Dark Angels

Dark Angels

         I don’t teach people to sit down and imagine rays of light, or to think that doing so will eventually attract actual rays of light into their lives. Instead, I am intent on raising warriors. Mine is a school for warriors. We have too few warriors in the world at this point in time. Warriors are those who are at the frontline— the ones who can see the truth, who can see reality, who can stand in the face of darkness, fear, doubt, hopelessness... and it’s these people who are going to break through everything first, while the others are following. The problem now, is that we have too few people at the frontline in this battle for the light! Too many people are in the back, imagining the rays of light that the warriors are actually fighting for! I want to raise warriors, I want to call forth the tigers within you. I don’t want you to sit and imagine rays of light, I want to give your darkness the eyes to see itself with, so it can battle itself and its likeness in the world around us. A warrior is he or she who first overcomes and masters the darkness within and then without. That all begins with a set of eyes to see it with.
         Insecurity produces either of these two types of individuals: The first type masters those monsters, learns how to command them to and fro and seeks to reduce them in others. The second type is mastered by the monsters, spends the rest of their lives trying to prove themselves bigger than them and seeks to find them in others. The younger generation is being raised by a system that cultivates insecurities within them while simultaneously failing to teach them how to overcome and master those same insecurities, producing hollow individuals who are trying to soothe their pains with band aids and denial.
         There are too many receivers being brought forth by current, widely-accepted social and psychological belief systems. People are being formed into “receivers” while the potential for them to become “doers” is being removed by mainstream popular thought patterns. They sit back and think that if they don’t look at the darkness; that means it’s not there or that it will go away! They sit back, actually believing that to gaze upon the light is to eliminate the darkness, meanwhile, the darkness within them and around them festers and boils while they don’t even see it! They have no eyes to see the truth with, their darkness has no eyes to view itself with, because their darkness has not been given consciousness! The founder of analytical psychology, Swiss psychiatrist and psychotherapist, Carl Jung, once said, “There is no coming to consciousness without pain. People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own Soul. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” This is true while applicable to the individual soul and this is true while being applied to how we interact with the world around us. The world is not going to become better because we choose to pick out the good things and overlook the bad things, or run away from the bad things! Warriors run towards the bad things so that they can slay those monsters with their mighty swords and axes! Today, people want to be receivers of the light, receivers of peace, of love... always receiving, not knowing how to do or how to become. They want good things to happen but they don’t know how to fight for those good things, they don’t know how to lay foundations. The world right now and at this point in time, desperately needs warriors of the light. We need to teach our children how to see the darkness, we need to teach them what it looks like and what it smells like, teach them the nature of darkness, how it moves and how it sounds when it crawls through the bushes! These are things we all need to know, so we may wield our swords and axes, so we may be warriors. We see our arrogance, we see our mistakes, our conceit, our ego, selfishness, fears, weaknesses, insecurities, faults, flaws, we see all of that because we are courageous enough to look! We look though it hurts, though it pains us, so that we may overcome! Because it is only when we overcome our demons within that we can overcome the demons without!
         The virtue of forgiveness is only fulfilled when the full potency of the fault is realised. You cannot fully forgive yourself if you do not see the ego in full! You cannot fully forgive yourself if you do not fully see what you are forgiving yourself for! This is the same in others and in the world, and we cannot change anything if we do not first see and accept what it is that must be changed.
         I am both of darkness and of light, for it is the destiny of darkness to fulfil light. Before there was light, there was first darkness, it was darkness that gave birth to light, such is the story of our universe and such is the story of us. Light is a darkness reborn from new eyes, darkness without eyes is a darkness unfulfilled and so in giving the darkness consciousness, I am fulfilling its destiny as it comes into the light. I walk in both darkness and light. At the end of the day, the battle is not against two foes but the battle is for a single cause and that is for the birth of the light. The only enemy is the one who sleeps, the one who slumbers, who does not see, who leads others astray and does not fulfil the birth of the light.

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         Lovely people are always telling me how much I inspire them. Then I tell them that it's unintentional. It's funny, really it is. It's almost like I am an accidental leader and inspirer of sorts. Other times, lovely people, when they are not happy with something I have said or the way that I have acted, they tell me that I am no longer inspiring them, they are disappointed, sometimes they start calling me names, spewing hateful words as a result of my not inspiring them through something I said or did. Now, nothing has "happened", so don't get your gossip underwear all in a bunch; I am just thinking here (because I'm always thinking and this just happens to be what I am thinking right now) about how fickle some people in the world are. Fickle and uninformed. First of all, it was never my mission to "inspire" people, it was also never my mission to write about things to make people think I'm a good person. No such things of the sort! If anything, goodness haunts me! Goodness is my inner ghost that haunts me and when people say that I am no longer inspiring them, blah blah blah, because they chanced upon something I said they didn't like, it is actually like the remnants of the ghost that haunts me, who have come to prick me! They go on and on about how my words changed their lives and have had them in tears many times, very transformative, but now, since I've said this one thing or since I'm angry today, they are "so disappointed" in me... and I'm thinking, This is the fault of that goodness ghost! Making people think I actually write in order to inspire them or to make them happy and now they think they can tell me that they're disappointed in me as if I need to care about that! 
         It's a strange relationship I have with what I do, when it comes to this area. I acknowledge what an honour it is to be able to inspire anybody, at all, and the messages that I receive from people are beyond appreciated. They are truly treasured in my heart and mind. I treasure being able to be a very good and influential part of people's lives, everywhere! But then it is quite accidental (on my end, not on the other end because on the other end nothing is accidental— I'm talking about the end of destiny and life and such things.) And this is how I know I am a good person. I know this because goodness haunts me rather than me pursuing it. I can imagine how tiresome it would be to chase goodness around, trying to be a good person every day— Oh my god! I couldn't do that! So thank GOD that goodness has been assigned to me, because if not, well I certainly wouldn't try hard to be it! Hahhha! How bothersome of a task to pursue each day! If I wanted people to think that I am good, then I would go to church!
         Like I already said, don't start the gossip because nothing has "happened" (I've noticed that some individuals like to gossip about things they think are happening with C. JoyBell C., which are actually not happening at all.) I am just being humoured by these thoughts and have found myself laughing at my own self as a result! And you know me! Whenever I am laughing at myself, I believe it is a laugh worth sharing! :-) Love you guys!

C. Bells



You used to live in a house
Filled with people
Who were afraid of the world
And of living
The world was sinful
And living was mostly wrong
Unless you had a Bible with you
Fine, fine people
Like fine, fine tulips
Lined up all in a row
Walking through life
So as not to touch it
As if life is
A glass shoppe
And they are the visitors
Don’t touch anything!
You’ll break something and go to hell!

You used to live in a house
That went on and on
It wouldn’t end
You escaped by climbing trees
And by watching The Wonder Years
You wanted to fall in love
And to cuss sometimes
Without feeling guilty
Boys shouldn’t be bad
And cussing shouldn’t be
Damned to hell fire

You used to go to a church
Filled with people who were happier
Because they were richer
So you escaped by
Staying with your grandmom
In her vast and opulent mansion
Most of the time

You lived in a neighborhood
Where lawns were mowed
And people had white picket fences
There was even an old people’s shelter
At the corner of the drive
And a cop mom
On the other corner
But white picket fences make you puke
It’s a trap, it’s a prison
You want the big cities
You want to live in a big city
Where you can hear all the people
From all around
Moving like water through a brook
Rippling over stones like
Clear water through a brook!
And mowed lawns are only any good
If your lawn is the most mowed
And your flowers are the most trimmed
So you planted a garden
You were eating fruits one day and you
Sprinkled the seeds on the ground
It turned into a garden
Then you could pick watermelons from it
And tomatoes too
(Where did the tomatoes come from?)
Then while everybody else
Had perfectly trimmed flowers
You had your own little garden
That you planted
Because you wanted a garden
Not daisies that looked like
Everybody else’s daisies
Certainly not
A white picket fence

Now you live in the city
Where people and things
Like clear water over stones
In a rippling brook
And you’ve planted avocado trees
You don’t go to church
Some of your friends are gay
You love the world, it’s not a sin
You cuss when you want to
You’ve fallen in love
Maybe too much
You’re not going to hell
And you puke
Whenever you see
White picket fences

Copyright © C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.

These Days

         I think that these days, people have no concept of what love is, because people have no concept of sacrifice. There is no love without sacrifice. If there is no sacrifice of the self then there is no proof of love. And I don't mean that everyone should lay down their lives for one another, but I simply mean this scenario:

"Why are you together?"

"Because it feels good."

"Why are you no longer together?"

"It stopped feeling good."

         And that is a scenario that can be applied to many areas of life. If something is not in the best service of the self, then it should go, even if it is other people. "Get rid of people in your life who do not feed your higher purpose" and blah blah blah. Right, because other people are supposed to fulfil your higher purpose. So, what about them? Is the whole world supposed to answer to you?
         We live in a self-serving time. Everybody wants to be served by everything and everyone. Nobody wants to be "brought down." People bring you down? Leave them. Your job brings you down? Quit it. Okay, what about loyalty and hard work?
         The problem is that much of the time, people envision that they have higher callings and sacred paths to take, whilst failing to see that their higher callings and their sacred paths are right there in front of their eyes and right there under their feet. They just need to see and do. People think that their destiny equates to whatever they feel like. Everything is emotion; everything is either a total weakness of flesh (always giving way to where emotions lead), or a total absence of emotions (sociopathy and psychosis.)
         It truly is a wretched, wretched time that we live in and there is not even a reason to pretend that it isn't the case.

No L.O.A

         I just want to say, officially, that I do not support the LOA movement. Yes, yes, I know it has taken the world by storm, but I do warn against it. You see, the Law of Attraction concept is a latter concept found further along the path of initiation in the Ancient Schools of Mystery. But what Rhonda Byrne has failed to tell the world, is that before that latter stage is reached, there are life-threatening, very difficult and very dangerous stages that a person must go through to be able to execute the benefits associated with what has now been coined "Law of Attraction." In essence, the soul must first go through "chambers" which is basically a crucible of fire and the only kinds of things that get through that crucible, are "gods and godlike beings." At the end of the day, attempting to live by a "law of attraction" is essentially just mimicking the final outcome of the crucible, and I can't warn enough against doing that. You will be able to mimic it for a while... but not for long. The rest of the path you "skipped" is going to come after you! ;-) By the way, it is outlawed amongst the ancient schools to teach hidden principles for financial gain, which is obviously what Rhonda Byrne has done. Sorry Ms. Byrne, but you have led people astray. :-)

Special Mentions from The Sun Is Snowing: The Scrapbook

This is a list of photographers who appear in The Sun Is Snowing: The Scrapbook. I would like to acknowledge their presence in my scrapbook, but before all of that, I'd like to give a special mention to Deanne and Kaye of Scrapbookingdom, for all of the scrapbooking elements used in the making of this book (including the cover.) If you are a photographer with your work in my book and you cannot find your name here (GASP!) this only means that I spaced out at some point or another, please don't hate me, just send me an email, or drop me a note on my FB Timeline to let me know of my blunder. :-) And now for the drum rolls...

Steven Schlagel Photography

Alister Henderson

James Donnelly

Marek Sybal 

For further details about my book, including various links to purchase, please visit my website.

Why I Don't Play Games

         I tell people not to play mind games or heart games with other people. The problem with playing games of any sort with others, is that you really are playing with fire and those who play with fire, no matter how cunning they "think" they are, will get burned. The burn is usually self-destructive in nature and happens because he who plays games, develops an innate belief that all others play games, as well. He becomes wary of his own tactics, she becomes doubtful of the intentions of others. A thief knows the ways of another thief but also sees the worst in everyone. When you start playing mind and heart games with people, for whatever reasons you have, you turn into a thief. You turn into a person who steals, who takes from the goodness and distorts it, turning it into something rotten. It is reverse alchemy, it is taking the good and the worthy and turning it into something bad and worthless. Reverse alchemy is death and destruction, therefore, the player of games invites death and destruction into his/her life.
         There are so many books out there that will teach you the tactics of "seduction" and so on and so forth... someone once said that to read evil words is to poison one's own soul. In the same way that to read true and pure words is to nourish one's soul. People think they are too wise and cunning, and they think this to their own demise. At the end of the day, most of the people aren't either of those things and it's usually those who think they are both of those things.

I Can't Wait!

         I made this book cover from scratch (front and back from scratch). The other recent book release of mine, "Raising Nobility", was also self-made, although I did use a template there. I used no template with this one and created this from my mind, with the help of GIMP. Yesterday morning I was sweating cold sweat, thinking there was no way on Earth I could make my own book cover from scratch, I could have cried! But then I did it anyway! By the time the day was nearly over, I had created my own book cover, front and back, and almost couldn't believe it! Moral of the story: when you think you can't do something and you're sweating cold sweat and nearly crying, do it anyway!
         This is the third edition of my original title, The Sun Is Snowing: Poetry and Prose by C. JoyBell C. The second edition was called, The Sun Is Snowing: Poems, Parables and Pictures. This third edition is officially entitled The Sun Is Snowing: The Scrapbook, and like before, features photography from all over the world (including my own personal photos that I took), poetry, theories that I concocted, short stories (fables) and prose. This third edition, though, stands out from the rest because I literally made a scrapbook and not really a book! From cover to cover, I poured my own original creativity into this work, to pull together the very first scrapbook that I have ever made! It's also been a very unique journey because I've been half-terrified all the way, from start to finish! When I started making this, I didn't know I could make a scrapbook, at all! It's been a very exhilarating, painstaking journey, that's for sure! It's taken me a month to make this edition and that's a month of short sleeps and small eats! That's just the way that I work— constant, raw, wild effort until I accomplish what I set out to accomplish! I am just so excited to present this book to you, today! I am so looking forward to you having this on your shelf and loving it and passing it on to those whom you love the most in life! Can't wait! :-)

Cover element credits:

Ana Guerrero

Here you go, lovelies!

Hey wonderfuls! My new book is now available! Please read my book selection guide  so you can decide if this is a good book for you to have! Choose wisely and have an absolutely beautiful day! :-) 

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Heaven and Hell

Heaven and Hell

I pray that you will not
Be so afraid of
The life after this one
That you would forget
This one right now
You believe in the stories
Of Heaven, of Hell
And that’s okay
But this life is a story too
And you’ve got to write it
You don’t write it out of fear
You write it out of
Courage and Freedom
So let’s say
There is a Heaven and a Hell
But there is an Earth too
And you have bones in your body
And flesh under your skin

So I pray

I pray that you will not
Be so afraid of
The life after this one
That you would forget
To be happy right now
To be unafraid
To know that you are free
To write your own story

Copyright © C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.

A Book and a Birthday!

Below is a new book that is coming to your bookshelf very soon! 

What if magic is real? What if the most abundant source of it is found in the age-old honorary act of being a family? That would make sense, you know! After all, magic runs in the blood and is passed on from generation to generation! The problem is that most of the time, it is locked up and the bearer denied of its nature.  

"Raising Nobility: A Magickal Take on Parenting" is a modern-day grimoire that aims to free that heredity and teach you how to use it as a fuel, equipping you, so that you may allow it to run through your veins where it rightly belongs! 

Brought to you by popular demand, this distinct book on parenting via Soul Alchemy is intended not only for moms and dads; but is meant to be read even by those who plan on never having any children of their own. The idea is to bring forth the Blue Blood in your veins and raise a new race of people in the process! The time has come, so let it be written, so let it be done.

In other news, I would like to greet my grandmother, Leona, a very, very happy birthday! Grandmom is no longer with us in flesh and blood, but I continue to celebrate her birthdays wholeheartedly and with much eagerness, each year. She was my mentor and the only woman I wanted to be like when I grew up.

Reaching an Understanding

         I recently established a "smiley legitimacy statement" on my Writer Page. Some of my followers expressed their disapproval of my smiles and my laughter, accusing me of arrogance and "defiance." By the way, defiance of whom? Of them? Because I didn't realise that I am expected to comply, not to rebel, to subjugate myself to their qualms. But anyway, what I want to discuss is on a higher level of thought pattern. I want to discuss what my philosophy is, who I am, why I am writing. I believe this needs to be established in order for people to be able to make the decision whether to follow me or not. You simply cannot make a good decision for yourself, if it is an uninformed decision.
        So, what is my philosophy. I am in fact a Stoic. I subscribe to the philosophy of Stoicism. This is established on the premise of thought that nothing in the world has the power to move your soul, but that your soul will stir and move at its own will. You alone have the power to move your soul; not outward events. It is not the thing that causes you distress; but it is your estimate of the thing that causes you distress. Outward things cannot touch the soul, not in the least degree; but the soul stirs and moves of itself. It is not what you are looking at that is at fault; but it is the way that you look at it that gives it fault. I could go on and on. If you wish to continue following me, then I require that you know what Stoicism is. If you do not agree with Stoicism, then you do not agree with my primal philosophy, then there is no reason for you to follow me. We have no understanding. Now if after learning what Stoicism is, you agree with it, then please continue to join me on my philosophical existence. My thoughts are founded upon my philosophy and so are my actions. If you have no understanding of my philosophy then you have no understanding of me and in such case I see no reason for you to stick around my page, my blog, my twitter, anywhere. I have realised that the later (more recent) followers of my work are not aware of what the older followers already know, and that is, that my work is founded on Stoic philosophy. Earlier into my profession, people were aware of this before following me. Now though, I am afraid that people just see something that I have written, feel special about it, then follow me because I'm the person who wrote something that made them feel special.
         My work is founded on Stoicism and I am an Esoteric writer. I am an Esoteric writer and I say this over and over again. I do not expect everyone to understand my work, because if everyone did, then it wouldn't be Esoteric. Furthermore, my interactions and my communications are Esoteric in nature. Everything Esoteric is founded on a philosophy and my personal philosophy is Stoicism. This needs to be understood if one wishes to read what I write and follow what I do.
         There is no point in a Stoic Esoteric writer to be followed by individuals who do not understand Stoicism and who do not understand Esotericism.
         Now as far as politics goes, I consider myself to be a Libertarian. So the things that I write and say are not due to a Conservative approach nor to a Liberal approach. I don't care about anybody's left wing right wing hang ups. I'm a Libertarian. Now as for why I am writing, well, I am writing because writing is what I do. I don't write because I need to express and heal and be emotionally weird. I write because it is what I do.
         So now that you have learned more about me, please make the informed decision whether to follow me or not. Please do not follow me just because you read something of mine that made you feel special. No. You feeling special because of me is not a healthy premise for you to follow me or to read what I write. Because the minute that you don't feel special? You'll blame me for all of your woes!

Criticism: Overrated and Misunderstood

         What is criticism, really? As usual, I will refer you to the etymology of the word. The word's intended use was for qualified individuals of merit, who practice the art of criticism, in order to judge the merits or the faults of a work, individual, etc. But what has the word "criticism" been reduced to, today? And more importantly, how much weight should be given to this word? If "to accept criticism gracefully" means that I am supposed to sit there and put up with a person's stupidity, then I doubt such persons should be using the word to describe their actions, at all.
         We are all good for criticising our own selves, right? But something is wrong when we think that we have authority over another enough to criticise them. Then we are delusional if we think that our criticism is worth anything at all. Unless it is worth something. Unless there is a relationship of trust that has been established, or unless we have undisputed authority on the matter.
         I have seen and experienced enough in life to know that there are so many motives and actions that hide behind the guise of "criticism." And why do they hide behind this guise? That is simple. They do so because there is a social norm that people have come to accept and that is the phrase. "accept criticism gracefully." It's become the equivalent of, "don't judge people by the colour of their skin." It's a big thing. But what is it, really? What about the person making the critiques? Who made their analysis and understanding worthy enough to be listened to? If you are going to come around and say that my shoes should not be pink, am I supposed to change my shoes because this is what you think? Or am I supposed to tell you that you don't know anything about shoes? Unless you do know something about shoes. Unless you are in fact Christian Louboutin or Jimmy Choo.
         When one voices one's mind from a state of anger, hurt, other so and so emotions, this is not called "criticism" but this is called "anger" and often it can be called "accusations." And I have observed and known enough about people to know that they will push their boundaries into your own, as far as you will let them! Especially if they sense that you have a desire to make other people happy or to please others. They will never stop. They go on and on and on until you say stop. Do the meek really inherit the Earth? Or should we be serpents with hearts of doves?
         The strange thing is that those who criticise do not wish to be criticised, themselves. That is because it is really not "criticism" as pertained by the art of criticism which is earned by merit and prowess in one's field of skill. It is just called "saying whatever I want because what I want to say and how I feel is important and you should care about it." That cannot be described as criticism. That can only be described as not having grown up.
         Come to think of it, I have actually never in my life said anything to the likings of, "I am just criticising you" or, "why can't you take my criticism gracefully?" or anything at all to imply that, "I am only criticising you, and you should listen to my criticisms." No. Never. I have never even described myself as a critic of others, in any fashion, at all. I am my own biggest critic, and that is the only time when I have used the word to describe myself or what I am doing. Perhaps I am in fact very grown up (in a good way.)

Let's Have A Talk

         At the bottom of this blog, you will be able to read a disclaimer and it is one which has garnered many praises from other public figures who have said that the disclaimer deserves an award in itself (and thank you.) Today I would like to discuss this disclaimer and how it came to be.
         There seems to be a recurring phenomena that goes on amongst people who read my work. It recurs and it seems to be an underlying issue/problem. I addressed it on my Facebook Page just very recently. 
         I think it is good that people feel like I am actually speaking what is in their hearts and their minds, but I believe it gets very much out of hand and becomes unhealthy. I would like to remind everyone that I am not actually speaking your heart and your mind. Therefore, a contradiction between your thoughts and feelings and my own thoughts and feelings is bound to happen again and again. When what I say contradicts you, this does not mean it contradicts me. I have watched, over and over again, how people go berserk when I say or write something that is not in agreement with their own beliefs and persuasions. Then they conveniently accuse me of having a problem with their opinions. But it is not I who has a problem with their opinions, it is they who feel betrayed when their persuasions and opinions are not reflected in my work! They will immediately go on a rampage, stating things like, "You used to inspire me, but after this you're just someone that I used to admire!" they will continue to accuse me of things I didn't even do or say, putting words into my mouth and giving their own definitions to the things that I am saying/writing. Anais Nin once said, that we do not see things as they are, but we see things as we are. This is often too true and this takes on a twist of its own on my page amongst my readers! Not only do some individuals put their own meanings into what I have written, but they also see me as an extension of themselves! As if we are one person! As if I am a seance and they are dead people! As if I must be corrected when I say something contradicting their own persuasions and ideologies!  If I were a seance spiritualist, they would be the ghosts slapping me when I conveyed the "wrong" message to the "other side"!
         I think that it is okay to feel like my words speak your own heart and mind, however, I know that this can quickly get bloody the moment you suddenly feel like that extension of yourself is "betraying" you. In reality, I am not "betraying" anyone. I have never tried, in any way whatsoever, to speak anyone else's heart or mind. If you feel that way, that is just how you feel. I go on my path, and this is my own path and when you turn that way and I turn the other way, this does not mean I have betrayed you and this does not give you license to accuse me of things and jump on me and complain about how you are hurt or betrayed or what not. As a matter of fact, I do not have any more room left in my soul to entertain your feelings of betrayal and hurt, towards me, due to anything that I write. I give more than what is normally given by a public figure. I give you all too much attention, to be honest. And I can't help myself because I am simply genuinely interested in everyone. I remember the faces of my fans on my page and I remember their stories (if they have told me their stories in the past.) I even become my fans' biggest fan! There are so many intelligent and beautiful people who are fans of my work and I end up being their fan, too! I remember normal, everyday people. I am like this in my profession and I am also like this in my every day, flesh-and-blood life.
         At this point in time, I feel like it may be more beneficial for me to curb my habit of attention-giving to people. Someone has told me (and it's been reiterated by others), that I am perhaps "making demons out of mere mortals simply by giving them too much attention." And I feel this may be true for some select individuals. Apparently, I have been validating their sentiments by giving those sentiments too much importance through attention. This, according to some, "makes demons out of mortals."
         I think I just like people, it's a habit in itself that is difficult for me to curb. At this point though, it might be more beneficial for me to make a habit out of simply banning troublesome individuals from my Page, or just ignoring their sentiments altogether. Maybe I am creating spoiled brats by catering too much to them. Maybe I should start using the "ban" button as I said I would. I've said this already in the past and in my page's descriptions but when I said that it was more of a joke than fact. But now maybe I should make it more into fact than fiction. Another person has told me that I should be "aloof" and I have been thinking, maybe he has a point. Maybe people can't take my constant presence.
         Not under any circumstance do I accept the accusation that I do not allow people to have their own opinions. This is absurd. By all means, have your own opinions! But do not expect mine to be yours! This is my own path that I am making, with my work, with the things that I write... you're the ones joining in on my path. If you believe differently than I, this does not affect me, so that is why I don't care! You however, feel like what I believe in or what I express, affects you. Now there's the big difference right there. And that's why you jump all over me when my expressions contradict your own. And I would just like to clarify here, that I am not pertaining to every single person who reads what I write. I have many readers of sound mind and sound judgment. But I am pertaining to the select individuals who do seem to exhibit an unsoundness of mind from time to time.
         I have a few choices. I could curb my habit of how I interact with people, altogether, or I could just ban the people I don't want around. Some just make a problem out of anything they can touch, this is their troublesome nature. If you validate their sentiments by giving time and effort to reply to them, they will say that you "care so much to defend yourself." But actually, you are giving them your time of day, not yourself! Then if you simply ignore them, they won't stop until you give them attention. Then if you ban them, they will go around saying that you ban people that "are of different opinion" than your own. Really, how can anyone expect the next generation to be a noble generation, when this generation of parents are shameful? I worry, you know. And I probably shouldn't even worry because I probably shouldn't even care. But then I do care. I care enough to have written a whole book on parenting!
         So that is how my disclaimer on this blog came to be. It was created to remind people that I am not an extension of their hearts and minds. I am me and they are they.

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