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       Hello, wonderfuls! :-) So today I signed up over at Tsu. :-) Tsu is a social networking site just like Facebook, but the difference is that they share 90% of their revenue with their users. So instead of being a passive user on a site like Facebook, you can be an active user on Tsu and earn shares as you add friends and share content! :-) The best part about it, though, is that they don't ask for your bank account info and they only ask for your tax info if you earn more than $600 a year. If you earn anything less than that, your tax info is kept to yourself. Of course, you do want to earn more than that, so here's to hoping you eventually do need to shell out your tax info and pay your taxes like a proper member of society! :-) But what's even better than that, is the fact that you have the option to donate your earning to any organisation or other person or entity of your choice! So let's say you've been sharing a lot of content, inviting and adding lots of friends, you've earned a lot in your Tsu virtual wallet, so on and so forth, and you want to donate your earnings to SOS Childrens Villages (I'm using this one as an example here, because it's actually an organisation that I support), well, you can do just that! When it's time to cash in your check, you just fill in their info instead of your own, or, you can go to their own Tsu account and under their name click "donate" and instead of going to you; your earnings will go to them! :-) But donation is not limited to organisations! Donations can be made to any other Tsu user on your friends list! So beyond friendship and fidelity, I am imagining selling personally signed copies of my books through Tsu in the near future (I would personally sign the copy, then you donate to me on Tsu, then I mail it to you from my own front porch, or more realistically, from the nearest Fedex counter). But that's just my imagination which may or may not take place. So back to the basics here— it's worth signing up for, if only for the knowledge that you're not just a sitting, passive duck with ads flashing in your face every day! Sure, ads will still flash in your face over at Tsu, but the good thing is that you're actually a part of the company! :-) And I like that! There's no reason why you shouldn't like that, too! :-) So consider this my invitation (you can only get in through invitation) to add me as a friend on Tsu, where you can send me messages and all the other stuff that Tsu friends do! You can even donate to me so I can buy new shoes this Christmas! Woot! Woot! :-D

Disclaimer: "Donations" can only be made from the revenue you earn in your Tsu virtual wallet; not from your own actual pockets (as far as I know at the moment.) So if you want to gift me with new shoes this Christmas, you'll have to accept my friend request, then start inviting friends and sharing content over at Tsu, right now! :-)

Disclaimer #2: I am not entirely 100% fluent on how this works to earn you revenues, so please don't take my above explanations as the gospel truth. :-) You can find out for yourself in the Tsu FAQs.

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