Let's Talk About Breastfeeding

         I was talking about breastfeeding on my Writer Page recently, to which Rachel Moses responded with a statistic, stating that only 1 out of 10 babies are being breastfed at 6 months. Rachel Moses is a Certified Lactation Counsellor and her statistic came as a shock to me! I do know that there are mothers out there who would love to breastfeed but simply don't produce any milk, for whatever reasons. So, not all mothers lactate, which is a very unfortunate thing but it's also just the way things are and I understand that they would love to give their babies the best but simply cannot! I also know of other mothers who do lactate but who have disgusting-tasting milk that their babies want nothing to do with. Then there are probably the other reasons like poor health on the mother's end and so on and so forth. There are also the reasons of simply not wanting their breasts to fall out of shape, simply not wanting to tote the "burden" of feeding their babies with their bodies, so on and so forth. But a statistic of only 1 out of 10 is just awful. That means 9 out of 10 babies are not getting the best that they deserve.
         I breastfed my son for the first two years of his life, without incorporating any formula milk whatsoever. I am very thankful and grateful to be able to say that, because I know that there are mothers who would love to be able to say that but simply can't, for real reasons such as the ones I've mentioned above. I feel that it is incredibly fulfilling as a woman, to be able to feed your child with your own milk produced by your own breasts! How much more of a woman can you become, really? The ultimate sustainer and nurturer is someone who can sustain and nurture another human life with her own body! This is something so feminine, so womanly, it is something only a woman can do! To be able to not just form and bring out another human being with your body; but also to nurture and nourish that person with your breasts, is just so female, so womanly, so feminine and so divine! It makes me see the immense honour in being created as a woman and it makes me feel even more thankful to have been created as a woman. The woman is indeed the divine sex. But I am dismayed at why so few women see this! Why are too many women trying to prove that they are not women? Where is the pride in that?
         Breastfeeding is not only the best thing that you can do for your baby's health, but it is also a very practical choice to make! You don't have to spend money on expensive formula milk, on sterilising devices for sterilising bottles, on the bottles themselves, and then on hospital fees for when the bottles aren't sterilised properly and your baby ends up with diarrhoea (it often happens.) You don't even need to mix the milk and make sure it is at the perfect temperature! There won't even be any need to go through the gruelling process of figuring out which formula milk is good for your baby (the one that won't give him/her an upset stomach and abnormal bowel movements.) On top of all that, it's the best way to slim down! Breastfeeding tones your stomach muscles to help you get back into shape faster than otherwise doable.
         Ideally, a mother will want to breastfeed and I understand why there are many real reasons why this ideal wouldn't be fulfilled. Our ideals are often different from our realities. But I also understand that there are many reasons that shouldn't be reasons at all and I would like to be a voice that says, if you can do it, then do it without hesitation. Do it with your whole heart! Embrace motherhood fully and with joy! Embrace womanhood fully and with happiness! Give your baby the best because the best is already in you. 

"I am whole, I exist..."

"I am whole, I exist..."

Moon River by C. JoyBell C.

I thought it was time you hear my voice! Enjoy my very own rendition of Moon River as sung by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's. :-)

The story: I was singing this song the whole day, when I decided to pick up my mobile phone (Alcatel oneTouch) and record my voice. I've never recorded my voice before and I was shocked that it actually sounded not-so-bad! I've received much positive feedback from people who have listened and it makes me very happy because I'm pleased to share my voice with you after many years of sharing my writing! Now you know I'm a real person! Hahha! :-D

Enjoy my song!

Something's Coming!

         Hey, wonderfuls! Today I just wanted to give you all a heads-up on my upcoming book! It's entitled Raising Nobility: A Magickal Take on Parenting. This book is a result of being encouraged by many people to put up my own school for children, according to them, they would love to enroll their children in said school where I would make sure that philosophy and divine arts are taught. Well, seeing as I can't put up such a school (at least not yet), I believe the next best thing is to produce a book on raising children into a noble race. The idea is more on raising a new, noble race amongst mankind, rather than just raising a child to be a good person when they grow up. They say that parenting should come with a manual and there are in in fact many manuals out there just for that! My book though, leans more towards raising a new race and in order to do that, I actually focus on molding the adult reader of the book because I believe that the only way to raise a noble generation of children is by molding a noble generation of parents! Really, there is no such thing as transforming and guiding a child if you yourself are the one who needs the transformation and guidance! Transform yourself first and be guided first, in order for you to be able to do the same for your child/children. That is what I aim to do in my upcoming book. And that is why I strongly believe that this book is for all people, regardless of them being parents or not. Even if you don't plan on ever having children, you can still parent yourself and become your own hero with the aide of my book. It's not going to be a very thick book, but experience has taught me that many of the best books having the greatest of influences upon me have been the books that are very short and it is in keeping with this tradition that I don't necessarily have to make sure that all of my books are a mile thick. In my book we will dig through topics ranging from social media to romantic feelings, to character development and avoiding deception. Of course, there are many more topics but that is just to give you an idea of the range and the reach, which is quite vast. I approach all of this from my own perspective, from a magickal perspective. And when I say "magickal" I don't mean "woo-woo" magickal but I mean hermetical!
         In keeping with the style of all my writings, this book can be considered to be esoteric in nature. Please check out the definition of esoteric here and the etymology of the word here. Right now, I am still finalizing things, polishing my manuscript, deciding upon a book cover, so on and so forth. You can expect to have my book available for purchase in probably a month or so. Maybe less, we'll see! I will keep you posted! And remember to "like" my Facebook Page, where you can receive fresh new updates from me in your FB newsfeed (which is fun!) Have a wonderful day, wonderfuls, and I hope that Raising Nobility is something that you will be looking forward to!

C. Bells

Your Inner Silence

         The word "genocide" is being thrown around on social media like crazy these days. So I thought, why don't we examine the meaning of the word? So let's go ahead and do just that. Well first of all, this word was first used in reference to Nazi extermination of the Jews, which we now all refer to as "holocaust." The word "genocide" was invented to describe what happened to the Jews; the Jews gave definition to this word. It quite literally means, "killing a tribe" for the simple reason that they belong to that certain tribe. To read more in-depth on the etymology of the word, please click here. So now that that's very clear, let's move on to think about the genocides that have taken place in our history. Putting the holocaust aside, since that is, like, the original atrocity; the very first genocide I think about when the word comes up is the genocide of the Georgians . I first learned all about this through self-study, back when I was about ten years old. In one of my childhood homes, we had an enormous armoire full of National Geographic magazines, which I would spend hours and hours and hours scouring through! I learned so much from those lengthy, seemingly unending hours of reading National Geographic when I was a child and on into my pre-teen years, as well. So that's how I first learned about the Georgian "ethnic cleansing." To read up on a list of ten horrific genocides that took place in history, please click here. And please do click on all of the links provided above before proceeding to read the rest of my article.
         The world and its celebrities may possibly be responsible for another genocide in the most original sense of the word. I have a question for the world and its celebrities, it goes like this, if you are so pro-humanity and so pro-women and children, then why are not you enraged and raising hell over the genocide that is taking place right now in Syria and Iraq? Because in Syria today, there are already over 170, 000 people murdered. There are babies being murdered in the most gruesome ways imaginable. And why? Well they are being murdered because they are Christians, Zoroastrians or homosexuals. And women are being "circumcised" because apparently owning a clit is a sin. That same group of people who call themselves the "Islamic State" are vowing right now to move towards Gaza in support of Hamas, as soon as they can make it there. After all, Hamas and Islamic State are not so much that different, they are both internationally recognized terror groups. And, you know, like any other internationally recognized terror group— they terrorize. How? By murdering innocent people. That's how. The world and its celebrities are responsible for washing out the awareness on the genocide taking place in Syria right now, through painting social media with a single sentiment: hatred towards Israel. And it is because of their impulsive, emotional reactions to what they are seeing in the news, that the massive genocide taking place is being overlooked in favor of Jewish hatred, otherwise known as anti-semitism. It is also the reason why Jews everywhere are now afraid to be Jewish. And we are talking about a tiny country here. A tiny, tiny country with a land area of 22, 770 square km. That's the size of Israel. Smaller than the state of New Jersey in the U.S.A. New Jersey is, of course, only one of the 50 states in the United States of America. Israel is the smallest non-Islamic state in their region of the world, surrounded by huge Islamic states all around her. Though small, she fights strong and hard.
         The world and its celebrities are cock-fighting the people of Israel against the people of Palestine. This is wrong. This war is between the people of Israel and a terrorist organization known as Hamas, a terrorist organization that now has the backing of Iran, Turkey and the Islamic State group, a group that is committing genocide in Syria right now as I write this. Jewish tourists needed to be evacuated from their holiday spots in Maldives because angry mobs were threatening to kick them out! People are screaming "Death to the Jews, Gas to the Jews, Hitler was right" in places like Paris, Berlin and Rome! All because of what is happening right now... wait a minute... since when is it okay to do that? Since when is it okay to incite hatred like that against an entire race of people? And these same people expressing their "opinions" use the term "holocaust" to describe what is taking place, not realizing they are using a word entirely created in reference of the murder of 6 millions Jews and homosexuals, in order to describe a war against a terrorist organization. The holocaust didn't even have anything to do with Muslims; it was about Nazism and Nazis attempting to create "a pure white race"and literally take over the world. People are painting new swastikas over archaic swastikas drawn in the 1930's on old stone walls in Rome! Unbeknownst to them, they are painting the symbol of WHITE PURITY AND SUPREMACY. What does that mean? That means that if you are not of a purely white race (and if you're gay)— you're in for the concentration camps, too! So, HELLO, why are people using this sign in support of Palestine? Are you even of a pure white race, thus giving you the "right" to even touch this sign? Palestinians would be eliminated by Nazism, too!
         Now, let us say that there is no "human shielding" going on in Gaza right now, let's just say that for once in history, an Islamist terror organization suddenly wants to protect innocent lives, okay, let's give it the benefit of the doubt. Even with this benefit of the doubt, since when, in all of history, have there never been civilian casualties during any war between any nation or nation and group of militants? And, civilian accidental casualties aside, since when has the rest of the world been blameless of war crimes? What about the 1968 massacre in Vietnam, committed by U.S. Military?  In fact, here is a list of worldwide war crimes. The way people are acting, you'd think they actually knew history and really want to have peace worldwide! Peace worldwide? Or do people just have selective intelligence usage? Are we witnessing selective use of human intelligence these days? Let's all jump on Israel because in all of the world and in all of history, Israel is committing the most heinous war crimes known to mankind, meanwhile, let's just totally overlook the huge-ass genocide taking place right now in Syria, because we can't possibly cock-fight those people since they're all the same race. It's more fun to cock-fight people of opposing races, right? Where's the fun in paying any attention to a group of people who are killing another group of people that are not much unlike themselves? It's more fun to pit Jews and Muslims against one another, because we already know they hate each other so much! And of course I am using sarcasm to get my point across (in case anyone doesn't realize that.)
         Yes, it is horrific that women and children have died in their war. But it will be more horrific now that Islamic State is on its way over there to help Hamas. Not only has it gotten away with its genocide in Syria, but it can actually cross borders to help like-minded people! Oh how fun! Just another day's work! I wonder what opinion the world and its celebrities will have then. By the way, this is the only war that I know of wherein people think that they get to dictate the outcome of who wins the war, just because they have Twitter! What about Russia and Ukraine? Why isn't anyone raising hell over that? We are all suddenly judges of everyone's wars because we have Facebook and Twitter? Yes, the death of innocents is wrong, may God rest their souls, but the death of innocents is wrong everywhere; not just when it happens because of Israel's bombs! The death of those three Jewish boys, may God rest their souls, was wrong, too. The death of 170,000 in Syria right now just because they are Christians or homosexuals or have clits— is equally wrong! And nobody has the right to make matters worse for an entire race of people, for an entire nation, just because they can tweet something or just because they have "an opinion."
         I have many Muslim readers and I have many Jewish readers and during all my time as an author, I have not been harassed by any Muslims and I have not been harassed by any Jews, thank God. But I have been harassed many times and that has not been harassment from Muslims nor from Jews; but those have been from the same kind of people inciting hatred between these two peoples, today! That has been from all of you other people from all over the world— Americans, British, Australians, so on and so forth— in other words, other kinds of people who aren't Muslim and Jew have harassed me at one time or another during my career as a writer, simply because I said something that didn't make them happy. Entitled people of the world, they were in their minds. I think the same thing is going on today! Something doesn't make people happy— they are running around calling for hatred, or making statements that they cannot take back! Once it is said— oops! No more taking those things back!
         I have a question for the world and its celebrities— do you really care about protecting the lives of women and children, or do you just care about being able to say what you want, when you want? Do you really care about the occurrence of genocide in the world today, or are you more concerned about your freedom of speech and expression? Because there is a huge, huge difference.
         Now I will leave you with a video about the Islamic State I have discussed above, to give you an idea of what kind of support Hamas has, and what kind of people are carrying out "ethnic cleansing" in Syria right now (see embedded link below.) And I will leave you with these words: Remember to step back and listen to your inner silence; always be at one with your inner silence, keeping out the outside noise, because that inner silence will guide you.

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