What Is Beauty?

         What is beauty? In this day when everything and everyone is clamoring for attention, recognition, remembrance and reverence... beauty is what makes the noise go away. Beauty is what makes the noise fade into the background, calls you by your native name and in your mother tongue, woos the threads of your soul and then weaves them together. Beauty is what makes the lies go away and makes everything that is not truly beautiful— fade away. Beauty is sublimity, it is constant, it is an eternal breath. Immovable. Forever. It is the unceasing pattern which designs itself into an invincible quilt that is the true fabric; while all else is simply an accent, a vandalism, a passing thing. Beauty is remembered when it is not seen just as much as it is thought of when it is seen. Beauty is almost nothing of all the things that you see on a daily basis! Many of the things you call "beautiful" are a blasphemy. And yet, she lingers in places where you would not look for her! Alas, beauty is only for the eyes that are worthy of her! Her presence alone calls upon reverence, her breath on the air is the cause of things most sublime. And yet she barely knows of her own stature; lowly, she enters into the quietest of recesses, the indwelling where most would tend not to look! She will not be found amongst the noise made by those who seek attention, for those sounds are a wreckage to her serenity. She cannot be found amongst those who shout from the rooftops, for those calls are hellish to her senses. But she will walk by one day. And you will remember her forever after that. Once she has touched your life, her fingerprints are unfading.

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