A Very Short Discourse on Magic

         Magic is the ancient flame, the true religion, the original spirituality, the original fire. If you search for spirituality from hundreds of years ago— what you will find is magic. You won't find manuscripts about religion like today; but you will find manuscripts of magic. Even if we look at the story of the birth of Christ, we will see, that it was the Magi who brought the Christ precious gifts, it was they who predicted his birth by reading the skies (astrology) and it was they who found him. Who are the Magi? The Magi are of the original lineage of what we now call The Rosicrucians. What and who are these people? These people are the keepers of magical, mystical secrets. The laws of nature. And I say "nature" instead of "supernature" because magic is actually the supernatural knowledge of what is simply natural. To see what is natural with eyes uncovered, to see what is natural with supernatural eyes— is to see magic!
        I suppose they began burning magical people at the stake in order to eliminate the magical bloodlines. Some would argue that these bloodlines come straight from Angelic bloodlines (from the time when Angels mated with women.) And sometimes I stop to ask myself Why? But then in a split second I realize that the answer to "why" is so simple! A magical blood could not be controlled! Could not be overpowered! Whoever was to come into power would need to subdue such people.        
         Long before there was religion; there was magic. And wherever we look into the past, back into the roots of this ancient flame, we will find black propaganda against it. Black propaganda trying to make us believe that the magical were baby killers and murderers, who sacrificed innocent lives on altars! This is so far from the truth. This is only what we hear in the modern day, we hear this from propaganda; but the truth is far detached from what we are told. It is religion which has murdered all throughout history, and these are known facts; not just stories created by the analyses done by modern people of long ancient languages and forms of art!
         I can imagine that if religion had not come in to subdue the magical; today we would probably look like those places we now like to call "Middle Earth!" And I find that thought to be more appealing than the skyscrapers and the wars that we have today.

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