The Things I Mean

The Things I Mean

When I say I’m old fashioned
I don’t mean like 1952
But when I say I’m old fashioned
What I mean is
I’m a thousand years old
Place me upon a pedestal made of marble
I’m your Goddess

When I say my mind is wild
I don’t mean that I’m thoughtless
Or immature
I mean that my mind roams
Unbound and relentless
Invisible wildflowers bloom on my brain
The sun shines on them

And they grow

So I have a garden full of invisibles
Blooming on my brain
The sun brings them up and
All sorts of things crawl and
Leap amongst the flowers
You can’t catch these wild things
But you can understand them

When I say my heart is steadfast
That doesn’t mean I’m a doormat
What that means is
My heart is sometimes broken
But always laughing
What it means is that

My heart is like a lighthouse

My heart is like a lighthouse
On the cliff at night
The little man in the top
Never fails to light up the fire
Each night
So through those storms and
Raging winds

You still see my fire

And that’s what I mean
I mean that you can see my fire
I mean that no I’m not a doormat
I am steadfast to myself
But if you keep your eyes on me
I will light this night for you
I will burn in the night for you

My heart is for myself
My steadfast heart is for my own
No, I will not follow you around
But if you keep your eyes on me
You will always know the way
You will always find your way
You will never be lost

When I say don’t forget me
That doesn’t mean I’m desperate
But what that means is
You’ve probably become a part of me
And parts of one another
Shouldn’t forget each other
Because it doesn’t work like that

No, I never mean I’m desperate
What does desperate mean, anyway?
I mean that you shouldn’t be stupid
You shouldn’t forget things
That ought to be remembered
Things like me
Because I am to be remembered

These are the things I mean

Copyright © 2014 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved. 

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