A Primitive Flame

         There is something peculiar to the human species which is, well, very peculiar. And that is how people only realize the value of a thing or another person, when those things or other people are gone! And this is very strange because, well, why do people see things when they are no longer there and then not see them while they are there? Amongst all the Angels and Elementals and Gods and Creatures, I believe this trait to be particular to the human race. It's a weirdness, a strange phenomena. To see a thing that is not there and then to not see it while it is there! But then I also think that this has something to do with why God finds humans lovable! I mean, it must have something to do with it! I think it also serves as a peephole into the incurable faith of humanity; a faith which it strives so hard to deny and to overcome! Faith, I think, is at the very roots of the human species, and just like what is professed on a daily basis (as I have noticed), people will always deny and try to overcome what is innately theirs. And yet they will definitely find it to be incurable (much of the time.) You see, to believe in what is not there is faith. It is the innate knowledge and wisdom and awareness of the fact that what is unseen is superior to what is seen. Unfortunately, this innate inner pull towards faith manifests itself blindly through other things, (like a ghost who has no memory and yet it dances in the ballrooms of its past life)— in our relationships, our experiences and moments that we make in life... I believe this is due to the fact that human beings experience sorrow and misery due to vacancy. There is a vacancy left open which is supposed to be filled with fire! With the original spirit, the original flame! Then it is because of this vacancy that we experience the misplacement of our faith and continue to seek what is not there, without appreciating what is there! What an extremely unfortunate thing! Faith unrequited! Unrequited faith, unexpressed faith, this is the thing that is the most unfortunate state for one to be in! The lurking and the seeking and the lunging forth of a raw and original nature of the human soul and mind— reaching out, grasping, in all of the wrong places! This is akin to a woman who seeks for love in the streets, roaming around at night, not really knowing where to look... not realizing that what she seeks for, she bears in her own heart and soul.
          I believe that specific vacancy must be filled with that initial fire, that aboriginal spark! The primeval flame. Imagine a filled vessel, a human form filled to the brim with its primitive nature, its archetypal existence! There would be no more room left for arms to go groping in the dark, in the dark and cold waters, rummaging for whatever could save a life! For whatever could fill the void...

I want to leave you with a Youtube video which has suddenly come to mind at this moment, I feel it will bring answers, as well as more questions and that it can begin to fill your own void right now. Please enjoy it:


  1. Your words are deeply encouraging and affirming, and beautifully written. Thank you.

    1. Jim,

      I am very thankful to hear that my words are such things to you! I hope they are so for many others, too!



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