Dear Dying Race,

         People today do not understand the meaning of sacrifice. In fact, you might not even want to read the rest of what I have written here, after reading the word “sacrifice” in the first sentence. This word has become synonymous with religion and with loss. Modern society believes that sacrifice is the ultimate loss and has completely failed to associate it with any sort of gain, whatsoever!
         The sad part is how children these days are not raised; they are just born and then they are “raised” by the media: television, movies, magazines, Facebook, popular opinion, popular culture... their convictions are just about as deep as the width of a magazine spread of the latest supermodel! And when I say “children” you’d be surprised to realize that I am pertaining not only to our younger generation but also to my own generation because I see even my own generation as “children.” Then these children are “raised” by the media inside the illusion that they should expect only the best out of every single thing that comes their way and that any form of discomfort on their part is to be shunned and feared; of course, this illusion is only created by advertising teams of companies that want you to buy their products. The message is coming from the left and from the right of people’s Facebook accounts, from televisions, from the magazines, from internet blog articles and so on and so forth— the message that their product will make you feel better and give you better than the next product can— the sickening illusion that the world is catering to you and trying to give you all the things that will make you feel good! People sit there and buy into this illusion, expecting that their lives are supposed to work that way, expecting that this is what it’s supposed to feel like, expecting total comfort as a sign of quality and happiness... people are stupid! Meanwhile, the reality is merely that companies are trying to make money so that their CEOs can live in utter comfort. That’s the reality.
         The reality of sacrifice in life is both a scientific and fundamental spiritual and moral reality. In order to accept a new energy, one must sacrifice another energy to make room for the new one. In order to accept something that you want— you have to be able to see its value and prioritize it above something else. Energies are not equal. People’s energies are not equal, the energies added to your life by other people and by activities and decisions and choices— they are not equal! The key skill that needs to be cultivated in one’s life is the ability to assess value. Unfortunately, this ability is often crushed underfoot by the stupidity created by the hands of the aforementioned rhythm of current society. How can an individual assess the value of a person or a thing in order to prioritize and build a beautiful life around or with it, when that same individual assesses the value of everything based upon how he/she was “raised” by the media? Based upon magazine spreads and advertisements? Based upon how many Facebook “likes” something gets? My God!
         In order to be a good husband and have a happy family, a man must assess the value of having a wife as greater than the value of having a fuckbuddy. In order to be a good wife and mother, a woman must be capable of assessing the value of her children over the value of her career and the value of her husband over the value of a fling. The stupidity happens when people exhibit no abilities whatsoever to see the different values of people, circumstances, choices, decisions and things! And the frightening fact is that this stupidity is all the rage! This truly frightens me. It frightens me to realize that it is possible to marry a person who does not see a difference of worth between the person he/she is marrying and the person who he/she used to fuck for the weekend! It frightens me to realize that a mother may not be able to assess the value of her child as greater than the value of her waistline! And one may argue that it is all about what one values in life; but this is a falsity. There are universal values designated to things and to people and those do not change based upon what you choose to think! The value of your child will always be greater than the value of your waistline or the value of your job! The value of the children of a nation will always be greater than the value of the companies of a nation! Even if the values change in the minds of the people and the children become fifth in line or the family becomes tenth in line; the only outcome of that is distress, imbalance and rot! The values do not actually change; what changes is the quality of people’s purpose and lives! People begin to lose in life. They begin to “win” in what they think is what’s worth winning in; but then they lose in life! And the thing is that they know it! They know it in their hearts! There is an emptiness, a loss, a never-ending fall that just keeps on going down, down, down and they try to fill it up but it just doesn’t get filled up! This is because we do not designate the value of things. The value of a thing is set as eternity is set. You are more valuable than the whole world and everything in it, simply because God gave you that value and this doesn’t change throughout time or throughout lifetimes! No matter how the world system seeks to make the person as second best to the corporate, to the company, to the systems making money— all the systems rot in the end, as a result of this imbalance! Because the person is of more value and yet a system is placing more value upon itself than upon the individuals! In the end we see crises, we see destitution, we see unanswered questions and unsolved problems.
         There is always a sacrifice made in order to solidify the worth of something. Sacrifice is what gives anything its worth; whether it was a sacrifice made by another for all of mankind on a cross a long time ago or if it was a sacrifice made by a nation or by a certain people or by a single person for his lover or for his friend! Sacrifice is an act that gives merit and gives value to something else that is worth that merit and that is worth that value. The fact that the generation of today does not recognize this (and I’m including my own generation here) is testament to the reality of this dying race. Of this stupid people.
         Sacrifice something in order to let something else in. See the value in something by comparing it to the value of the other. Know the value of things by seeing their purpose, their meaning and their depth! Create something for your future by living to be that kind of person now. Things are not advertisements, people are not advertisements— they do not exist for our comfort or for our pleasure! Furthermore, how do you measure pleasure in your person? Do you measure your pleasure by the experience of things that are easily coming and easily going or do you measure your experience of pleasure in things that are lasting? And the question furthermore expands to ask, “Do you know how to make lasting things? And do you know how to make things last? Do you know how to place value in a thing, in a choice, circumstance or decision— in a way that makes it a lasting thing? And by what means can we create such a value to place into something or someone?” This value is created by the means of a strong willpower. The Will of man must be the King of all his person— body, soul and spirit. It is the strong Will of man that is able to create and to project and to make anything take root whatsoever it desires. But this Will is cultivated not against the natures that be; but in accordance to the natures that be. And what are these natures? These natures are the laws that are called “supernatural” by those who know not of its ways! But the truth is that what is supernatural to them is simply called “natural.” What is supernatural to you is only natural to me. We have the supernatural knowledge of what is natural and in this the Will must be cultivated. You cultivate your Will by believing in things before they are seen, by creating things out of nothing, by willing what is meant to be— into being! It is the Will of man and woman that reaches far above the illusions of this stupid society we are all trapped in and what’s more, reaches so far and above that we are no longer trapped in that stupidity! All sparks are created by the friction made when what is natural fights to escape what is unnatural (keep in mind the true meaning of natural and unnatural.) All the unnatural shit that you’re supposed to believe is more important than having a family, than being a mother, than loving someone— that’s your bondange, that’s your trap! And the funniest part of all this is how you actually believe that your trap is your freedom! But then isn’t that how all traps keep you there inside of them? By making you feel like they are your freedom?

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  1. I too am saddened by the fact that this race is dying. I would reread this over and over. I love you c joybell c. The world neds you.

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