The worst belief, I think, that has ever been propagated amongst mankind, is the belief that "we are all the same." Whether it was concocted and propagated out of sheer naiveté or out of evil cunning— I don't know— but what I do know is that this is a massively damaging way of thinking. And this way of thinking has been distributed and cloaked on the tablecloths and under the blankets of such wonderful things called humanity, dignity, harmony and unity. This is all a lie, all of it. The truth is that we are not all the same; we are in fact all different. In a world filled with billions of people, few are the same and the majority are different. Then after that step of truth, we continue onto the next step, which is that we do not need to be the same. Never. We will never need to be all the same.
       When we create a mindset in children, adults, societies as a whole, that moves on the notion that we are all the same and we need to be all the same, what this does, is create a need to either make other people become like us, or make ourselves become like other people. Because in actuality we are not the same in the colour of our skin and when we do happen to be the same in the colour of our skin, we are not the same in our beliefs and when we do happen to be the same in the colour of our skin and in our beliefs, we are still not the same in mind, heart, spirit, soul. We do not have the same desires and when we do join into a group in order to achieve like desires, we have different ideas of how to achieve them. And when we do have unity in both desire and method of achievement, we have different methods of expressions. When we do happen to have the same desires, methods of achievement, and expressions, we will have different ways of implementing these expressions in our own lives, because, all of our lives are a different story. We are not all living in the same story! Each of our lives is a different story, and that's okay. And so you see, the current mindset of unity does not produce unity, at all, because it is fake; it is not real. It is unreal, it is unreal, it is false, it is fake. We do not need to make others like ourselves and we do not need to make ourselves like others; not in religion, not in deed, not in mind, not in heart. Peace and unity, harmony and oneness— these are not achieved by imagining something to be there when it is not there, or by imagining something to not be there when it is in fact there! These are achieved by the acceptance of all of these differences and by the genuine desire to understand and learn from these differences. 
       Too often, I have had conversations with people wherein I have pointed out that something appears different to me because my culture is like this, and something feels different to me because my story is like that— so on and so forth— only to be met with a blankness and the same cookie-cutter answer, "Oh I don't see you as different, what does any of that have to do with anything at all? I just see you as you and that has nothing to do with anything" and these people are actually convinced that they are acting out of love, out of a "higher place" when in fact, they are only acting as directed by the error of a single propagated mindset that has successfully bred in the minds of the masses of people the world over! I am in fact telling them that they need to look at this fact about me, in order to understand that what they are saying is not going to have the same effect upon me as it would have upon them, because we are in fact different! Because that is how empathy and understanding is created! We do not empathise and understand people by telling them that we do not consider or even see how we are any different! No! We empathise and understand people by saying, "Hey, your story looks a lot different, you must be coming from a really different place and this must feel a whole lot different to you than it does to me because of how you have come to understand the world, which is totally different from how I came to understand the world, so why don't I listen to you and stop and think about what your story is, how it feels like, and then I will come to learn from our differences and learn to know you." That is how empathy happens, that is how unity, harmony and peace happens. It doesn't happen by saying that we are all the same, or by wanting all of us to be the same.
       They say that in the eyes of God, we are all the same, but I do not believe this. I think that if any pair of eyes is most aware of every single one of our minute differences, that would be God's pair of eyes! What in the world is so wonderful about the idea of everyone being the same, anyway? There is nothing appealing to me in that thought! I believe that God is aware of all of our smallest, intermediate and biggest differences and He's totally fine with that! In fact, I think it is the gap in between these differences that produces the incense of worship that raises into the heavens! If there is a form of collective worship to any Heaven, anywhere, I believe that is in the beauty of the human existence, existing for and of what it is.

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