I Can't Wait!

         I made this book cover from scratch (front and back from scratch). The other recent book release of mine, "Raising Nobility", was also self-made, although I did use a template there. I used no template with this one and created this from my mind, with the help of GIMP. Yesterday morning I was sweating cold sweat, thinking there was no way on Earth I could make my own book cover from scratch, I could have cried! But then I did it anyway! By the time the day was nearly over, I had created my own book cover, front and back, and almost couldn't believe it! Moral of the story: when you think you can't do something and you're sweating cold sweat and nearly crying, do it anyway!
         This is the third edition of my original title, The Sun Is Snowing: Poetry and Prose by C. JoyBell C. The second edition was called, The Sun Is Snowing: Poems, Parables and Pictures. This third edition is officially entitled The Sun Is Snowing: The Scrapbook, and like before, features photography from all over the world (including my own personal photos that I took), poetry, theories that I concocted, short stories (fables) and prose. This third edition, though, stands out from the rest because I literally made a scrapbook and not really a book! From cover to cover, I poured my own original creativity into this work, to pull together the very first scrapbook that I have ever made! It's also been a very unique journey because I've been half-terrified all the way, from start to finish! When I started making this, I didn't know I could make a scrapbook, at all! It's been a very exhilarating, painstaking journey, that's for sure! It's taken me a month to make this edition and that's a month of short sleeps and small eats! That's just the way that I work— constant, raw, wild effort until I accomplish what I set out to accomplish! I am just so excited to present this book to you, today! I am so looking forward to you having this on your shelf and loving it and passing it on to those whom you love the most in life! Can't wait! :-)

Cover element credits:

Ana Guerrero


  1. Very Nice, CJC! Your works are really wonderful!
    I admire creative people and I myself approach even the most mundane work assignments with an attitude of "how can i make my mark on this?" There's always a way, for those who choose not to be lazy and find it!


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