where I have hurt other people. I believe that in any circumstance where you have hurt another person— the right to say, "I wouldn't have done anything any other way" isn't a right that belongs to you. Because your actions have involved hurting another person/ other people. It's easy for you to say. What about the people that you hurt? In fact, when I come to see my mistakes and see where I went wrong, or how bad I was, I feel a true joy and gratitude for being able to see the error in my ways. It brings me joy and gratitude because those errors were chains that bound me. When you are not able to see those chains or refuse to acknowledge that they are there— you fail to be freed of them.

There is an immense lack of responsibility that exists in society today. I have to say, that I am glad people are being taught their worth and importance and that they "are the universe" but dare I say that these teachings, when fallen into the hands of the unknowing, create nothing but an empty sense of self-entitlement and lack of responsibility for one's own actions? The hierophants of ancient days were earnest in giving the warning that certain knowledge not be given to the masses without proper introduction and inner growth. The raw fact is, that not all people are ready to know certain truths. There is a reason why such truths are kept away. When fallen into the hands of the unprepared— there is no good outcome.


  1. On one hand I agree with what you say. It is easy to say 'I wouldn't change anything' but not if you've hurt other people. You have no right to hurt another person and justify it by saying- Oh that was their karma if they suffered!

    Yet, the truth (lets say, my truth since I don't know if your world view in this area is the same as mine) is that the experiences one goes through, good or bad, are a part of your unique path. Oh course, if an action A were not taken by you to make another person go through the things they went through, then some other situation would have been created to make them walk that particular path.

    What I mean is, no matter what, the other person would have had the experience- either through you or through someone else- though not in the same form. They certainly would have learned the lesson they were meant to learn... either because of your mistake... or because of some other incident (perhaps unconnected with you).

    In that case, in the final analysis, what did you end up saving them from? The event of learning/ growth that your mistake created for them was meant to happen no matter what. If you hadn't made that particular mistake, you may have delayed the learning... or you may have changed the form in which learning reached them.

    Am I even making sense to you? :P


    1. Hello!

      Yes, I understand what you mean. I cannot believe that, though, because there is an extreme amount of senseless pain and suffering in the world, today, for example, you cannot tell a person that their being raped or abused as a young child was something that was meant to happen to them in order to teach them a lesson. I personally know someone who used to be chained in a basement by his own mom, for years, beaten and cut with a knife. There are many such senseless suffering that happens in the world, and you cannot say "this is divine providence" because it is not. It is the result of evil and they are the most vile forms of "mistakes." There is evil that is not meant to exist, period. :-) Thank you for your comment!


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