When I started out writing this poem, I didn't realise I would, in a minute, be choking back tears! I never really know what I'm going to write until I am done writing it, and this one is a perfect example of that! Do enjoy your read!


Why are you constrained
To such degrees as this?
Taking as step t’wards the East
You fear maybe you should have
Stepped t’wards the West
When you turn your face to
The setting Sun
There is a prick in your heart
Feeling like probably
You should have turned your face
To the dawn instead

You bind yourself with strings

Why do you wrap your arms
In strings?
Why do your entangle your wings
In strings?
They are so thin, so forgettable
The strings, they are so
Needle-thin, thinner than needles
You stand there, dancing slowly
A turn and a step
Calculating how to
Bind your own feet with these threads!
To make yourself better
To make yourself right
You try to make you good enough

The sinister dance of strings

A slow, calculated dance
You try to make you good enough
But I will see the day
When you fold your arms
And these strings break off!
They will fall onto pavement
Because I will see the day
When you unfurl your wings
And the strings pop silently into the air
These forgettable threads
That you once held so tightly to your mind
Will be blown far away
By the dusty city winds
But I will see the moment
When your feet take the step
And the twirl
That you did not lay out in threads
You will trample the strings
Once laid out in patterns
On that day
You will still be good enough

You always have been

Copyright © 2014 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved. 

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