No L.O.A

         I just want to say, officially, that I do not support the LOA movement. Yes, yes, I know it has taken the world by storm, but I do warn against it. You see, the Law of Attraction concept is a latter concept found further along the path of initiation in the Ancient Schools of Mystery. But what Rhonda Byrne has failed to tell the world, is that before that latter stage is reached, there are life-threatening, very difficult and very dangerous stages that a person must go through to be able to execute the benefits associated with what has now been coined "Law of Attraction." In essence, the soul must first go through "chambers" which is basically a crucible of fire and the only kinds of things that get through that crucible, are "gods and godlike beings." At the end of the day, attempting to live by a "law of attraction" is essentially just mimicking the final outcome of the crucible, and I can't warn enough against doing that. You will be able to mimic it for a while... but not for long. The rest of the path you "skipped" is going to come after you! ;-) By the way, it is outlawed amongst the ancient schools to teach hidden principles for financial gain, which is obviously what Rhonda Byrne has done. Sorry Ms. Byrne, but you have led people astray. :-)

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