There needs to be a silence within your mind, your spirit, your soul. There must be an epicenter filled with silence, wherein you can hear clearly the directions given to you, hear the instructions of your teachers so you can see clearly which paths are yours to take. This silence must be kept in focus at all times, this place must never be filled with noise. What is noise? Noise is the relentless seeking of pleasure, the promise of pleasure that the world offers, the laughter, the distractions, the unreal things that are presented to your eyes and other senses. Noise is the overstimulation of the senses which is a poisoning, an intoxication. This is all light. In the light there is noise and that is why too often the lights in your life are turned off in order to recreate that initial silence and in these instances, unfortunately, pain and hurt become your teachers. Loss and lack become your guides. Because when the lights are turned off, you begin to reach out and grasp, you finally begin to try to see, try to listen! Darkness recreates that silence. But it doesn't need to be that way! You can keep your quiet in focus, always. You can keep that place where the noise is not let it, where the illusions and the distractions cannot find their way into. The emotional provocations can't find their way in there. That room of indifference, that room of silence, that room of power. If you keep that inside you always— even when the lights are on— then no one needs to come in and turn the lights off for you. You can choose your teachers, we choose our teachers! We can choose whether pain teaches us or joy teaches us, whether hardship teaches us or gentleness teaches us. Darkness comes to wake us up to the silence; but we can stay awake even in the light, we can choose not to be intoxicated, we can choose not to be poisoned, we can listen always, in the quiet within, to the voices of our teachers, directing us onto which paths to take, showing us the signs. You keep on inviting darkness into your life by being a slave to pleasure and stimulation, by being a slave to your reactions to stimuli. Stop it now— it is time to wake up to silence.
         In the midst of your laughter, in the midst of your joy and light— there must be a hollow place, a place of absolute indifference, a place where you are immovable. In the midst of laughter and mirth— hear the quiet voices of your teachers— the ones that lead you, guide you, show you the signs, the directions, the paths which are yours to take.
         Pleasure must be something that is beneath your will-power, that is beneath your ultimate call, that is beneath your silence, something which does not direct nor control your senses. The man who is weak in his senses is held back by these, is prisoner to these. The person who is provoked by outward stimuli is prisoner of this world and of other people; while the master is the one who commands his feelings and his senses. Do not be prisoner to your flesh; but may your flesh follow your will and be guided by your soul.


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