I Put My Trust In Magic

         I am a woman of science. I study astronomy as well as the sciences of geography, people, animals, food... where there is something to learn— there you can find me! And what I have learned is that science is inferior to magic. What we think we know today in science— ten years from now we prove as wrong! We only think we know these things, the facts of these things, but the truth is that, all that we really know are the names we have ourselves given to things! We observe things as they already are. These things, these natural laws that have already been around, since the time before we were born! Before the founding father of the atom named an atom as an "atom", the atom was already there. Nobody made the atom happen. The atom does not belong to any scientist! It just so happens that someone named it an atom! And so the scientist goes through life, naming things, in order to tell a story. And what story is this? It is the story of why and how things are the way they are. It is just like religion. Science and religion strive to do the same thing; the difference is that the two speak an entirely different language! One of numbers, algorithms, equations; the other of stories, legends, ballads and song! Both desire to explain nature, the laws of the universe and the governing traits that dictate why your life is useful! 
          Magic is the same yesterday, as it is today. The magic of thousands and thousands of years ago, is not less potent today, is not disproved today! It is the same yesterday, today and forever. I put my trust in magic.

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