These Days

         I think that these days, people have no concept of what love is, because people have no concept of sacrifice. There is no love without sacrifice. If there is no sacrifice of the self then there is no proof of love. And I don't mean that everyone should lay down their lives for one another, but I simply mean this scenario:

"Why are you together?"

"Because it feels good."

"Why are you no longer together?"

"It stopped feeling good."

         And that is a scenario that can be applied to many areas of life. If something is not in the best service of the self, then it should go, even if it is other people. "Get rid of people in your life who do not feed your higher purpose" and blah blah blah. Right, because other people are supposed to fulfil your higher purpose. So, what about them? Is the whole world supposed to answer to you?
         We live in a self-serving time. Everybody wants to be served by everything and everyone. Nobody wants to be "brought down." People bring you down? Leave them. Your job brings you down? Quit it. Okay, what about loyalty and hard work?
         The problem is that much of the time, people envision that they have higher callings and sacred paths to take, whilst failing to see that their higher callings and their sacred paths are right there in front of their eyes and right there under their feet. They just need to see and do. People think that their destiny equates to whatever they feel like. Everything is emotion; everything is either a total weakness of flesh (always giving way to where emotions lead), or a total absence of emotions (sociopathy and psychosis.)
         It truly is a wretched, wretched time that we live in and there is not even a reason to pretend that it isn't the case.

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