Dark Angels

Dark Angels

         I don’t teach people to sit down and imagine rays of light, or to think that doing so will eventually attract actual rays of light into their lives. Instead, I am intent on raising warriors. Mine is a school for warriors. We have too few warriors in the world at this point in time. Warriors are those who are at the frontline— the ones who can see the truth, who can see reality, who can stand in the face of darkness, fear, doubt, hopelessness... and it’s these people who are going to break through everything first, while the others are following. The problem now, is that we have too few people at the frontline in this battle for the light! Too many people are in the back, imagining the rays of light that the warriors are actually fighting for! I want to raise warriors, I want to call forth the tigers within you. I don’t want you to sit and imagine rays of light, I want to give your darkness the eyes to see itself with, so it can battle itself and its likeness in the world around us. A warrior is he or she who first overcomes and masters the darkness within and then without. That all begins with a set of eyes to see it with.
         Insecurity produces either of these two types of individuals: The first type masters those monsters, learns how to command them to and fro and seeks to reduce them in others. The second type is mastered by the monsters, spends the rest of their lives trying to prove themselves bigger than them and seeks to find them in others. The younger generation is being raised by a system that cultivates insecurities within them while simultaneously failing to teach them how to overcome and master those same insecurities, producing hollow individuals who are trying to soothe their pains with band aids and denial.
         There are too many receivers being brought forth by current, widely-accepted social and psychological belief systems. People are being formed into “receivers” while the potential for them to become “doers” is being removed by mainstream popular thought patterns. They sit back and think that if they don’t look at the darkness; that means it’s not there or that it will go away! They sit back, actually believing that to gaze upon the light is to eliminate the darkness, meanwhile, the darkness within them and around them festers and boils while they don’t even see it! They have no eyes to see the truth with, their darkness has no eyes to view itself with, because their darkness has not been given consciousness! The founder of analytical psychology, Swiss psychiatrist and psychotherapist, Carl Jung, once said, “There is no coming to consciousness without pain. People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own Soul. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” This is true while applicable to the individual soul and this is true while being applied to how we interact with the world around us. The world is not going to become better because we choose to pick out the good things and overlook the bad things, or run away from the bad things! Warriors run towards the bad things so that they can slay those monsters with their mighty swords and axes! Today, people want to be receivers of the light, receivers of peace, of love... always receiving, not knowing how to do or how to become. They want good things to happen but they don’t know how to fight for those good things, they don’t know how to lay foundations. The world right now and at this point in time, desperately needs warriors of the light. We need to teach our children how to see the darkness, we need to teach them what it looks like and what it smells like, teach them the nature of darkness, how it moves and how it sounds when it crawls through the bushes! These are things we all need to know, so we may wield our swords and axes, so we may be warriors. We see our arrogance, we see our mistakes, our conceit, our ego, selfishness, fears, weaknesses, insecurities, faults, flaws, we see all of that because we are courageous enough to look! We look though it hurts, though it pains us, so that we may overcome! Because it is only when we overcome our demons within that we can overcome the demons without!
         The virtue of forgiveness is only fulfilled when the full potency of the fault is realised. You cannot fully forgive yourself if you do not see the ego in full! You cannot fully forgive yourself if you do not fully see what you are forgiving yourself for! This is the same in others and in the world, and we cannot change anything if we do not first see and accept what it is that must be changed.
         I am both of darkness and of light, for it is the destiny of darkness to fulfil light. Before there was light, there was first darkness, it was darkness that gave birth to light, such is the story of our universe and such is the story of us. Light is a darkness reborn from new eyes, darkness without eyes is a darkness unfulfilled and so in giving the darkness consciousness, I am fulfilling its destiny as it comes into the light. I walk in both darkness and light. At the end of the day, the battle is not against two foes but the battle is for a single cause and that is for the birth of the light. The only enemy is the one who sleeps, the one who slumbers, who does not see, who leads others astray and does not fulfil the birth of the light.

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