Diverge the Waters

I was talking to a friend last night and the topic led me to discuss with him why I appreciate the movie Divergent so much.

I appreciate many movies; but Divergent was different. I was amongst the first millions of people in the world to watch it on its first day in cinemas and I came out of that movie house a more assured, confident person! Let me tell you about that.

Random photo of tattoo design from Divergent movie.
Tattoo is not my own. :-)
I think that we grow up and deal with ourselves and with others whilst not realizing that people are created with different traits and that those characteristics are there for a definite purpose. We don't realize this about ourselves and so we often look to others and try to emulate them, or we look at others and we judge them for being so and so way, for thinking such and such things or for having this and that behaviour. We fail to realize that people belong to different "orders." In the movie Divergent, this was made very clear. Everyone belongs somewhere and there is an equal amount of "belongingness" because people are internally crafted for a purpose; for different purposes! But then the storyline delves even deeper into this and shows that ultimately, we have a choice that we need to make. We determine where we belong by making that choice and it's nothing that we need to explain to others. It just means that we have heard our inner calling.

Then, of course, there are the Divergents. The people who exhibit more signs of "belongingness" than just one. All— or nearly all— traits are developed and apparent. Different times and circumstances call unto different names within us. A Divergent can be incredibly selfless but then again can protect oneself and one's loved ones to the death. He or she can also exhibit immense kindness and understanding while at other times producing impressive amounts of intelligence in scientific fields and the like. A Divergent can be ruthless and fearless, while searching and expounding upon the truth of matters. It all depends upon what the situation calls unto, what inner name is being called upon!

I was always so different, that I felt the constant need to explain these differences, or just to explain myself in general, to other people. And people admittedly never understood me, anyway! So I created this circular motion of going round and round but still never feeling understood. Now, though, I see all the things that I do for humanity, as well as for myself and my loved ones, the actions I take and the subjects that I learn— I can see and accept now, that everything inside me is inside me for a reason and I need not try to conform to anything. I'm an adult now, I am no longer in the "formative years" of development wherein I need to be steered into a certain direction. It's time that I accept all the facets of me that are equally strong, equally developed and equally powerful. There's no need to be just one way at all times.

But even being just one way at all times should be a significant realization for many! This means that you are who you are for a purpose! There is a purpose! And you can always choose to follow the inner voice calling, choose another path; but the end goal is to fulfill your destiny and that is what needs to be remembered!

The storyline of the movie seems to be conveying that a Divergent's life will never be easy because the Divergent is constantly breaking through the system simply by existing. What does this mean? I think it can be quite obvious in daily life and daily relationships. When you do not react in expected ways to expected stimuli (forms of manipulation)— that is breaking through the system! When you see beyond and through what has been set up for you to see— that is a breakthrough! And things cannot possibly be easy when you are bending the water and refusing to be bent by it! Not easy— but this is your destiny! And it is not a form of rebellion; it is simply because this is how you are wired. You cannot possibly conform; or maybe you have tried to but you just can't swallow it for too long. "So I am really expected to react in this way to that action? But why should I when I don't feel the need to? When this other way is better for me?" Of course, this has nothing to do with a lack of manners and social awareness. Respect for other people, their property and mannerly conduct in general is a basic ingredient for goodwill and peace.

I know it might sound childish to say that a movie has made me understand and accept myself fully; but it is the truth. And who knows? Perhaps the author of the novels had a deeper plot, all along! What do you think?

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