Why I Don't Play Games

         I tell people not to play mind games or heart games with other people. The problem with playing games of any sort with others, is that you really are playing with fire and those who play with fire, no matter how cunning they "think" they are, will get burned. The burn is usually self-destructive in nature and happens because he who plays games, develops an innate belief that all others play games, as well. He becomes wary of his own tactics, she becomes doubtful of the intentions of others. A thief knows the ways of another thief but also sees the worst in everyone. When you start playing mind and heart games with people, for whatever reasons you have, you turn into a thief. You turn into a person who steals, who takes from the goodness and distorts it, turning it into something rotten. It is reverse alchemy, it is taking the good and the worthy and turning it into something bad and worthless. Reverse alchemy is death and destruction, therefore, the player of games invites death and destruction into his/her life.
         There are so many books out there that will teach you the tactics of "seduction" and so on and so forth... someone once said that to read evil words is to poison one's own soul. In the same way that to read true and pure words is to nourish one's soul. People think they are too wise and cunning, and they think this to their own demise. At the end of the day, most of the people aren't either of those things and it's usually those who think they are both of those things.

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