What Is Black, What Is White?

       I have, these days, been contemplating on the reality of good and bad. Upon the actual existence of these concepts. I have noticed that these concepts are taught to us as babies, toddlers, children, teenagers, and even into adulthood. "This" is good. "That" is bad. So our understandings of good and bad are formed by the things around us; instead of within us. Now if our understandings of these concepts did not bud from within us; then they are likely to be creations of society, of religion, of social norms and popular opinion at any given time in history and the present day. And of course, those created concepts may have very well been influenced by the inherent greed of man— the greed for power and for money. After all, we see greed predominantly influencing the direction of many societies and cultures, the world over! All throughout history!
       So what is good, and what is bad? But what if good and bad are illusions? What if there is no such thing as good and no such thing as bad? What is the moral compass for right and for wrong, then, if it is not the illusions of good and of bad? Well I think that the moral compass for right and for wrong is that of the child. They are always telling us that children are born into this world void of the knowledge of what is wrong and what is right; but I beg to differ. I think that the understanding of a child, of right and of wrong, is the natural and undefiled understanding; the way things were meant to be and that's why we were born here on the Earth— to in fact be and remain pure and undefiled. Pure and undefiled, then, would not be the definitions of any religion at all! Rather, "pure" and "undefiled" would in fact be the very natural state that man and that woman have come into the world!
       So what is wrong and what is right, according to this pure and undefiled state of the human? I would say that pain is naturally wrong and pleasure is naturally right, and what needs to be cultivated in our minds as we grow from infancy into adulthood— is the ability to sense and to single out the pleasure that would inevitably lead to pain. Because pleasure that leads to pain is no pleasure at all! Pleasure that leads to pain is pain hidden under deceit. So the skill lies in growing up our children, and ourselves, to become honed in the skill of sensing what pleasure is truly a pleasure and also what pleasure is actually a pain. It is all about this, and nothing else! All else is some form of greed that is trying to deform our minds into subjugation!
       Some would argue that all forms of pleasure are pain and that the ultimate sign of godliness is selflessness. This is wrong. This is negative goodness (which is actually not a goodness, at all, or rather, is just plain wrong.) This is a "wrong." To remove from the mind the concept of the knowledge of pleasure, by destining it as a wrongdoing, as an act far away from godliness— this is to ensnare the mind and to actually keep the mind, the heart, the person, away from what is right, away from what is purely and naturally right!
       Many are held in contempt for not being "good enough people," meanwhile, those who would demand such selflessness from them are the ones who reap the benefits! It is a tactic as old as time itself! You must of course be selfless, so that I may reap the benefits of that goodness! Oh, you are a very good person because of your selflessness, God will richly bless you! Now let me sit over here and be selfish while I praise your goodness. It is a tale as old as time. Those who would enslave others with a negative goodness, those who propagate such, are in fact the ones brooding with evil. For it is an evil to manipulate, it is an evil to wish your own good at the expense of another's fall. Do all things in your own benefit; but make sure this is not at the expense of pain, of another!
       So what is wrong, is to cause pain to oneself and to cause pain to another. What is right is to reap joy in your endeavours and for your joy to be a cause of joy in others. But make sure that you are not giving out joy whilst not having any of it within you! This is not a godliness and this is not a right! They say it is a goodness; but this is a negative goodness; a wrong! You count for one in the multitude of people on this planet, do you not? And it is your honour to yourself and to all mankind to make a difference unto joy in your own life, is it not? What a hypocrite you are if you think it right to bring joy to all others while leaving none or getting none or bearing none, for yourself! Yes, a hypocrite! When you see the wrong in others without seeing it in yourself; you are called a hypocrite, are you not? Well what about when you see the right in others without seeing it in yourself; why should you then be called good and right? No! You are still a hypocrite! You are still wrong!
       It is right to have joy and to have empathy for oneself and for others. It is right to make an addition of joy to the world, by making sure that you are that one addition! This is right. I don't know about "good" anymore! What is "good"? I don't know about "bad" anymore! What is "bad"? I know that evil is manipulation, I know that wrong is what is painful for you and for another. Do not cause pain in the lives of anyone, if they have not put you in the position that you must do so. If you must save a life, save your own! But do not take another's in order to save your own, not unless they have put you in the position that you must do so.
       A heavy heart is a concept; it is the concept that almost everything you do is a sin in one way or another. Man is burdened into heaviness by the belief that his actions are a heaviness, are a burden unto what is "good." When we begin to see joy as holiness and laughter as religion—when that day comes— we will have reached freedom.
       And here is another thing I have thought of, that perchance good and bad are energies and that happenstance, the actual embodiment of "good" and the actual embodiment of "bad" are only manifested in the way that you master and curtail these very vibrations! This would mean that it is not a question of things being "white" or of things being "black" but rather, it is a question of how you master, direct and channel the grey!

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