The Siege of Snowveil (A Short Story by My Son)

I'm so excited! Below is the short story assignment that my son had in his English class. I discovered it right before he passed it! I asked him why he didn't show it to me and he said that if he showed it to me, I might share it to my audience and that they might find it mediocre, thus "tainting" my "C. JoyBell C. name"! He didn't want to ruin my reputation as an author by being a son who produces "mediocre stories"! I told him, "Are you nuts? This is great! You have a better vocabulary than mine and I want to read the rest of this story, already! Where did you learn to write like this? This sounds like Old Norse legend! All these names of characters and place names sound like they're real and like they actually exist! And all of this magic! It sounds mastered!" I was truly blown away, I had no idea my son could write like this! I mean, just because I'm a writer, that doesn't mean he has to be good at writing, too! But lo and behold! I am so excited to share with you my 13-year-old's short story English class assignment! You'll probably not enjoy it as much as I did, since I'm his mother, but I do hope you'll enjoy it very much so! And thank you for being there to read the things that I write and now to read something which my son has written! Grazia di Dio.

The story had to end rather abruptly, because it is just an assignment and he was constrained by time, so I hope you are not too surprised by the ending; just remember it's an English class desk assignment, so it just couldn't go on forever! And now feeling very honoured to be his mother, I give you my son's, The Siege of Snowveil:

 The Siege of Snowveil 




Chapter One: The Inquisition


         So my fellow bar patrons, you ask me to tell you a story of a time long past, the turning point of the revolution, and the greatest victory of the Blackwolf resistance. Well ok then, thirty years ago before the siege, Snowveil was the most wealthy and powerful kingdom across the whole of Shimmermist, a small continent with wet climate and towering waterfalls. It was the main base of operation for the Inquisition, the most oppressive empire that ever existed since the Dusk Era. The Inquisition would dispatch platoons of legionnaires to ransack small towns and villages to drive fear into the minds of the people, and they would even perform public executions for the most petty of crimes! Over the years a couple of small resistance fighters rose up and fought for their freedom, but ultimately any attempt to overthrow them failed. It seemed impossible that the Inquisition would ever fall; they had one of the most powerful armies across all the nine continents. Their swords were forged with the infamous Skyshard steel, their sorcerers casted the deadliest spells and hexes ever witnessed, and all of the Inquisitions’ financial needs were met immediately by the other kingdoms out of fear of being purged off the map.
         In case you were wondering where this Inquisition came from, they were originally a division of the Order of Celestials tasked with seeking out those who do ill deeds, to deliver justice unto these. The Inquisition was originally made up of three main inquisitors chosen for their adept skill in both combat and arcane arts. All three were Celestials or more commonly known as Moon Elves.
         Balthar was a high ranking officer and war hero of the Orders Legion’s home continent of Stillwater, a very mysterious continent with an almost supernatural climate and creatures unfathomable by one’s imagination. Olquar was a renowned sorcerer, famous around Stillwater for his research into ancient magic throughout all the nine continents. Lastly there’s Valmar, he spent most of his life as a mercenary carrying out contracts throughout Stillwater and the other continents, he later found his way to the Orders Legion and climbed his way up their ranks. The three of them formed the Inquisition, and through the months and years, they grew larger and stronger. However, the Inquisitions’ ways of delivering “justice” got out of hand, their interrogations involved the use of forbidden hexes and the way they would track down, pursue, and slay criminals strayed away from the code of honour that they took before becoming the Inquisition. The Orders Legion had no choice but to exile them from Stillwater to the quiet continent of Shimmermist, where they built the kingdom which we know as Snowveil, and rose into power.
         When the two hundred or so Inquisition refugees arrived, they went straight for Greywind Keep, which would prove a sizeable base for them and it lacked in defenses, which made it an easy picking for them. Olquar and the other sorcerers rained down bolts of lighting onto the keep, allowing Balthar and Valmar to storm in with the rest of the Inquisition. However the bolts of lighting caused severe damage to the structures and left most smaller buildings in ruin. They were forced to rebuild most of the city with the resources that they plundered from nearby towns and bandit camps. With the reconstruction of the kingdom being aided by magic, they were able to build the glorious kingdom of Snowveil, from the ruins of Greywind, within half a year! Shortly after the construction, Snowveil became recognised throughout the nine continents and the Inquisition acknowledged as the rulers of Shimmermist.

Chapter 2: Resist


         The Inquisition ruled with an iron fist, and though most citizens of Shimmermist lived in fear of them, there were those brave souls that were bold enough to revolt against them. Amongst all the resistances that stood against them, the Blackwolf resistance was the most successful, in fact the Blackwolves were the ones who lead the final charge into Snowveil. The Blackwolf resistance was headed by Yvistaar “the Brute” Blackwolf, he began recruiting and training the first batches of resistance fighters that began opposing the Inquisition. Yvistaar grew up in a foster family in the small town of Winterberry located near the towering Skyfrost Waterfall, in the far northern part of Shimmermist. The town of Winterberry fell victim to a brutal bandit attack that left the town up in flames, Yvistaar and his foster parents managed to escape but somewhere along the way they were separated. Scared and confused, the young Yvistaar ran and ran until he reached Birchwood Inn, near the border of Shimmermist. The kind inn keepers took him in and provided for him until he was able to carry an axe and shield. From then on, he made a living off being a hired muscle all around the nine continents. Life as a mercenary was quite lucrative for Yvistaar, due to his innate strength and skill in battle. Upon making a decent fortune out of his contracts, he decided to settle down in his home continent of Shimmermist, though luck didn’t favour his decision, as the time that he arrived back in his home continent, was the time the Inquisition was at rule!
         Having witnessed the oppression and abuse upon returning, Yvistaar felt the need to act! He spent a few months in the continent observing the Inquisitions’ activity and gathering information from the several towns and villages dotting Shimmermist’s landscape. He learned of a safe haven hidden away in the mountains, called Bleakwind Ridge, which was full of able-bodied men that were just waiting for a call to arms! He arrived at Bleakwind Ridge to find out that it was an abandoned prison tucked away in the mountainside. As he approached the entrance, two hulking guards bearing large war hammers walked up to Yvistaar and asked, “What is your business coming here to the only safe place left on Shimmermist?” Yvistaar then replied, “I come knowing that there are a handful of able-bodied fighters camped out here just waiting for a chance to strike against the Inquisition.” The two guards nodded and escorted him into the cave-like safe house of Bleakwind, and they spoke to him as they walked: “This place used to be a prison, used to hold the most notorious of criminals; now it’s a safe haven for all men, women and children seeking a place far from the Inquisition’s reach.” As Yvistaar walked through Bleakwind, he saw a decent stash of weapons and supplies, and refugees itching for a fight! He made his way to a podium in the centre of the camp, ready to rally the people! It wasn’t hard for Yvistaar to get the attention of the people as the light shining off of his armour and battle-axe illuminated the room, and made everyone aware of his presence. Before long, the crowd of people faced him as he stood boldly in the centre of the camp and said, “I am Yvistaar Blackwolf, and not long ago I was a child playing in the fields with the other children, catching snow rabbits and drinking from the Skyfrost Waterfall, now this land is ruled by fear and oppression! The humble people of our land do not deserve to be under the fear of the Inquisition, under fear of some castaway division of the Orders Legion! I just returned to Shimmermist a few months ago and I was sickened by the way the people are being treated like dogs by their so-called rulers! Then I thought, it's about time my people and I stand up against these evil tyrants and take back our home! The people stood in a moment of pin drop silence before jumping off of their seats chanting and cheering, “Resist, resist, resist!”

Chapter 3: Siege on Snowveil


         Yvistaar began training and recruiting more people to join the newly forged Blackwolf Resistance and over the months more and more people joined in to fight and give whatever support they could, pledging their allegiance to their united battle! The cave of Bleakwind Ridge needed to be dug deeper in order to make room for more resistance fighters, companies of Blackwolve fighters would intercept Inquisition caravans, and raid Inquisition camps to plunder resources and extract information. Resistance scouts would get as close as they could to Snowveil to learn about the enemy’s movements, and aspiring scholars would master spells and hexes so that they could better combat the tyrants.
         Once the Blackwolve’s numbers were great enough, Yvistaar proposed a plan to go for all or nothing and strike the heart of the Inquisition— Snowveil! Yvistaar gathered the resistance fighters and showed them a top down view of Snowveil and its perimeter, the plan was for the sorcerers to break down the walls with breakage spells, to give clearer shots for the archers and to provide an entrance for the ground units leading the main charge.
         The night of Teridas 13 c5Era was the night that the people of Shimmermist became free from the rule of Balthar, Olquar and Valmar! The siege began with a volley of fireballs hurled around the west walls of Snowveil, the enemy soldiers began chafing out of the west side only to be pinned down by a shower of poison-tipped arrows! Small groups of resistance foot soldiers thinned the numbers of enemy soldiers on the left side while providing a distraction for one sorcerer to hurl a massive, meteor-like fireball at the East side, providing the perfect opportunity for the hundreds of resistance ground units headed by Yvistaar, to lead a full charge against the undefended east side of Snowveil. Yvistaar made his way to the Throne Room of Snowveil, where he would find Balthar, Olquar, and Valmar. Yvistaar managed to reach the entrance of the Throne Room with only seven other resistance fighters by his side, they saw the three inquisitors and began charging in for the final battle, the fight that would determine the fate of Shimmermist, the....

“Oh shut up already, we all know how the story ends! Yvistaar beheads all three inquisitors and then walks out of the throne room as the new day dawns, holding the banner of the Blackwolf resistance!”

Hmmm... you do seem to know the story well, yes that is how it ended, but it’s a shame, a real shame, because if you did not interrupt me, you would have heard the whole story of the siege on Snowveil from the old Mead-loving war hero, Yvistaar Blackwolf, himself!


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