Equine Healthcare Plan!

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         What I have to share with you today has nothing to do with my writing or with any other sort of thing that I usually discuss here. Today I want to share with you my recent assignment that I have done for the Equine Studies course that I am taking via long-distance learning with a University in the United States. So our assignment this week was to come up with a healthcare plan based upon four types of equine internal parasites and also four types of equine diseases. We were instructed to come up with a plan for de-worming and also for vaccination. All of the assignments in this course can be based upon either a horse that we own or a hypothetical horse that we own only in our imagination! So basically, the idea is to comprehend four basic parasites and four basic diseases threatening our real or hypothetical horse, and to provide a healthcare system to address those.
         So I thought that I'd share my assignment with all of you, just in case it could be of use to any horse owners out there, anybody doing research on the subject, so on and so forth. I think that I came up with a rather comprehensive plan and that's why I think it could be put to good use if I share it here on my blog, for the world's taking! So, I hope this will be of interest to you, if only to widen your variety of knowledge!

Equine Healthcare Plan
Assignment # 5


First of all, I would like to introduce you to my hypothetical horse which I have been describing here since the very first assignment. His name is Windsong, he's a non-breeding Falabella Miniature Horse stallion who weighs only 25 kg. and stands at only 29 inches in height. He lives in the State of Florida and is a companion horse who spends a lot of his time indoors (inside the family home), as most miniatures do. Like many miniatures, he sleeps in a bed with a blanket (very cute), although we (my family and I) have also provided him with a small stable in our gated backyard, sort of like an "out house" for him where he can seek shelter while outdoors. A large backyard is already adequate foraging grounds for a Falabella Miniature Horse, because it is very small! The general rule of 2 acres per horse simply doesn't apply to this breed of horse. Also, the general rule of 3% of feed per body weight doesn't apply either, as miniature horses are supposed to only be fed 1.5% of their body weight! In fact, the variety of standards that apply to average-size horses don't apply to the Falabella Miniature Horses; so with every new assignment I always have to do separate research on what this specific breed of horse needs! Moreover, I don't actually live in Florida where my beloved hypothetical horse lives here on paper; so I have to do an adequate amount of research on the regional area in order to expound my understanding of my Windsong's needs in that part of the world.

De-worming Plan

According to my research, it has been discovered that providing a general rule of de-worming for all horses is not advised and could in fact be hazardous! According to the McKee-Pownall Equine Services Veterinarians, it's not one stroke for all folks when it comes to de-worming equids! Each equid has individual needs and not all equids in a pasture would share the same level of infestation risk. For example, one horse may not have the same amount of infestation as the next horse and dosing all horses with the same amounts of de-worming drugs is apparently the very reason why there is a level of resistance that often develops in the parasites. So the key is to first identify the individual needs of the equids and drug them accordingly. Each horse needs its "own stroke." 
Fortunately, we can detect and classify these high, medium, and low burden horses through fecal examinations at appropriate times of the year. 
Now, according to my research here, the four types of parasites I should be most concerned about in the state of Florida, are the :

  1. Large Strongyles (strongylus vulgaris) which are more of a problem year-round really, just because their incubation period (time it takes for them to mature) is six months! Because of this long incubation period, treatment for this would start in the Spring (March, April, May) and in the Summer (June July, August), in order to prevent infestations spreading in the Winter (December, January, February)— when infestations of this type would normally happen. In fact, according to the veterinarians over at The Horse, what this means for the horse world is that larvae disappear rapidly from pastures during hot, dry weather, but they survive extremely well in freezing conditions. In most regions of the United States, infective larvae present on pasture in October can persist until the following May or June. The treatment for this infestation is usually Ivermectin given at 6-month intervals.
  2. Small Strongyles (bloodworms or cyathostomes). Larval cyathostomosis occurs seasonally, usually during Winter and Spring. The treatments for this type of parasite are generally administered at 2-month intervals with Ivermectin and a 3-month interval treatment with Moxidectin, from September to March each year.
  3. Ascarids (large roundworms). According to The University of Florida's Department of Animal Sciences, Because ascarids shed a very tough egg that can survive in the environment for several years, and only hatches after being swallowed by a horse, transmission of that worm is non-seasonal and not affected by changes in climate. On most breeding farms, the majority of eggs ingested by this year’s foals were passed by foals on the same farm during the preceding year! Generally, the idea with this particular parasite is to try and build immunity during a foal's first year of life by de-worming with BZDs, Pyrantel, Ivermectin, or Moxidectin at 2-month intervals during the foal's entire first year of life.
  4. Tapeworms. This is a common parasite amongst horses and little is known about its seasonality, although it has been suggested in our lectures here in our class, that typically this type of parasite is a problem during Spring, Summer and Fall. According to The University of Florida's Department of Animal Sciences,  Ivermectin-Praziquantel or Moxidectin-Praziquantel given as a daily treatment is recommended to control this parasite. But I think this is a rough guide and I will get to my own personal de-worming plan in a second.

The above information I've listed in numbers is just a general guide and my real de-worming plan, as tailored to my Falabella Miniature Horse's needs, would be something that is recommended by the veterinarians over at McKee-Pownall Equine Services. First of all, their recommended plan is based upon individual needs of the horses (whether the horse is classified as a high, medium or low burden horse as determine by fecal examinations.) Then going from there, a plan is developed. I should also point out and make it very clear that Miniature Horses require a slightly different deworming approach, as they should not receive Moxidectin products! So let's say my hypothetical horse is classified as medium-burden, here is the de-worming schedule that I would follow for him:

  • One or two treatments with Fenbendazole (Panacur) in April, followed by a fecal examination 8-10 weeks after that initial treatment. Then in July my horse would receive another scheduled treatment with Fenbendazole- Pyrantel (may be administered together.) Another fecal exam would be scheduled for a 2 weeks post-July treatment. His next treatment would come in November with a dose of Ivermectin- Praziquantel (may be administered together if required.)

Vaccination Plan

First to be noted is the fact that Miniature Horses do require the same dosage of vaccinations as regular-size horses. However, they are not supposed to be given combo-shots that include the West Nile vaccine, because it is too much for their system to handle. Below is a list of four diseases I would be concerned about in the region of Florida and during what times of year or how many times a year the vaccines for these diseases should be administered. I have taken my vaccination plan decisions from my research at Fair Grove Veterinary ServiceAmerican Miniature Horses dot comAAEP (American Association of Equine Practitioners) and Ramblin' Rose Miniature Horse Ranch, and I am structuring my plan based upon a Miniature Horse stallion who has not had any prior vaccinations. 

  1. West Nile Virus. Apparently, horses traveling to the State of Florida need to be boostered with this disease's vaccination 2 weeks before said travel date. Moreover, it looks like veterinarians in problem areas like Florida vaccinate against this disease 2-4 times per year! This vaccine is a "Spring Vaccine" and should be given during the Spring months (March, April, May) with an initial booster shot in 4 weeks and then regular boosters should be given every 6 months thereafter. However, since it has a 6-month interval, this vaccine is also classified as a Fall vaccine and administration of boosters may also be given during the Fall (September, October, November.)
  2. Tetanus Toxoid. Tetanus on its own is given as a 2-dose vaccine, where the 2'nd dose is administered 4-6 weeks after the initial one, with an annual revaccination. However, this disease's vaccine is often administered as part of the VEWT (Venezuelan, Eastern and Western Encephalomyelitis and Tetanus) 
    vaccine that is given during Springtime, before the onset of the vector season.
  3. Rabies. The anti-rabies vaccine, in Miniature Horses, should only be given once— initially in the Spring and then the boosters would come every 2-3 years. There is a difference here between regular-size horses, who should receive annual boosters after the initial dosage.
  4. EEE/WEE (Eastern Western Equine Encephalomyelitis). This vaccine should be administered during the Springtime. Initially, we would be giving a 2-dose treatment, with the 2'nd dose given 4-6 weeks after the first. Revaccinations (boosters) should be given prior to the onset of the next vector season (meaning next Spring.) However, some argue that this vaccine should be given twice a year! I believe that the frequency of administration of boosters should be determined by an experienced veterinarian working in the actual nearby area where my hypothetical horse lives, determined by the vet's professional assessment of my horse's needs.


How to buy a C. JoyBell C. book!

Hello, wonderfuls!

       People often message and email me to ask which of my books I would suggest that they start with. It's rather hard to answer that question point-blank, because in order to suggest books to people, you have to be their personal friend first, really know them, really know what they are looking for in a read or what they really need from a book. So I thought I'd make a blog post addressing this very issue, providing you with insight about each of my books, for whom I would suggest them, so on and so forth. I think this would prove to be very helpful for all of you!
       Let me first start by saying that all of my books have an inclination towards soul-searching, although to different degrees and in different ways. That means that generally speaking— seekers and thinkers would benefit most from reading my words. Although I should also add that I have met some of the least spiritual people who have come to recognise the existence of their souls after reading even a single quote from my works. So I guess it really depends on a person's destiny, after all. Still, I can give you a good recommendation on what would most probably suit a person, based upon the individual souls of my books. So, here goes!

  Things That Run Around And Bloom is set apart from my other books, and is really something different. I would say I am a very "symmetrical" writer, and I treat my poetry and other writings as a sculptor would treat his/her sculptures of marble. However, this book presents what I would deem as being akin to looking into the sculptor's living room, bedroom, or kitchen! It's writing from "the other side". Do you know what I mean? You look into the sculptor's kitchen and you see all the mixes and the moulds and the different sized chisels strewn over the counter.
       I always say that people shouldn't treat my writing as if they are looking into my living room and finding out what's going on in my life, and though I wouldn't recommend literally interpreting the words in this book as being transliterations of what's going on in my life; I do think that this book does read more like a diary than anything else. It's a challenge to be so open when writing, one that I have tackled within the pages of this book. It is also equally exhilarating and I feel like this particular creation is a breath of fresh air, and I would pick this up, for myself, time and time again, if and when I want to be reminded of the sparks in me that are worth fanning and worth believing in.
       I recommend this book to those of you who would like to peer into the sculptor's kitchen and check out what's strewn across her dining room table and kitchen sink!
Things That Run Around And Bloom

       It is an honour for me that anyone, anywhere, reads anything that I have written. It just so happens to be that I have been given this honour of writing things and saying things that have had the power to shake, change, turn, flip, shift, alter, rebuild, deconstruct, construct, and form— tens of thousands of people all over the world. How do we shake the world? By shaking the people in it. How do we change the world? By changing the people in it. How do we love the world? By loving each person in it.
       There are so many writers and thinkers in our day and time, and I am so thankful to have been given the favour to lead so many people to the light; regardless of whether or not I was standing in the light, myself, at any particular point in time. Many times, whilst shrouded in my own pains and darkness, I have said things and written things, that have led people to ultimate freedom and change, in their minds and hearts. I am thankful for this. I did not choose to be this way; but this greatness was thrust upon me.
       This "little blue book" is the second volume in what has become a series of Vade Mecums. I predict that there will be more than two of them. "Vade Mecum" is a phrase most commonly used during the 17'th century, to describe what is essential; that is, what one should always have on one's person, in order to carry with him/her, the guidance, wisdom, comfort, and/or protection needed.  I chose this to be the title of my books, because I want to give to you, your vade mecums!
       This book is for everyone that is human. And if you are a god, even the more better! Read my vade mecums in any which order you feel is best; you can start with the white one, or you can start with the blue one, it's really all up to you!

       For the third time, I have produced a snowing sun book. The very first title, which was also my very first published book, was  called, The Sun Is Snowing: Poetry and Prose; the second edition was entitled, The Sun Is Snowing: Poems, Parables and Pictures; and this third edition is called, The Sun Is Snowing: The ScrapbookWhy The Scrapbook? you may be asking yourself. Well, it is quite literally a scrapbook! Each page is a work of art that I put together using scrapbook material! It's a digitally-made scrapbook, of course, so don't expect your fingers to get stuck on glue or anything like that, but, I did use realistic-looking 3D scrapbooking elements to put this book together from cover to cover! It really was a lot of hard work and I found myself at the brink of tears, at times. It was the first time I had ever made a scrapbook and to pull each page together into coherence and harmony with the rest of the book was a herculean challenge to my imagination and creativity; I wanted the tone of the artwork to be elegant, but vulnerable and true at the same time and that is what I believe I did achieve with the final outcome. You'll find some of my own photography in the book, displayed as anyone would do in his or her own scrapbook, complete with notes and small tokens here and there. But you'll also find photography from artists around the world, all of whom I am honoured to have as a part of my masterpiece.
       The originally-loved pieces can be found in here, so you are looking at the same already-loved and well-known poems and theories from the first and second editions; it's just that now they are in scrapbook form.
       The writings under this title come from a place so fresh and innocent, from the first rose buds of my awakening, from the dawn of my illumination. The writings have a very raw but innocent quality to them, they can cut like a knife and they can heal like rose balm. Of all my titles, this is the one sought after by those who wish to gift their relatives in rehab, in prison, or in service (military.) To me, that fact suggests that the words within these covers are unique in a specially healing and rejuvenating way. I would recommend this scrapbook for everyone who has ever appreciated anything I have ever said, because, to discover the writings within this work is to discover my very beginnings as an author and to experience what those beginnings have to offer. Of course, since this is a scrapbook, you'll also find it to be highly personal in nature, which is something that you may appreciate in addition to the written words within, which, as some have said before, "Sound like the words of a friend."
The Sun Is Snowing: The Scrapbook

      Not so long ago, some of my readers encouraged me to write a book on parenting after I spoke about my wish of owning a school for children and patterning it after the Ancient Schools of Mystery. I gave their suggestions some good thought and came to the conclusion that even though I can't put up a brick-and-mortar school, what I can do is write a book for parents so that they can teach their children what I would teach them if I did have a school. But while this is a book on parenting, it really is designed to build the individual reading it so that the individual reading it can build others, mainly their own children. So, though this book is directed towards parents, it is structured for everybody! Everybody, that is, who is serious about Soul Alchemy and the ways of the Ancient Schools of Mystery. The principle is not easily comprehended and it is written in such a way to develop the Mind equally in parallel "columns." For example, if a ceiling is held up by four marble pillars, those four marble pillars  need to be equally strong and equally structured in width and in height, in order to become a fortified foundation for the ceiling. Though the four pillars are on opposite edges/corners of the ground, they must all be equally worthy and equally fortified. This same principle is what my book produces, thus, you will find opposing ideas that are in the end not opposing at all, since they all support one ceiling! Get the picture? The goal is to fortify the temple, therefore, all opposing directions must be equally developed and structured. As you could probably guess, this is not a simple thing to do, though, I believe I have written it in such a way that makes it approachable for all who are serious about the Alchemy of the Soul. The esoteric journey of the Mind is likened to walking a plank, in that each step taken must be incredibly balanced and fortified. This book then, is definitely for the parent who wants to raise a noble child, for the seeker and creator who wants to create nobility within him or her self, for the student of Soul Alchemy, for the student of Magick (Soul Magick), and for those who wish to fortify themselves for a future family or for anyone who wishes to fortify him or her self for a community, nation, or just for themselves! I do not require people to be selfless in order to understand this work, so even if you wish to develop yourself for yourself, you are welcome to read this work of mine.
       This book does go against mainstream thought, such as the LOA (Law of Attraction) movement. Without making any direct references to "LOA", I briefly discuss why the movement is raising a feeble race and the dangers this entails.
Raising Nobility: A Magickal Take on Parenting

      The Conversation of Merachefet is the most deeply and highly esoteric of all my works (as of 6/24/2014). I doubt that everyone who reads it would be able to understand it. In fact, I almost didn't release this book due to the level of its esotericism. Every time I myself pick up this book, the weather physically changes and I change along with it! And it's always something new every time! This book will bond with the energies of a person who has a high vibrational frequency. Through these pages I bring forth universal truths that span over the beginning of time and on into the future. I almost didn't release this book because I didn't want lilliputians to read it and then just not understand any of it, or even worse, possibly give the book a bad review or a low rating! It would be like throwing pearls to pigs! But then I realized that if I didn't release it, there would be many people deserving of pearls who would never receive them! So, I recommend this book to those who seek truth in all of her forms and who are willing to be changed by it. To the gnostics, the free-thinkers, the mystics, the weirdos, the philosophers, the scholars, the seekers... this is for you.
The Conversation of Merachefet: A Book of Secrets

       This book makes reference to magick and also to fantasy (notice I separate magick from fantasy.) There is a true magick and then there is fantasy. This book offers a platter containing both. I would recommend this to the fantasy-lover as well as the magickal seekers/practitioners. This would also be a good read for those who believe in the concept of soulmates and twin flames. Also tucked into these pages, are some of the most difficult poems I've ever had to write, that come from places so personal from my childhood, it gutted me to pen them and even guts me to read them over again. Might not sound like much to the reader of these particular pieces, but for me writing them, it took so much courage to release to the public the fragments from my childhood that I've kept hidden for a long time.
       Furthermore, between these covers you will find erotica (towards the end of the book) so it would also be a good read for those of you who are, well, "turned-on" by erotic writings. In a nutshell, this book contains the essence of magick, fantasy, eternal love and hot sex!
Wolves of the Sapphire Sun: This One's for the Wild Ones.

         This is the erotica-free (sans erotica) version of the above book. Contains everything in the erotic version, except for the hot sex! So if you want magick, fantasy, eternal love but no hot sex— this is the better choice for you!
Wolves of the Sapphire Sun: Sans Erotica

         This is the same book as above, just in a different cover style.

         Same sans erotica version as above, different cover style.

         The poetry in this book has been described by some readers as "magical and luminous." Many of the poems I have in these pages are those that I wrote on my travels when I was finding and getting to know myself. This leg of my travels was a sacred, spiritual journey for me and I believe that comes across in a very unhampered, clear way, to the reader. I would describe it as incense rising into the senses, undiluted tinctures for the mind! Many of the writings in this book allude to mythology and the experience of the mystical; while others simply encapsulate the magic found in mundane days and down ordinary roads. I think of this work as my masterpiece and I hope to exceed it one day, because to exceed it, would mean to go beyond something that I believe is the best work I have crafted. It reads like an ancient book of poetry meets modern-day woman with a pen, which is simply something that you don't run into very often! When I read my work here, it feels to me like what marble sculpture feels like to the fingertips! I am a sculptor in these pages, and I feel so thankful for the whole experience of writing this book, because it gave me the opportunity to become that.
       And here is a professional book review that you might like to read to give you insight and help you choose: Book review by Karen Pirnot for Readers' Favorite.
The Suns Snow And The Sands Move: A thing of magic, a gift of poetry and prose.


       This is a very character-driven novella that explores human movement and its relationship to inner emotions; cause and consequence of events that reverberate through time and affect other people in a diverse range of ways; the depth of the human psyche and how the mind works during conversation and recollections of past happenings and memories. It also explores the exact depth of human relationships and how those relationships affect our interactions with other people not necessarily associated with those primary connections. This is all explored in a sudden, forceful way. It's been said about my book, that it was perhaps written "in a wild, maddening, passionate rush." It's true, because that is exactly how I wrote it! 
      I believe this book suits those who like character-driven stories and who are not simply looking for a passing entertainment; but rather, looking for a mentally stimulating and emotionally gripping literary piece.
       Here is a book review by another author, Herb Malette, which should get you in the mood for my book: Review by Author Herb Malette.
Saint Paul Trois Chateaux: 1948

       This book is rather set apart from the rest, not only because I illustrated it myself, but because the tone comes from a more "every day" place. The poetry here is more tangible; but tangible in a mystical way. While you read this book, you will be able to quickly form connections between the poetry written here and your everyday relationships with people, as well as those not-so-everyday relationships that sometimes tend to haunt you, echoing from your past. 
       All Things Dance Like Dragonflies has been reported by a few mothers of autistic children as having a soothing effect upon their child when it is read to them. I don't know why this work of mine has come to have this effect for some autistic children; but I'm thankful for that and I thought I would let you know about it. If you have an autistic child, it might be a good thing to try reading to him/her. I can't make any promises, but I can speak from what's been reported to me.
       I would recommend this read to you, if you simply enjoy its title. :) Why? Because the title really does reflect the contents. If you like reading everyday poems too, this is it, as well as for those of you who are interested in animal totems and their meanings; because this book dives into the mystical meaning of the dragonfly.
All Things Dance Like Dragonflies

      This book is unpretentious, and is a sister book to Dragonflies. Like her sister book, I also illustrated the pages myself; but unlike her sister book, she is concerned with preciseness and the exactness of things. They are undeniably sisters; but with their distinct personalities, all the same. I'd like to think that the book covers convey that exact message.
      With the aim of providing illumination into meaning, you will find that inside these pages, there is purpose and structure; notwithstanding, the playful and childlike nature remains this book's surname. I would recommend this for those who enjoyed All Things Dance Like Dragonflies, or if you don't already own that one, I would recommend this for anyone who wants to own a simply-illustrated book of poetry that reads like a classic.
All Things Lit Like Fireflies: An Illumination of Words

       The Sun Is Snowing was my first-ever published book and this second edition is already an improved, revised one. This book was written and published at a time when all that flowed through me was innocence and gentleness (I later went back though, and added more writings written from difficult experiences, which can be found in this revised version.) Everybody from children to adults to the elderly have expressed appreciation for the writings here, which have been described by many to be "very raw, very human, very gentle and very magical, heartwarming." Some people have even reported coming out of therapy due to owning and reading it! I am astonished every time I hear reports like that! 
       Furthermore, there are many coloured, high-quality photos between these covers, coming from a wide range of photographers from all over the world— from the most professional artists to the girl standing outside with her camera, posting her captures to Flickr. 
       I would recommend this book as a gift for people in therapy and rehab, for children (with parental supervision) and for theorists (there are a number of original theories presented), for philosophers and for those who want to feel gentleness and experience healing. I also can say the same for its latest edition, The Sun Is Snowing: The Scrapbook.
The Sun Is Snowing: The Scrapbook

       This book is a compilation of all the things I am quoted as saying and writing. As you may already know, my quotes are scattered all over the globe and have become a part of people's lives, everywhere! Initially, I didn't plan to publish a book containing all of my aphorisms; but the demand was great and it would simply be an easier way for my beloved readers and fans to have quick access to all of my short words that they love and cherish so dearly. So I went ahead and made this book, named it Vade Mecum, and watched how it has indeed become many people's "constant companion." Many people describe my words as "profound" and you will find many "love notes" addressed to me from my readers, in the closing portion of these pages.
       And now for a video book review by Maaike, a beautiful young lady in Belgium, her review should give you an idea of what to expect from Vade Mecum:
Vade Mecum: (n.) a needed thing carried around everywhere; a useful handbook or guidebook always kept on one's person; lit. "go with me"


         I hope that you will find this book-choosing/buying entree to be very purposeful, helpful, and I hope that your "main dish" will be one (or more) of these works of mine! Have a day filled with happiness and I hope you choose well! Remember that I am an independent author, which means that I am responsible for my own books from start to finish! That also means that I am not backed by any huge, multi-million-dollar publishing company! I am my own publisher! So please bear with me if you cannot find my books at your local brick-and-mortar bookstores, that just means that I don't have contracts with multi-million-dollar publishing houses that would be responsible for hooking me up with said brick-and-mortar stores. There are alternative ways for ordering my books, which goes to say that you can order them anywhere on the internet or directly from their individual CreateSpace bookstores. Book Depository is a more affordable way to order online from anywhere on the planet, or if you prefer, you can always just approach your local bookstore concierge/front desk/manager/owner, and place an order for any of my books, which would then arrive in about two weeks (arrival time depends on your book store, so you'll have to ask them about that.) You will be able to do this from anywhere on the globe and people have done this in the Middle East, Europe, Africa, SE Asia, so on and so forth. For easy links, more information and purchasing options, please don't hesitate to VISIT ME!

Loving this girl...

I often say, that I am my fans' biggest fan. Truly, I gush over the people that gush over me. That's just the way that I am. This video is a good example of that! While I was watching this, I was blushing because I felt so shy to hear her say my name, "C. JoyBell C." and I was thrilled at the same time, because my book was being reviewed! I was also gushing over how beautiful this girl is! She's effortlessly beautiful and smart. And I love her ombre hair!

Maaike, thank you so much for doing this review, I will cherish it (and you.) A hug and a kiss from me to you!

Sun and Sunlight

Sun and Sunlight

The Sun is the body
The Sunlight is the Spirit
Just like you and me
There is a body
There is a Spirit
Just like the Moon
Moon is the body
Moonlight is the Spirit
Like a rainbow
The raindrops
Make the body
The colour is the Spirit
Just like your hand
Is a hand
But that movement inside my soul
That’s your Spirit touching
My own

Copyright © 2014 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.

Dear Dying Race,

         People today do not understand the meaning of sacrifice. In fact, you might not even want to read the rest of what I have written here, after reading the word “sacrifice” in the first sentence. This word has become synonymous with religion and with loss. Modern society believes that sacrifice is the ultimate loss and has completely failed to associate it with any sort of gain, whatsoever!
         The sad part is how children these days are not raised; they are just born and then they are “raised” by the media: television, movies, magazines, Facebook, popular opinion, popular culture... their convictions are just about as deep as the width of a magazine spread of the latest supermodel! And when I say “children” you’d be surprised to realize that I am pertaining not only to our younger generation but also to my own generation because I see even my own generation as “children.” Then these children are “raised” by the media inside the illusion that they should expect only the best out of every single thing that comes their way and that any form of discomfort on their part is to be shunned and feared; of course, this illusion is only created by advertising teams of companies that want you to buy their products. The message is coming from the left and from the right of people’s Facebook accounts, from televisions, from the magazines, from internet blog articles and so on and so forth— the message that their product will make you feel better and give you better than the next product can— the sickening illusion that the world is catering to you and trying to give you all the things that will make you feel good! People sit there and buy into this illusion, expecting that their lives are supposed to work that way, expecting that this is what it’s supposed to feel like, expecting total comfort as a sign of quality and happiness... people are stupid! Meanwhile, the reality is merely that companies are trying to make money so that their CEOs can live in utter comfort. That’s the reality.
         The reality of sacrifice in life is both a scientific and fundamental spiritual and moral reality. In order to accept a new energy, one must sacrifice another energy to make room for the new one. In order to accept something that you want— you have to be able to see its value and prioritize it above something else. Energies are not equal. People’s energies are not equal, the energies added to your life by other people and by activities and decisions and choices— they are not equal! The key skill that needs to be cultivated in one’s life is the ability to assess value. Unfortunately, this ability is often crushed underfoot by the stupidity created by the hands of the aforementioned rhythm of current society. How can an individual assess the value of a person or a thing in order to prioritize and build a beautiful life around or with it, when that same individual assesses the value of everything based upon how he/she was “raised” by the media? Based upon magazine spreads and advertisements? Based upon how many Facebook “likes” something gets? My God!
         In order to be a good husband and have a happy family, a man must assess the value of having a wife as greater than the value of having a fuckbuddy. In order to be a good wife and mother, a woman must be capable of assessing the value of her children over the value of her career and the value of her husband over the value of a fling. The stupidity happens when people exhibit no abilities whatsoever to see the different values of people, circumstances, choices, decisions and things! And the frightening fact is that this stupidity is all the rage! This truly frightens me. It frightens me to realize that it is possible to marry a person who does not see a difference of worth between the person he/she is marrying and the person who he/she used to fuck for the weekend! It frightens me to realize that a mother may not be able to assess the value of her child as greater than the value of her waistline! And one may argue that it is all about what one values in life; but this is a falsity. There are universal values designated to things and to people and those do not change based upon what you choose to think! The value of your child will always be greater than the value of your waistline or the value of your job! The value of the children of a nation will always be greater than the value of the companies of a nation! Even if the values change in the minds of the people and the children become fifth in line or the family becomes tenth in line; the only outcome of that is distress, imbalance and rot! The values do not actually change; what changes is the quality of people’s purpose and lives! People begin to lose in life. They begin to “win” in what they think is what’s worth winning in; but then they lose in life! And the thing is that they know it! They know it in their hearts! There is an emptiness, a loss, a never-ending fall that just keeps on going down, down, down and they try to fill it up but it just doesn’t get filled up! This is because we do not designate the value of things. The value of a thing is set as eternity is set. You are more valuable than the whole world and everything in it, simply because God gave you that value and this doesn’t change throughout time or throughout lifetimes! No matter how the world system seeks to make the person as second best to the corporate, to the company, to the systems making money— all the systems rot in the end, as a result of this imbalance! Because the person is of more value and yet a system is placing more value upon itself than upon the individuals! In the end we see crises, we see destitution, we see unanswered questions and unsolved problems.
         There is always a sacrifice made in order to solidify the worth of something. Sacrifice is what gives anything its worth; whether it was a sacrifice made by another for all of mankind on a cross a long time ago or if it was a sacrifice made by a nation or by a certain people or by a single person for his lover or for his friend! Sacrifice is an act that gives merit and gives value to something else that is worth that merit and that is worth that value. The fact that the generation of today does not recognize this (and I’m including my own generation here) is testament to the reality of this dying race. Of this stupid people.
         Sacrifice something in order to let something else in. See the value in something by comparing it to the value of the other. Know the value of things by seeing their purpose, their meaning and their depth! Create something for your future by living to be that kind of person now. Things are not advertisements, people are not advertisements— they do not exist for our comfort or for our pleasure! Furthermore, how do you measure pleasure in your person? Do you measure your pleasure by the experience of things that are easily coming and easily going or do you measure your experience of pleasure in things that are lasting? And the question furthermore expands to ask, “Do you know how to make lasting things? And do you know how to make things last? Do you know how to place value in a thing, in a choice, circumstance or decision— in a way that makes it a lasting thing? And by what means can we create such a value to place into something or someone?” This value is created by the means of a strong willpower. The Will of man must be the King of all his person— body, soul and spirit. It is the strong Will of man that is able to create and to project and to make anything take root whatsoever it desires. But this Will is cultivated not against the natures that be; but in accordance to the natures that be. And what are these natures? These natures are the laws that are called “supernatural” by those who know not of its ways! But the truth is that what is supernatural to them is simply called “natural.” What is supernatural to you is only natural to me. We have the supernatural knowledge of what is natural and in this the Will must be cultivated. You cultivate your Will by believing in things before they are seen, by creating things out of nothing, by willing what is meant to be— into being! It is the Will of man and woman that reaches far above the illusions of this stupid society we are all trapped in and what’s more, reaches so far and above that we are no longer trapped in that stupidity! All sparks are created by the friction made when what is natural fights to escape what is unnatural (keep in mind the true meaning of natural and unnatural.) All the unnatural shit that you’re supposed to believe is more important than having a family, than being a mother, than loving someone— that’s your bondange, that’s your trap! And the funniest part of all this is how you actually believe that your trap is your freedom! But then isn’t that how all traps keep you there inside of them? By making you feel like they are your freedom?

Copyright © 2014 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.

Storm Sky

Storm Sky

The sky that I love the most
Is a dark sky filled with wind
A dark sky filled with rain
And winds and pieces of souls
That gather together to scream
Not bad screams, not frightening ones
But screams like songs you think
You might remember somewhere
In the bottom of your spirit
You remember the beautiful screams
The magnificent sounds that
Your soul knows how to sing
But can’t always so easily remember
It’s when the sky is dark
The taste of rain is preeminent
That I feel like I can see clearly
I can remember clearly
It’s like the thick skies cover me
And keep me from all the things
That struggle to take me away
From myself. I love this darkness.

Copyright © 2014 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.
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