Regarding Men (A Note for Women)

         If there is some advice that I would give to all women, regarding men, that would be to look for a simplicity of character and a strength of will. There seems to be a "fad" these days, a fad for complex characters, disturbed and weak minds... sick reasonings that wish to be entwined in some kind of endless maze... women are supposed to be drawn in by that or something. But don't be. All of that disturbed complexity is just self-centeredness, a fear of being mundane, a fear of being forgotten, a fear of being not good enough. But it is all of this fear that makes a man not good enough, to begin with. Even the false pretense of having no fear, is a fear in itself. The mark of a man who is courageous and brave, is the man who is brave enough to be simple, courageous enough to be vulnerable. The whole old story of a sheep in wolf's skin (yes, a soft heart in a hardened exterior) should not have any appeal to a woman. Because that hardened shell and exterior— that's just evidence of a boy who never grew up. And you're not his mother, nor should you want to be his mother! And it is only your own vanity that makes you want to be the one to "break open" that shell! And so you have become equally self-centered as he is! Self-centeredness is not a foundation for anything lasting between two people who want to be in love.
         I'm not the kind of woman to pat a man on the top of his head and allow him to indulge his stupidities. I have an innate demand for vulnerability and simplicity of character (which is the mark of a courageous, grown man) and strength of will (which is another mark of a real man.) Sometimes, you really need to give up on someone for the simple reason that they do not deserve you!
         You don't need to fulfill some vain fantasy that you have in your mind, you don't need to fall in love with the idea of your heroine self saving a man from all of his loneliness and stupidities. A man must change his own stupidities and he must pursue you in order to rid himself of his loneliness! A man will do things for himself because he can, because he is capable, because he won't give up.
         Sometimes I think that the reason why the quality of men is so low these days, is because women are always around to indulge them in all of their lack and inadequacy. I think that to change men— we must change ourselves— us women. If we want them to come up to higher standards, then we must be those standards, we must maintain those standards. Woman can change the world by changing her point of view, her perspectives, her mind, herself.

Saving Our Daughters

         I believe that the moment a girl realizes that she is beautiful— she experiences a sacred transformation. I truly believe that beauty holds a sacred place in the throne of woman. We are not born feeling like we are beautiful, or at least, not realizing our full potential/the full potential of our beauty; but there are pivotal points in our lives when our beauty begins to unfurl in our eyes and we realize the extent of its reach therein. These pivotal points are crucial and delicate. I believe that the growth and direction of a girl is greatly determined by these crucial and delicate "zones" created by words, experiences, observations and impressions. And one could argue, "Something as shallow as beauty?" but it is nonsense to argue such a thing. The apex of all wisdom and honor is beauty and many an ancient Grecian Philosopher has expressed that. According to those demigods like Plato, beauty is the holy grail of why we search for anything, at all! The problem lies in today's modern associations with "beauty." People see things so vulgar and ignorantly call them "beautiful." It is the stupidity of man which is shallow; it is not beauty that is shallow. Beauty is at the crown, the highest reach of wisdom, honor, gold...
      I believe that it is crucial how your daughter comes to realize her beauty. If she comes to associate her own sense of beauty born out of comparisons to other girls; unfortunately, she will continue to glean that by comparing herself to other women, throughout her life. We all know this is not a beneficial way to feel that you are beautiful— through comparing yourself to other women! Now, if a little girl realizes her sense of beauty at an early age, associated with experiences that are innately and eternally strong and fortified (e.g. the realization that the rose is beautiful and that she, like the rose, is a beautiful creation) then her belief in her own beauty will in turn take on that same form— the form of the beautiful creation that she has come to associate herself with/as. Imagine talking to your small child, telling her, "You are as the eternal Sun that rises and sets in the dawns and in the twilights, a beautiful creation unattached from the criticisms and faults of mankind." Just imagine what kind of a woman that little girl will grow up to be! Now think about how useless it is for your daughter to realize her beauty and self-worth based upon what boys think of her or based upon what her friends think of her or what the media thinks of her! If she associates her own beauty with that of what she sees in magazines, on television, or from what kind of "feedback" she gets from boys— she is going to become a woman full of insecurities, not knowing who she really is! If she's not a model— she's not beautiful enough, if she's not sleeping with every guy at school— she's not beautiful enough, if she's not a beauty queen title holder— she's not beautiful enough! These are all false perceptions. Just perceptions. And yet it is these perceptions that mold and form our daughters, our little girls!
        The key is not in training our little girls to not care about being beautiful— that is not the natural order of things! But the key is being the vanguard of those very first steps she takes on the journey into seeing and placing her own beauty, her own attractiveness! She doesn't need to be only beautiful on the inside and not on the outside; but like the sunshine, she can be worthwhile, useful, meaningful, while bringing beauty to the dawns and to the dusks! What do our little girls equate beauty with? With creations in the sky everlasting, like the stars and the Moon? Like the beautiful constellations? Or do they only know what is beauty to the swine? The title of "beautiful" in exchange for sex, in exchange for attention, in exchange for making money for huge companies? Think about it. Really think about it.
         When you look at your beautiful girl— associate her with things immortal— and tell her that. Bring her belief in her beauty up so high that it exceeds the reaches of mankind's mortality and lies. Save your little girls.
         And what about you? You the mama? You the grown woman? Do you look back at the first conceptions of beauty in your mind, at those first perceptions of yourself that you had and think to yourself, "It's too late for me!" But no, it is never too late for one who is able to reach down into herself, know herself, know her soul and remake the fabric of her own spirit from the inside-out! You can change yourself, in your own eyes, by your own efforts! Take yourself back to when you were a little girl, speak to yourself, comfort yourself, see yourself! See yourself beautiful.

“And the true order of going, or being led by another, to the things of love, is to begin from the beauties of earth and mount upwards for the sake of that other beauty, using these steps only, and from one going on to two, and from two to all fair forms to fair practices, and from fair practices to fair notions, until from fair notions he arrives at the notion of absolute beauty, and at last knows what the essence of beauty is.” (Plato; The Symposium)

“Beholding beauty with the eye of the mind, he will be enabled to bring forth, not images of beauty, but realities (for he has hold not of an image but of a reality), and bringing forth and nourishing true virtue to become the friend of God and be immortal, if mortal man may.” (Plato; The Symposium)

“...when he looks at Beauty in the only way that Beauty can be seen - only then will it become possible for him to give birth not to images of virtue (because he's in touch with no images), but to true virtue (because he is in touch with true Beauty). The love of the gods belongs to anyone who has given to true virtue and nourished it, and if any human being could become immortal, it would be he.”


         There needs to be a silence within your mind, your spirit, your soul. There must be an epicenter filled with silence, wherein you can hear clearly the directions given to you, hear the instructions of your teachers so you can see clearly which paths are yours to take. This silence must be kept in focus at all times, this place must never be filled with noise. What is noise? Noise is the relentless seeking of pleasure, the promise of pleasure that the world offers, the laughter, the distractions, the unreal things that are presented to your eyes and other senses. Noise is the overstimulation of the senses which is a poisoning, an intoxication. This is all light. In the light there is noise and that is why too often the lights in your life are turned off in order to recreate that initial silence and in these instances, unfortunately, pain and hurt become your teachers. Loss and lack become your guides. Because when the lights are turned off, you begin to reach out and grasp, you finally begin to try to see, try to listen! Darkness recreates that silence. But it doesn't need to be that way! You can keep your quiet in focus, always. You can keep that place where the noise is not let it, where the illusions and the distractions cannot find their way into. The emotional provocations can't find their way in there. That room of indifference, that room of silence, that room of power. If you keep that inside you always— even when the lights are on— then no one needs to come in and turn the lights off for you. You can choose your teachers, we choose our teachers! We can choose whether pain teaches us or joy teaches us, whether hardship teaches us or gentleness teaches us. Darkness comes to wake us up to the silence; but we can stay awake even in the light, we can choose not to be intoxicated, we can choose not to be poisoned, we can listen always, in the quiet within, to the voices of our teachers, directing us onto which paths to take, showing us the signs. You keep on inviting darkness into your life by being a slave to pleasure and stimulation, by being a slave to your reactions to stimuli. Stop it now— it is time to wake up to silence.
         In the midst of your laughter, in the midst of your joy and light— there must be a hollow place, a place of absolute indifference, a place where you are immovable. In the midst of laughter and mirth— hear the quiet voices of your teachers— the ones that lead you, guide you, show you the signs, the directions, the paths which are yours to take.
         Pleasure must be something that is beneath your will-power, that is beneath your ultimate call, that is beneath your silence, something which does not direct nor control your senses. The man who is weak in his senses is held back by these, is prisoner to these. The person who is provoked by outward stimuli is prisoner of this world and of other people; while the master is the one who commands his feelings and his senses. Do not be prisoner to your flesh; but may your flesh follow your will and be guided by your soul.


What is Maturity?

         I am always watching people playing games with each other. In fact, they have mottos for it: "If you play me, I'll play you harder", "Don't play a game with one who plays it better", "Don't play a game with the one who invented the game", "I can play your game" and so on and so forth. Blah blah blah. Ways that people make themselves feel, well, "on top of their game."
         I, however, do not play games with people. Ever. Interestingly, it is the only "game" that people don't know how to play! Because people actually don't know how to not play games. So the art of not playing a game with someone— actually becomes the art that nobody else around has mastered. Maturity is the realization that life is in fact not a game, that people's stories are sacred and are not to be trifled with, knowing that as you put out there; so you shall reap.
         My motto is this: I will not play your game; I will put an end to it.

The Manipulator

         The manipulative person is the ultimate coward. When you want something, it takes things like perseverance, will-power, bravery, sincerity, truth and honor to make that thing happen, to make that thing materialize into a reality. Manipulation is the tool of the coward because through it he constructs ways to get what he wants without the use of any of the things that he is not brave enough to produce from within himself. And why do those materials like perseverance, will-power and etc. require courage to bring forth? Well they are not easy to come by, in the first place. Moreover, you have to truly face the possibility of failure when striving to achieve these things in oder to reach what you want. Facing the possibility of failure is the ultimate act of courage. The manipulator cannot face that possibility and that is why he takes all of his ulterior routes to get the things that he wants! Routes that do not require anything magnanimous of himself. He knows not courage, he knows not inner strength, he has no honor, he cannot even see his own reflection when he looks into the mirror. He sees a reflection of all the things he has patched together, like a collage of cut-outs from magazines stuck onto a cardboard on the wall— it is not himself, but it is what he wants to think of himself as. This is yet another form of cowardice! The inability to look at oneself in the mirror for who he or she truly is. Why this fear? Because to look at one's true reflection would be to see all the things that one doesn't want to see— to see the truth. Only the courageous can face their own demons and look them in the eyes, subdue them by knowing them and command them by name.
         The manipulator never really gets anything he really wants. And why? Because everything that he does get is not what he really wants. He does not know what he really wants, because he does not even know himself. And so there are things raked in through manipulations— all of these things fall down into a dark hole, a pit, that cannot ever be filled. Not until the curtains of cowardice are pulled back.


A Breath and a Vision

         Beyond objectification and sexualization lies the sublime beauty, form and purpose of the female body. I admire the man who is cultured enough to appreciate this; I appreciate the man who, upon looking at the female form, sees it not merely for the exoteric but also for the esoteric nature of what it is; the man who gazes upon the female and sees her for her sublimity and purpose, in her state of godhood. I appreciate the man who looks upon a woman and sees a companion, a better half. 
Istvan Kerekes photography (click photo to redirect)
 In this world that we live in, the "appreciation of the female form" is maligned in the minds of too many men to mean something which it is not. To "appreciate woman" means pornography, means objectification, means the more women the better. The godhood in man has been lost and along with it, the reign of woman is also now long gone! Empty shells see nothing else but empty shells and appreciate nothing else but the reflection of emptiness projected from their own nature.

         In this world that we live in, the woman sees herself as something which must be satisfactory to man; not something which must be satisfactory to herself and to her own standards. The woman today has no standards; her standards are whatever he wants! The once goddess has become now merely mortal, slave to her mortal counterpart. 
         I see a world wherein goodhood reflects upon godhood and sublimity radiates upon sublimity. I see a world where man is not rat, is not donkey, is not pig. I see a world where woman is not subdued, is not sex toy, is not a mere thing. This world that I see is one we do not live in, is air we do not breathe, is vision we do not have. How can we breathe to life from a breath that is not there, create reality from vision that does not exist? But, alas, you now have the breath, you now have the vision! Go forth! 

What Is Beauty?

         What is beauty? In this day when everything and everyone is clamoring for attention, recognition, remembrance and reverence... beauty is what makes the noise go away. Beauty is what makes the noise fade into the background, calls you by your native name and in your mother tongue, woos the threads of your soul and then weaves them together. Beauty is what makes the lies go away and makes everything that is not truly beautiful— fade away. Beauty is sublimity, it is constant, it is an eternal breath. Immovable. Forever. It is the unceasing pattern which designs itself into an invincible quilt that is the true fabric; while all else is simply an accent, a vandalism, a passing thing. Beauty is remembered when it is not seen just as much as it is thought of when it is seen. Beauty is almost nothing of all the things that you see on a daily basis! Many of the things you call "beautiful" are a blasphemy. And yet, she lingers in places where you would not look for her! Alas, beauty is only for the eyes that are worthy of her! Her presence alone calls upon reverence, her breath on the air is the cause of things most sublime. And yet she barely knows of her own stature; lowly, she enters into the quietest of recesses, the indwelling where most would tend not to look! She will not be found amongst the noise made by those who seek attention, for those sounds are a wreckage to her serenity. She cannot be found amongst those who shout from the rooftops, for those calls are hellish to her senses. But she will walk by one day. And you will remember her forever after that. Once she has touched your life, her fingerprints are unfading.

A Primitive Flame

         There is something peculiar to the human species which is, well, very peculiar. And that is how people only realize the value of a thing or another person, when those things or other people are gone! And this is very strange because, well, why do people see things when they are no longer there and then not see them while they are there? Amongst all the Angels and Elementals and Gods and Creatures, I believe this trait to be particular to the human race. It's a weirdness, a strange phenomena. To see a thing that is not there and then to not see it while it is there! But then I also think that this has something to do with why God finds humans lovable! I mean, it must have something to do with it! I think it also serves as a peephole into the incurable faith of humanity; a faith which it strives so hard to deny and to overcome! Faith, I think, is at the very roots of the human species, and just like what is professed on a daily basis (as I have noticed), people will always deny and try to overcome what is innately theirs. And yet they will definitely find it to be incurable (much of the time.) You see, to believe in what is not there is faith. It is the innate knowledge and wisdom and awareness of the fact that what is unseen is superior to what is seen. Unfortunately, this innate inner pull towards faith manifests itself blindly through other things, (like a ghost who has no memory and yet it dances in the ballrooms of its past life)— in our relationships, our experiences and moments that we make in life... I believe this is due to the fact that human beings experience sorrow and misery due to vacancy. There is a vacancy left open which is supposed to be filled with fire! With the original spirit, the original flame! Then it is because of this vacancy that we experience the misplacement of our faith and continue to seek what is not there, without appreciating what is there! What an extremely unfortunate thing! Faith unrequited! Unrequited faith, unexpressed faith, this is the thing that is the most unfortunate state for one to be in! The lurking and the seeking and the lunging forth of a raw and original nature of the human soul and mind— reaching out, grasping, in all of the wrong places! This is akin to a woman who seeks for love in the streets, roaming around at night, not really knowing where to look... not realizing that what she seeks for, she bears in her own heart and soul.
          I believe that specific vacancy must be filled with that initial fire, that aboriginal spark! The primeval flame. Imagine a filled vessel, a human form filled to the brim with its primitive nature, its archetypal existence! There would be no more room left for arms to go groping in the dark, in the dark and cold waters, rummaging for whatever could save a life! For whatever could fill the void...

I want to leave you with a Youtube video which has suddenly come to mind at this moment, I feel it will bring answers, as well as more questions and that it can begin to fill your own void right now. Please enjoy it:

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