A Discussion on Social Anomalies

         There are so many things that I see, so many mainstream ways of thinking and belief systems infiltrating society today, that I believe are wrong and are misleading people. And how do these concepts come about and how are they propagated? It's funny because when you take a deeper look at it, you'll see that usually somebody just wrote a book and suddenly millions of people are thrust into a whole new system of beliefs. I wish to not mislead people in such a way. We've seen so many ideologies come and go over the decades. I'd like to discuss a few key points which I think need to be brought to light.
          First of all, something that bothers me is the lack of regret for anything. It seems like there has been a long-standing propagated belief teaching people that whatever you do in life— you need not regret anything. Everything, according to this ideology, happens for a reason and has made you who you are today, therefore, you need not regret anything that you've ever done. This is extremely dangerous. When you look into studies, you'll find that there are actual documented murder cases carried out by people who go around murdering their friends without regret. There is a documented case of an eleven-year-old girl who sliced her best friend's throat, and watched her bleed to death in the woods, after which time she came home and wrote in her diary: "Dear diary, oh my god I just killed someone, it was scary at first but once you get over the initial shock that says oh my god I'm killing someone, then it starts feeling really good. I sliced her throat with a knife. Well, now time to go to Sunday School! LOL!" Cases like these are documented amongst those doing research into sociopathy and psychosis. And I read this particular case in a certain study whilst looking into the conditions, myself. The key, the main core of a sociopath is in fact the total absence of regret and guilt. I am therefore left dumbfounded by the realization that every single day, there are a flood of "no regrets" messages being delivered to the general populace. The truth is that, there are a great deal of things that you are going to do in life which you should feel a massive amount of regret for. That doesn't mean you should get stuck in it forever; it just means that you, as a human being, need to know when to regret your actions when those actions have caused another human or an animal any kind of harm or hurt! And even when we get past this initial example that may seem rather extreme; we should still be able to see that life is not to be lived by being stupid about everything! Yeah, yeah, yeah, you don't regret anything, so what's next? You go out and get drunk and drive and hit another car and involuntarily murder a whole family of people (God forbid this ever happen to you or to anyone you know), but it's these kinds of misfortunes that spring forth from having an attitude of YOLO— not regretting anything! In fact, these days you are going to be shunned if you want to live your life in a way that is not exactly throwing yourself all over the place and making mistakes left and right!
         Another thing I would like to discuss, is the belief system that says no other person can change you or that you cannot change any other person. It sounds right; but it's not the truth! People can in fact cause change to take place in other people. People can have such an enormous effect on other people's lives— whether that be negative or positive. In fact, other people even murder other people, which means that people can have such an effect on others— enough to take the lives of others! If someone can take the life of another— this means that people do in fact affect the lives of other people. And this is a cause for carefulness. You don't want to throw yourself all around and all over the place! Because those things that you do and those people that you let into your life are going to leave their marks on you and what kinds of fingerprints do you want to be left on your life? The marks that are left on you and the things that you become, are often the remnants of the people that you allowed to take a foothold in your life! We do affect our fellow man. And that is why we need to make the right choices, choices that will be enriching for our souls and our lives! We also need to make the right choices about how we affect our fellow man!
         I encourage everyone to navigate through the belief systems of society with an enormous amount of perception; not being gullible, not being easily swayed, but trusting the light within rather than going for any source of "light" that can be found without.

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  1. I totally agree with you about the way a new belief system just hits the mainstream, and BAM it's the new thing. If you sit back, look, take in the big picture, and realize that at the core of society the golden rule is always going to be the best belief system. Civilization, without compassion, empathy, and some form of "live and learn" mentality, cannot grow or evolve.


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