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       I have had some people email me, asking me what my "secret" is to "promoting" my work. They ask me how I get my work around the world and onto people's lips! They think I have mastered some skill at self-promotion! But I always respond in the same way, to all inquiries of this nature and today I want to address this publicly and respond to this publicly, for everyone to read!
       I want everybody to know that mine is not a tactic of self-promotion. It is also not a "skill" at getting my work "out there." It is simple— I have conversations. They are everyday conversations and the only difference is that I have these conversations through my blog, my Facebook Page, my Twitter and my Email. I have been doing the very same thing that I have been doing since I was a child— writing down and saying out loud, the thoughts that I have in my mind, which are more like the fruits of my eavesdropping on the conversations of Elves and Owls! And many of the things that I write and that I teach, are direct products of my dreams at night! Such has been the case, since I was a child. The difference between then and now, is that now I have an audience; I'm not just writing in my little, glittery notebook anymore (yes, I used to write it all down in my little pink and glittery notebook when I was a child.) No, this is not a skill that I have learned. No, it is not called "self-promotion." It is called being who I am and doing what I do, whilst inviting others to partake in whatever it is that happens as a result of that.
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       I told one inquirer of my works, that it's more like I am feeding people, and people who need to eat will eat what they need to eat!
       I came across an article by another author, about how to "grow a following" by "engaging with people" as if engaging with people is primarily a ploy to grow one's audience and build one's name. To which I responded, that I simply talk to people because they talk to me, that I talk to people because they are worth talking to. And does this all mean that I am such a good person? Not really. Maybe I'm just an Elf and this is the way of the Elves! ;-)
       And that is all I wanted to say, to set the record straight, once and for all. Thank you all for reading the things that I write, it is an honour for me, that my work is appreciated and experienced by many people, from all over the world. Thank you for being here, for reading the things that I write, and for caring.

Love always,
C. Bells

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  1. In a twist of what must be coincidence, I was just speaking on the phone with a blogger who was UPSET that his writing "went viral." He wrote unkind words critical of another, and never imagined his hasty post would grow legs and wings! The moral of the story: sometimes "fame" finds you, and sometimes those who try hardest to make themselves heard have zero presence.


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