Shouldn't Be, Shouldn't Be

Shouldn’t Be, Shouldn’t Be

I’m always too brave, too brave
More brave than I
Ever should be

My soul is naked, naked
The same thing as
Wearing no clothes

But I’m the only one
Who’s naked
Everyone else is clothed

I shouldn’t be, I shouldn’t be
I should be clothed
And not brave

At least not too brave

Copyright © 2014 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.

Reflections on Culture and Spirituality

The more ancient cultures of the East are always capable of unearthing deep spiritualities. Mainstream media is always talking about "an awakening" and how people are dramatically wakening to their spiritual senses, these days, but what the mainstream is referring to, is the Western, mostly English-speaking cultures. The East has been "awake" since about five thousand years ago.

It's easy to make in instant and genuine, deep connection with people from the Middle East and India. At least, it is very easy for me. Some of the most instant and most "connected" conversations I have had, have been with people from the Middle East, India, but also the continent of Africa. These people recognize a spark of any kind and are always willing to go the extra mile in order to nurture that spark. Thankfully, I am always "a spark" in the eyes of such people and have been fortunate enough to have friendships that have gone "the extra mile" for me/ with me!

I could say similar about South American cultures; except there is a difference in that South American cultures foster a more laid-back "come what may" attitude, so a friend today could be gone tomorrow; unlike the cultures I have mentioned and given example of, above. In a number of non-English-speaking European cultures, similar can also be said. It seems like the English-speaking cultures have been, for centuries, cultivating a shallow spirituality. I wonder if it has anything to do with the language which is equally shallow?

I will always be told by an Indian that I am "ethereal and sensual" or by an African that I am "the light" or by an Italian that I am "sympatico" or by a Frenchman that I am "sympathique" or by a Greek that I am "Greek." :-) While people from the Middle East will say, like what the Indians say, that I am "ethereal." What I notice about these descriptions that they have of me, is that they all have a connection to the spirit. There is  a slice of the spiritual essence that is always seen. Even sensual is spiritual. When you see someone and call them sensual within the few first minutes of meeting them, only because of the aura they are giving off— that is a look into the aura— it's not something that's easily come by.

I wonder why it is the most spiritual of people who have received the greatest amount of persecution on Earth...

Ran Gavrieli on Why He Stopped Watching Porn

Men (and Women)

         First of all, men are born into this world just like we women are. And as children, men see us women as people. Then around the age of pre-teens they begin to see women as things to put their penises into, while having this mindset fostered by a gross amount of homophobia (fathers, being so afraid their sons will turn gay, shove pornography into their sons' faces and take them to prostitutes for the sake of their "manliness.") And it is around that time that men begin to see women as objects that define their manliness. At a very fresh age, women become maligned in the eyes of boys as the image of us begins to morph in their minds. We become something that defines their manliness. We, to them, are not people who are capable of thinking and feeling. We are things, we have become things, to them. Things that are supposed to define their person. Of course, we don't really define their manliness in any way and the number of us women that they fuck does not determine how much of a man they are, so no matter how much they fill their lives with more and more women, they still end up seeing us as worthless, only because they don't really find that definition in us, they don't find that fulfillment, because we're not the ones who can ever give that to them!
         Manhood is defined by the ability to nurture and to protect, by the capability to provide and to sustain. And what has feminism done for manhood and femininity, these days? Feminism, try as it might, seeks to stop the phenomenon which I have explained above, but, since it lacks insight into what is really going on, it fails to do what it sets out to do, and in fact, has even made matters worse between men and women.
         What is the truth? The truth is that every man has come from inside the womb of a woman and every child that a man brings into this world is going to come from inside the womb of a woman and is most probably going to be raised by that woman. Women are people capable of thinking and feeling. We are not things that are created for the insertion of penises.
         And what has the porn industry done for the relationship between men and women? Nothing good. Men watch porn stars and think that all women do in fact enjoy being nothing but things with vaginas. 
         So where is the truth for a solution? The solution is to eradicate homophobia. First of all, homosexuals cannot avoid being homosexual just by having sex with many women! Homosexuals are born homosexual and it has nothing to do with how early or how many vaginas that they "taste." Furthermore, there needs to be a change in how the world defines the tasks of a man in this world and that will not be helped by feminism if feminism keeps on pushing the right for women to be men. Women are not men; women are women and women should be treated as women and as a matter of fact, many women, like myself, enjoy chivalry and gallantry. We do in fact enjoy and appreciate being treated as the feminine sex and being treated gently and with affection. And that is okay. Because we do in fact have feelings and brains which are not masculine, but which are feminine! 
         Oh how I wish this could all change, and very soon. But oh how unlikely that is!

A Discussion on Social Anomalies

         There are so many things that I see, so many mainstream ways of thinking and belief systems infiltrating society today, that I believe are wrong and are misleading people. And how do these concepts come about and how are they propagated? It's funny because when you take a deeper look at it, you'll see that usually somebody just wrote a book and suddenly millions of people are thrust into a whole new system of beliefs. I wish to not mislead people in such a way. We've seen so many ideologies come and go over the decades. I'd like to discuss a few key points which I think need to be brought to light.
          First of all, something that bothers me is the lack of regret for anything. It seems like there has been a long-standing propagated belief teaching people that whatever you do in life— you need not regret anything. Everything, according to this ideology, happens for a reason and has made you who you are today, therefore, you need not regret anything that you've ever done. This is extremely dangerous. When you look into studies, you'll find that there are actual documented murder cases carried out by people who go around murdering their friends without regret. There is a documented case of an eleven-year-old girl who sliced her best friend's throat, and watched her bleed to death in the woods, after which time she came home and wrote in her diary: "Dear diary, oh my god I just killed someone, it was scary at first but once you get over the initial shock that says oh my god I'm killing someone, then it starts feeling really good. I sliced her throat with a knife. Well, now time to go to Sunday School! LOL!" Cases like these are documented amongst those doing research into sociopathy and psychosis. And I read this particular case in a certain study whilst looking into the conditions, myself. The key, the main core of a sociopath is in fact the total absence of regret and guilt. I am therefore left dumbfounded by the realization that every single day, there are a flood of "no regrets" messages being delivered to the general populace. The truth is that, there are a great deal of things that you are going to do in life which you should feel a massive amount of regret for. That doesn't mean you should get stuck in it forever; it just means that you, as a human being, need to know when to regret your actions when those actions have caused another human or an animal any kind of harm or hurt! And even when we get past this initial example that may seem rather extreme; we should still be able to see that life is not to be lived by being stupid about everything! Yeah, yeah, yeah, you don't regret anything, so what's next? You go out and get drunk and drive and hit another car and involuntarily murder a whole family of people (God forbid this ever happen to you or to anyone you know), but it's these kinds of misfortunes that spring forth from having an attitude of YOLO— not regretting anything! In fact, these days you are going to be shunned if you want to live your life in a way that is not exactly throwing yourself all over the place and making mistakes left and right!
         Another thing I would like to discuss, is the belief system that says no other person can change you or that you cannot change any other person. It sounds right; but it's not the truth! People can in fact cause change to take place in other people. People can have such an enormous effect on other people's lives— whether that be negative or positive. In fact, other people even murder other people, which means that people can have such an effect on others— enough to take the lives of others! If someone can take the life of another— this means that people do in fact affect the lives of other people. And this is a cause for carefulness. You don't want to throw yourself all around and all over the place! Because those things that you do and those people that you let into your life are going to leave their marks on you and what kinds of fingerprints do you want to be left on your life? The marks that are left on you and the things that you become, are often the remnants of the people that you allowed to take a foothold in your life! We do affect our fellow man. And that is why we need to make the right choices, choices that will be enriching for our souls and our lives! We also need to make the right choices about how we affect our fellow man!
         I encourage everyone to navigate through the belief systems of society with an enormous amount of perception; not being gullible, not being easily swayed, but trusting the light within rather than going for any source of "light" that can be found without.

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