A Book and a Birthday!

Below is a new book that is coming to your bookshelf very soon! 

What if magic is real? What if the most abundant source of it is found in the age-old honorary act of being a family? That would make sense, you know! After all, magic runs in the blood and is passed on from generation to generation! The problem is that most of the time, it is locked up and the bearer denied of its nature.  

"Raising Nobility: A Magickal Take on Parenting" is a modern-day grimoire that aims to free that heredity and teach you how to use it as a fuel, equipping you, so that you may allow it to run through your veins where it rightly belongs! 

Brought to you by popular demand, this distinct book on parenting via Soul Alchemy is intended not only for moms and dads; but is meant to be read even by those who plan on never having any children of their own. The idea is to bring forth the Blue Blood in your veins and raise a new race of people in the process! The time has come, so let it be written, so let it be done.

In other news, I would like to greet my grandmother, Leona, a very, very happy birthday! Grandmom is no longer with us in flesh and blood, but I continue to celebrate her birthdays wholeheartedly and with much eagerness, each year. She was my mentor and the only woman I wanted to be like when I grew up.

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