Veins and Tree

Veins and Tree

You broke into so many pieces
Then those pieces broke into
So many other pieces
So you had to put yourself
Back together
In a million different ways
Pull yourself up, pick yourself up
Glue yourself back together
In ways that can’t even be counted

You sit there and you ask yourself
How someone can be broken into
So many pieces
How does a tree crumble
Into a pile of grey ashes?


Maybe that’s not what you should
Be asking yourself
Maybe you should be asking yourself
How a tree like you
That has been nothing but a pile
Of burnt ash
With its hands
Pick out all those tiny molecules
Put them back together again
Mingling them with each other
Blowing back in the breath of life
So that it will form again
Into branches, into bark
Into leaves and veins
A completely different tree
Than it ever was before
Not the same shape
Not the same fruits
Not the same colours

The veins running through
Your leaves like spiderwebs
Are not even the same patterns
As before
Because you had to remake yourself
Remould yourself
You breathed life into your
Own self
Pulled yourself together
Glued your parts back into place

This is you now

How did you do it?
I don’t know how
But you did!

Copyright © 2014 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.

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