Ran Gavrieli on Why He Stopped Watching Porn


  1. I am just so grateful to Ran Gavrieli for all the work he is doing with young people and how is is speaking up and stopping the deafening silence on this private hell that each porn viewer perpetuates for himself and the porn industry by just being interested in this form of visual sex.

  2. It's very important to realize the bigger events that are being perpetuated by this industry. Sex trafficking and exploitation damages lives. This is one habit I will begin to replace with a healthier alternative. Thank You Ran.

  3. Although i did download and listen to his entire discourse, my blood ran cold through most of it. I am guilty of so many of these thoughts that it is terrifying to me now to hear these concepts vocalised, and have been since my youth. Now, i find that i can barely hold a simple conversation with a member of the opposite sex as a result of fear and objectification, and the fault lies with no-one except me.

    I would very much want to hear specifically how he ended his habitual viewing of pornography as to my mind, this is going to prove far, far more difficult that it sounds. It is addictive, and a habit which i have tried to break in the past sans any success whatsoever.


    1. Hello Stripey,

      I suggest that you follow Ran Gavrieli on Facebook! And I suppose you may be able to even ask him some questions! :-)

    2. Stripey,
      I've been involved in recovery programs for a few years now and would love to discuss this further with you. Email me at recovery.gdodaat@gmail.com and we'll chat!

  4. I agree completely with Ran. The recent Chikbok incident triggered me to write an article about Human Trafficking. The roots of any such crime goes back to Online Pornography too. After research I came up with my article where I have correlated the two and also addressed the common Myths about Pornography. We the younger generation have to give ourselves a chance to create a difference for the world. Please give it a read and lets share it as much as we can. Perhaps sharing a message is the least we can do be is we stand against crimes like Human Trafficking, Child Abuse etc.

  5. The link below is for a meditation to break addictive behaviors. Use it as a tool - just try one minute a day!


  6. Well thought out line of logic and reasoning nicely wrapped up in a bite size lecture that most people with today's shorter attention span should be able to absorb. I was unable to comment on Youtube and I can understand the reasons for blocking comments because of the YT demographic. I had been researching porn and studying the use of NLP and hypnosis used in "turning" people into same sex attraction disorder sympathizers and participants for the rainbow "predator" movement. I believe a form of soft hypnosis is being deplored as far back as TV's Three is Company where the man is a clown and funny by acting homosexual, up to the fictional setting of Will and Grace where everyone is having so much fun but all members are so annoying. From then until now the new Grace and Frankie show where a long term marriage turns out to be a fraud and betrayal by old homosexual men. These men cause all women to mistrust men in general and the way of traditional marriage as it shows the misery that this men created on the their families, with no recourse for the victims because the men are lawyers who immediately set up blocks to any compensation. In my study porn works with LGBT to create the worlds greatest overt/covert hate group, covert if you are hypnotized, hate of men and masculinity, hate of normal people, not straight which is a made up term used to hide the fact that normal is a state that exists in healthy men, moral people, who if you don't know are people who don't ask what is moral, or say things like who are you to tell me what is moral, when in fact moral is born inside every healthy person with no need for religion or education required. And the best part of Ran Gravrieli is that he is proof of hope for any race or group since porn is produced and financial benefits his nationality slash religion slash race more than any other by 89%. There are some decent Jews possibly more than we realize. Perhaps if the decent Jews would find each other and bond together they could close the doors of Hollywood 100 year dynasty of civilization ruining rough Jews forever. Then the American world power could return to a place of hope for the world.

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