A Speech by Robert Allen

     I've stumbled upon a speech by Robert Allen, his entry into his Grade 11 public speaking competition. This was not sent to me; I found it while trying to scan the internet to find in what places this quote of mine appears, and it has truly overwhelmed me. To have been able to give to this young man's life, to add to his life, through my words— I feel incredibly grateful to God! I'm so thankful that I am able to give these gifts to people! You will probably cry and smile while you read it; it's heartwarming and inspiring. My heart is so warmed and full of thankfulness. And of course, my eyes are full of tears. Thank you, God! For making me this way! I don't see myself as someone who has so many things; but when I see what I'm able to give, it truly overwhelms me! I think I might be rich, after all!

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