Reaching an Understanding

         I recently established a "smiley legitimacy statement" on my Writer Page. Some of my followers expressed their disapproval of my smiles and my laughter, accusing me of arrogance and "defiance." By the way, defiance of whom? Of them? Because I didn't realise that I am expected to comply, not to rebel, to subjugate myself to their qualms. But anyway, what I want to discuss is on a higher level of thought pattern. I want to discuss what my philosophy is, who I am, why I am writing. I believe this needs to be established in order for people to be able to make the decision whether to follow me or not. You simply cannot make a good decision for yourself, if it is an uninformed decision.
        So, what is my philosophy. I am in fact a Stoic. I subscribe to the philosophy of Stoicism. This is established on the premise of thought that nothing in the world has the power to move your soul, but that your soul will stir and move at its own will. You alone have the power to move your soul; not outward events. It is not the thing that causes you distress; but it is your estimate of the thing that causes you distress. Outward things cannot touch the soul, not in the least degree; but the soul stirs and moves of itself. It is not what you are looking at that is at fault; but it is the way that you look at it that gives it fault. I could go on and on. If you wish to continue following me, then I require that you know what Stoicism is. If you do not agree with Stoicism, then you do not agree with my primal philosophy, then there is no reason for you to follow me. We have no understanding. Now if after learning what Stoicism is, you agree with it, then please continue to join me on my philosophical existence. My thoughts are founded upon my philosophy and so are my actions. If you have no understanding of my philosophy then you have no understanding of me and in such case I see no reason for you to stick around my page, my blog, my twitter, anywhere. I have realised that the later (more recent) followers of my work are not aware of what the older followers already know, and that is, that my work is founded on Stoic philosophy. Earlier into my profession, people were aware of this before following me. Now though, I am afraid that people just see something that I have written, feel special about it, then follow me because I'm the person who wrote something that made them feel special.
         My work is founded on Stoicism and I am an Esoteric writer. I am an Esoteric writer and I say this over and over again. I do not expect everyone to understand my work, because if everyone did, then it wouldn't be Esoteric. Furthermore, my interactions and my communications are Esoteric in nature. Everything Esoteric is founded on a philosophy and my personal philosophy is Stoicism. This needs to be understood if one wishes to read what I write and follow what I do.
         There is no point in a Stoic Esoteric writer to be followed by individuals who do not understand Stoicism and who do not understand Esotericism.
         Now as far as politics goes, I consider myself to be a Libertarian. So the things that I write and say are not due to a Conservative approach nor to a Liberal approach. I don't care about anybody's left wing right wing hang ups. I'm a Libertarian. Now as for why I am writing, well, I am writing because writing is what I do. I don't write because I need to express and heal and be emotionally weird. I write because it is what I do.
         So now that you have learned more about me, please make the informed decision whether to follow me or not. Please do not follow me just because you read something of mine that made you feel special. No. You feeling special because of me is not a healthy premise for you to follow me or to read what I write. Because the minute that you don't feel special? You'll blame me for all of your woes!


  1. I would follow you anywhere.

  2. I am twenty six years old. I have PTSD and clinical depression and have been going through ally therapy in attempts to heal. I've been on various medications. Your writing doesn't make me feel special. It calls to me and moves me. Sometimes it makes me laugh, sometimes it makes me cry, sometimes it feels like a punch to the gut. Your work is helping me. Thank you for being you. For writing. For holding true to yourself and showing me this. I'd not known of stoicism or esoteric writing until I literally just read this. I feel like I've been lead, no. I feel like I've made decisions through my life that have allowed me to experience your work and find my own healing and my own self love. Thank you.

    1. Thank you for letting me know all of this. It is stories like yours that teach me to value what it is that I do. So thank YOU.


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